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In this post, we will talk about the confirmed global release date and update sneak peeks! The update date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’ll be released before global.

The global release date and sneak peeks were revealed in the following live stream:

Global Release Date

Global Release 12th Dec

As we previously posted, Brawl Stars is going global on 12th December! They will release the game country by country, starting from East (Asia) and moving West throughout the day. The speed at which they release will depend on how smoothly things go as a lot of people are waiting to play the game. 

If you haven’t already pre-registered now, then click here now. All the players who play before 2019 will get an exclusive Shelly skin!

New Brawler: Leon


A new Legendary Brawler named Leon is coming! Leon is a medium range Brawler with a really cool Super. His Super allows him to turn invisible for a few seconds! Attacking or taking damage will remove the invisibility briefly.

Leon’s normal attack is like Colt with a twist. He shoots 4 bullets and deals more damage the closer he is to the opponents, unlike Piper who does the opposite. It is unclear if it is due to his Star Power.

Overall, Leon sounds really interesting. To quote Ryan, “This is really interesting and will open up a lot of different dynamics between counters and other Brawlers.” The only downside of Leon is that he is a legendary. It won’t be easy to get your hands on him.

Stats as shown in Brawl Talk:

  • HP: 4480
  • Damage: 676 – 208
  • Super Duration: 9 to 10 seconds

3D Environments

Brawl Stars is adding up an entirely new dimension to the game! They have upgraded all of the environments to be rendered in real-time 3D. They have also made the maps wider by 4 tiles. These changes won’t affect the gameplay as the viewing angle will remain the same. The camera will zoom in and out as you move through the map, making Brawl Stars look a lot more beautiful!

Brawl Stars 3D Preview

Brawler and Skin Revamps

A ton of Brawlers and skins have been revamped. Some look great whereas some don’t. It’ll definitely take some time getting used to the new Dynamike and Brock models. Hopefully, we will also see new models of Crow, Spike, and Jessie as shown on social media.

Revamps of any skins weren’t shown. It is also not revealed if new skins will be available with the update.

The live stream ended with a mystery involving Mortis’ hat. The following picture was displayed and nothing else was revealed.

Mortis Hat or No Hat

This will probably be the biggest update in the history of Brawl Stars. Personally, my favorite is the introduction of the 3-D environments. It’ll make the everyday Brawl experience a lot better. What do you guys think about the update? Which new thing is your favorite? Will Mortis’ hat come back? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by Arius.



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