It has been a month since Brawl Stars was released and since then, it has gotten an excellent response from people who own an iOS device and a Canadian app store account. Since the game is in soft launch and in beta, obviously there’s no Android version of the game yet. Today, we are going to see why there’s still no Android version of the game and how long it will take for the developer team to come up with one.


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Why There Is No Android Version of the Game Yet

First of all, we should realize that the game is still in a very early experimental stage. According to the dev team, there are many things, like matchmaking, the trophy system, and rewards system that need to be perfect before the game goes global.

The main concern of the developers is that of the nature of an Android APK file. It takes roughly an hour from the release before an APK file gets to spread to every nook and corner around the globe.

The process of making the game ready for global launch and testing the new features can be done effectively only the game is restricted to a single region with a few players. If it were released on Android platforms, this would be nearly impossible.

Supercell is still a small company that cannot just launch a game globally before they are one hundred percent sure it is ready. Rushing an underdeveloped product is not something Supercell are known for. In fact, previous Supercell games, like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, were also soft-launched to a limited pool of players.

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Supercell has a history of creating very many popular games, like Clash Royale.

As we all know, Supercell currently has four games released globally, all of them being a success. But what most of us don’t know is that they have developed and killed fourteen games on various platforms prior to Brawl Stars. These games were all cancelled due to the fact that they didn’t meet the expectations of their passionate fans. So obviously, for Brawl Stars to launch globally, it must convince Supercell that it is going to be the next best big thing in mobile gaming. It must convince Supercell that it will be just as successful as its predecessors.

Also, the developing team wants the game to have a few more new characters and another new game mode so that players have more options before the game goes global.


When Will it be Made Available?

In a Reddit AMA session that was held by the developers, it was indicated that things might go Clash Royale’s way regarding the Android release of the game. Clash Royale took roughly two months to release the Android version of the game.

If things do in fact go the Clash Royale way, you can expect to see Brawl Stars for Android by next month. Clash Royale took more or less two months to launch globally. At the same time, there are no assurances from the developer team that Android version will be available in within a month.

In the recent status update post about the Android version on Reddit, the developers have clearly stated one thing: they will not release the game on Android until they are completely satisfied. Also, they’ve stated that at the current stage, the game is not ready to go global and that they still have a lot of things to do before it can.

Another mention in the status update post was about the unique server structure for the game, which is currently available only in Canada. Even though they specifically mentioned that servers are not a big issue, things like this must also be considered before the global launch of the game.

My prediction is that we will finally get to play the game on Android within the next couple of months. Considering the fact that the game is already a big hit among Supercell fans and it offers most compact and fitting mobile PvP MOBA experience, my prediction shouldn’t be too far off.

Hang in there for a couple more months my fellow brawlers, we’re almost there! Don’t fall into the traps of duplicate APK files that are available all over the internet — they probably have some type of virus in them…


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