KairosTime Gaming has just released a new video (embedded below) providing helpful ideas and suggestions to players looking to improve their Brawl Stars abilities.

The video focuses on teamwork and working with your teammates to win the game as opposed to focusing on your own kills and damage output. Working more as a team is key to winning Brawl Stars, and far too many players do not properly synergize with their teammates, preferring to try and be the star player instead.

Kairos’ suggestions can be applied to games played with either randoms or with bandmates. Kairos goes over numerous important components of playing Brawl Stars, including map awareness, flanking, baiting, and more.


The first point Kairos highlights is assistinghelping an allied Brawler in killing an enemy. The key takeaway from this is to make sure that your opponent has as few options as possible to either deal damage to you, and that you and your teammates can deal as much damage as possible.


When two or more brawlers “scissor in” on a brawler by shooting from different sides. Cross-Cutting is an extremely effective strategy that makes it harder for your opponent to deal damage as they now have two different moving targets. It allows you and your teammates to cover many movement options by having an increased number of projectiles being fired at your opponent. Cross-Cutting can be more effectively achieved with increased map awareness.

Map Awareness

Knowing the location of characters and the events that are currently going on throughout the map is a recurring theme throughout the video, both in relation to where your teammates are (or Team Awareness), and in application to enemies or battles. The key point of Map Awareness is knowing what your teammates are attempting to do.

If your teammates are about to engage in a teamfight — a battle from multiple brawlers from both teams, you should know where it is going on and what you can do to most effectively assist your team in winning the teamfight.

Another technique that utilizes Cross-Cutting is to corner an opponent around a structure. If you come around a structure from the left while your teammate comes in from around the right, you can surround an enemy. This can also be done when a teammate is chasing down an enemy. If the opponent decides to try and hide behind a structure for cover while a teammate is chasing them, circling around from the other side can effectively trap the opponent.


Running or feigning weakness in order to lure an enemy into a trap can be a very effective method of defeating enemy opponents. Especially in the case of tanks, utilizing bushes to wait in an ambush for an opponent lured close by your teammate can allow you to defeat them instantly. Although this can be a very effective strategy, you do lower your constant damage output, as one teammate is required to hide in order for it to be successful.

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Purposefully getting in the way of fire to protect teammates from taking damage. It is a very situational but very helpful strategy. Blocking is mostly performed by tanks as while they can take large amounts of damage, they oftentimes lack the range to try and fight back to chase off brawlers who may be attacking a low health target. It’s also important to take into consideration the value of your teammate. If you’re playing Bull and your teammate’s about to die to a Piper on the other side of the map, it could be helpful to take the gems they are holding as Bull is a strong carrier brawler.

However, in Bounty, blocking becomes a much more potent tool, as protecting a character with a high bounty can be crucial. Blocking should also be done very conservatively as it will charge the enemies super very quickly, potentially allowing them to do more damage or even get a double kill.


Focusing is when one team uses most or all of their damage on a single target in order to more quickly defeat them. When teams don’t focus, the fight can be very choppy, so instead of three brawlers fighting it’s more akin to three 1v1’s happening side by side. Focusing allows teams to more effectively defeat brawlers who are in poor position.

Poor positioning can make or break a teamfight for either side. One example of dangerous positioning is when players overextend.


Overextension, which is when a player pushes into the enemy’s territory without the support of their team, can be a deadly mistake for a brawler. If a brawler overextends, they will likely be defeated which will allow their team to be pushed away from the objective or be forced into a 2v3 scenario which they will likely lose.

That being said, overextension can be a good thing if done well. Tanky characters with large amounts of burst can sneakily get behind enemy lines and quickly defeat brawlers, especially those who aren’t strong up close. Any brawler can successfully overextend at times so long as they have the map awareness to know where they have to be.

Going Rambo

The last example of a dangerous positioning tactic is going ramboentering a 1v2 or 1v3 scenario. This tactic will almost always result in a swift defeat for the attacking brawler and should only be done in one scenario. When the enemy team is about to win a match, and your teammates are not prepared to engage, you should Go Rambo. Doing it at any other point is a poor idea and exemplifies what trying to be the MVP is — not working with your teammates and trying to do everything yourself.

Huge thanks to Kairos for letting us use his video, and make sure to check out his channel for interesting and helpful Brawl Stars content on the daily!

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