Howdy, Brawlers! Today we’ll be covering the top 5 underrated skills in Brawl Stars and how you can use these skills to help you improve your game.

Knowing Which Matchups You Can Win

There are certain matchups that each Brawler Can either win or lose and throughout the game you want to take advantage of those matchups if they are ones you’re most likely to win, you might want to follow that Brawler around and kill them more often than not, and if there’s ones you’re most likely to lose, it’s probably a good idea to avoid those Brawlers unless you’re able to team kill them.

One of the ways you’re able to figure this out. In general, it breaks down to how fast both you and your opponent can deal damage and how easy it is for both Brawlers to land their shots. It also breaks down to how fast each of you can reload.

Strafing and Dodging Shots
First of all, dodging shots is important, but it’s way more important than people realize. It does a couple of things. It’s going to help limit the opponent’s’ Supers. Supers are often one of the main ways enemies deal damage, it helps them overcome objectives, it can wipe out teams in smash and Grab, and it can give you a huge advantage in Bounty. In other words, Supers are very important in the game and they’re one of the most useful ways to get kills if you can help limit how often people are getting their Super. This is obviously an easy way to help control the game.
Another thing dodging and strafing shots does is that it makes it so you have to stop shooting to heal less often. If you’re not getting hit, you don’t have to stop to heal. If you can try to focus on dodging shots and you can be more aggressive towards the enemy, you can just in general do more damage to them than they’re able to deal towards you so one of the things to keep in mind.
To try and figure out how to get better at this is knowing the range of every single Brawler. This is something that’s just gonna take time and practice, but going through using all the Brawlers and facing them, you start to realize how the shot patterns are for every Brawler, how fast the shot travels, whether it can go around corners well and stuff like that. In going through that practice is gonna really help you figure out how to dodge those shots.
Also, if you are right next to your teammate, it’s going to make it a lot easier for the enemy to hit at least one of you and get more value with their shots. If you don’t have to group up, then try not to. The best way to avoid shots is to practice.

Knowing a When To HueToo often, players shoot where they really aren’t likely to hit people. Sometimes people shoot at enemies even though they bullets don’t reach them and instead of doing this they should be heading themselves, so that then you can come out and you can be more aggressive and you can take more shots that are more likely to land, and press the enemy and actually put some damage on them.
Sometimes people are too aggressive when they have one or two dead teammates. If one of your teammates is dead and you know your other teammate has a main advantage, it’s probably not a good time to be shooting a lot of shots and being very aggressive. If you’re spending that time shooting your shots, and you end up with low health when your teammates come back and want to push up, but you have to heal up, it can severely hinder your pushes.

Knowing Awareness Of Your Enemy Position

Too often it’s pretty easy to get flanked by enemies in this game, especially since people like to hide in the grass. It’s important to keep in mind where enemies could be all through the match.

One of the most important things for that is when enemies die. When you see an enemy die, it’s going to take them 4-5 seconds to spawn back, and then they have to run up the map to be able to get to you, so you might want to keep that mental timer in your head and count that down, which will help you figure out how long it will take them to get to you depending on your location.
Another thing to keep in mind is where your teammates might be and where the enemy might be shooting at them. For instance, if you have the sound on, oftentimes you can hear shots that aren’t on your screen. This definitely helps figuring out where your enemies are and if you are in a Voice Chat so you can warn your teammates and such.

Knowing The Time Left In Relation To Your Team Objective

For instance, in Smash and Grab, being aware of how long it takes for gems to spawn and to know how close the enemy is in terms of how close they are to countdown and how close you are to countdown. If you notice the enemy team is at 9 gems, you have to very aware that you can’t fall back. You have to stay aggressive and you can’t let them get any more gems, unless you have 7 gems or more.
Time is also important as Bounty. Obviously, if you’re towards the end of the timer, you might want to fall back if you have a lead. It’s very important to know when to fall back, when it’s too early or just right. As for the rest of the game modes, it’s almost the same to keep in mind.


All right, Brawlers. Those are Rob Stark’s Top 5 Underrated Tips that will surely improve your gameplay. Check his video here, and subscribe if you like what you see! Until next time!

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