Howdy, Brawlers!

Brawl Stars has seen an explosive update which completely changes the game! Read on to find out what we think about it with some FAQs and balance changes analysis. 

New Brawler – Leon

Basic attack – Leaf Blades Leon

  • Throws 4 Shurikens in an arc with medium range
  • Shurikens deal more damage the closer they are to the target

Super – Smoke Bomb

  • Leon goes invisible for 10 seconds
  • He is revealed permanently after attacking and briefly when taking damage
  • Leon is visible when carrying Brawl Ball during invisibility
  • He is briefly visible when picking up stars, gems, power-ups, and other items during invisibility
  • Pets/Turrets, etc. do not see Leon during invisibility

Star Power – Smoke Trails

  • Leon moves faster while invisible

Our Verdict: Leon is an amazing new Brawler which will shake up the whole meta once more people unlock it. He can easily sneak behind enemies with his Super and kill them quickly with his strong attacks. With his Star Power, he’ll be able to move across very quickly and become a more deadly assassin.

New Skins and Models

  • New Models for: Shelly, Bull, Nita, Barley, Dynamike, and Brock
  • Revamped Skins for: Bandita Shelly, Viking Bull, Panda Nita, Golden Barley, Beach Brock
  • Star Shelly Available for free to everyone who plays Brawl Stars before 2019
  • Wizard Barley available after connecting to Supercell ID. Also unlocks Barley if you have not obtained him!

Our Verdict: Most of the new Brawler and skin revamps look awesome. My personal favorites are Viking Bull and Wizard Barley. Also, nothing is better than the fact that there is a new free Mortis skin WITH THE HAT! 

3D Environment/UI

  • All maps have been upgraded to 3D!
  • New UI and loading screen!
  • Map preview shown by pressing the “i” button
  • Keys renamed to Tokens
  • Star Keys renamed to Star Tokens
  • Bands renamed to Clubs
  • Boss Fight renamed to Big Game

New UI

Our Verdict: 3D environment is a really huge upgrade from the normal 2D. The gameplay almost feels new aesthetically. The little additions like a cart around Gem Grab and beach around Brawl Ball maps look great too. The new loading screen looks even better than the last one. The new UI feels smooth, except for the Team and Club chats. They are now two taps away which makes it a bit difficult to communicate. There is a lot of empty space and I feel they should use the space and make the Team and Club chats separate and more visible.

The new map preview is very convenient. There is no need to play “Practice” matches just to see the maps anymore. As far as name changes are concerned, I don’t really mind them, but I do think Band was a cooler and better name than Club and Big Game sounds weird.

Game Modes

  • New Modifier – Healing Mushrooms: Spawns an area that heals players
  • Practice mode removed (Can still play with bots in friendly rooms)
  • Robo Rumble Map Adjustments  
    • Larger map with enemies attacking from all sides
    • Charge ability removed from high-level melee bots
  • Life Leech
    • All player-based healing (for example Barley’s Star Power, Pam’s Star Power) is reduced by 75%
    • If a player dies from life leech ticking damage and is poisoned at the same time, the player who poisoned them is restored to full health
  • Angry Robo Modifier Changes
    • Robo no longer sees into bushes
    • It cannot hide in bushes
    • It drops 5 power cubes on death
    • Pets/Turrets now target Robo
    • Brawlers can charge their Super by shooting Robo

Our Verdict: The new modifier is a good addition to the game. It heals about 1000 health per second which can be game changing in a lot of situations. Practice mode button has been removed now but you can still play with bots by creating a friendly room. The Robo Rumble changes should make surviving somewhat easier now, although Brawlers like Penny and Tara won’t be much effective now. The Life Leech changes were highly needed. Barley and Pam with Star Power unlocked were overpowered in Life Leech. This is huge nerf for them and will hopefully make Life Leech matches more diverse.  Angry Robo modifier changes were also needed. Necessary Brawler – Robo interactions are now fixed.

Social Changes

  • Game Rooms → Teams
  • Anyone can invite more people to the team from their friends’ list
  • Players can request to join a team

Our Verdict: These new features make joining/leaving teams easier but the team chat is hidden right now which leads to a bad experience. It is especially problematic for new players who do not know how game rooms and teams work.

Map Changes

  • Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist and Brawl Ball maps are now 4 tiles wider
  • Brawl Ball – Players now spawn behind the goal
  • Heist – Players now spawn behind the safe

New Bottom Screen Animation

Our Verdict: Not much to say about these changes except that the animations at the ends and sides of maps look really cool.

Gameplay Changes

  • All Super abilities can now be activated at any time when charged (can interrupt attacks)
  • Respawn location indicators have been added
  • Brawl Ball aiming direction is shown to teammates
  • Haptic feedback added for easier aiming cancellation (vibration when the joystick is in the middle area)

Our Verdict: These QoL changes will make the basic gameplay better and smoother. Showing the aiming direction in Brawl Ball will lead to better teamwork. Brawl Ball is a team game after all!


  • New Voices: Penny, Pam, and Poco
  • New music
  • Brawler respawn SFX

Our Verdict: It’s good to see that more Brawler voices have been added. Hopefully, voices for all the Brawlers will be added soon. The music isn’t too bad but I prefer the old slugfest music. The old Western theme made the game feel more special.


  • Ticketed game mode moved into their own slot
  • Modifier game mode (4th slot) will be always available
  • Free Coins, Power Points, Key Doubler and Tickets added to the daily free item rotation along with the preexisting free Brawl Box
  • Matchmaking improvements
  • New languages

Our Verdict: Finally, ticketed game modes have their own slot (again). It will be great to have a modifier game mode always active. More free items will also speed up the game progress and help with player retention after global release. Matchmaking is still nowhere near perfect but I feel it’ll get a lot better once global is here.


Q. Why does the game lag so much? 

A. The game currently lags on lower devices because the 3d environments have a toll on the device. The game needs to be optimized for lower devices.

Q. How can I update the game on Android? 

A. You can update by following the steps listed on this page.

Q. How can I see my profile after the update? 

A. To see your profile, click on your name at the top left. When the Trophy Road screen opens up, scroll all the way to the beginning of the Trophy Road to see your profile.

Q. How to find Team and Band chat? 

A. Team and Band chat can be accessed by clicking the following button which appears on the top, left of settings button.

Chat Button

To report a bug, click here.

Balance Changes

Colt Buff

  • Attack 280 → 300 [+7.1%]
  • Super Damage 280 → 300 [+7.1%]

This buff will help him kill enemy Brawlers quicker. This makes Colt more of an aggressive character.

Crow Buff

  • His Super now takes 8 daggers + poison to charge instead of 9

This change will make it so Crow can charge his super faster. This will help his aggressive play.

Bull Buff

  • Health from 5000 → 5200 [+4%]

This buff will make Bull harder to kill and could lead to more aggressive play.

Pam Buff

  • Health from 4200 → 4400 [+4.8%]

This buff will help Pam’s survivability in all game modes.

Jessie Buff

  • Reload time from 2.0s → 1.8s [-10%]

This buff will improve her overall DPS.

Penny Nerf

  • Super Cannonballs no longer hit randomly
  • Decreased main attack projectile speed by 6%

The cannon nerf is huge. It will now hit exactly where you were standing when the shot was fired, like autofire does. Before, the cannonballs could be off by up to 1 tile, allowing it to hit Brawlers even if they tried running away.

Decreasing her projectile speed will change the way people play with and against her, as it will take time to get used to predicting her shots again.

Tara Nerf

  • Super charges from 12 → 13 hits [+8.3%]

This will make it harder for Tara to spam Supers, making her less of a beast in group situations.

Spike Nerf

  • Spikes from the main attack are now predictable (not random)
  • Spikes from the main attack range from 5 → 4.33 tiles [-13.4%]

Spike’s now having a set pattern may actually be a buff since his spikes will be consistent, but it will allow others to predict and avoid his shots.

The change in attack range will make it so tanks can approach Spike more easily.

Darryl Rework

  • Super range from 23.3 tiles →  7 tiles
  • Super activates shield which reduces damage by 30% for 3.5 seconds
  • Charges from 13 →  7 attack hits
  • Main attack damage 360 → 260
  • Super attack damage 640 → 400
  • Health from 5000 →  4000
  • Super charges automatically over 20s

We will need to wait and see how this rework will impact Darryl and his place in the meta. It looks like he will require a less aggressive playstyle than before. 

What do you think about the update? Do you like the new UI? Is Leon OP? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Yellow and Arius. Edited byFuturistick



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