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Too Much Teaming: The Showdown Catastrophe - Brawl Stars Blog

It’s all over Reddit (here, here too, here again, another one, next, complaint, another one, this one, more, even more, one more and last.) and everyone hates it. Quick recap: Shellys or any brawler for that matter team up in Showdown. Teaming is a real issue, and it will be difficult for Supercell to fix.


How Is It Possible?

Is what I hear a lot. “You can’t create a team battle on Showdown”, they say. But this is like win trading. At high levels, there are fewer players and it is easier to do. But even on lower levels, you can, with The Mating Dance. What is it, you ask?

So in order to gain a teammate – no matter if you know them or not – you must approach the desired teammate (most optimally a Shelly, El Primo, Nita, but anyone teaming with you works fine) without firing. If they shoot you, do not shoot back, for this increases hostility.

Your opponent at first will be confused at why you are not fighting back, but think of it as trying to prove your friendship to a Pokemon. Then, this action is more easily done on joystick mode. Spin your character like a fidget spinner [or look left, right, left, right with Tap & Move] while inching towards your desired partner.

If your desired partner realizes what you are doing and accepts your mating dance, he/she will then spin/flick like a madman with you. The two of you can then take on anyone else! [Quote]

This is the most common way of teaming, hence you have maybe seen (if you haven’t, maybe play some more Showdown) someone doing this, and thought: ‘What?’. We will help you deal with this.


How Could We Fix Teaming?

You could:

  • Don’t team with one player, this is haughty. But when two players are already teaming, there is no harm in joining them if you are one step away from being killed. As soon as there is one non-teaming player left, start killing your team, because if you do this too late, you’re already dead. By the time your team is dead, the last player is probably at low enough health to finish off.
  • Backstab anyone who wants to team with you. They won’t see it coming, and if enough people do it, the community could become more wary of teaming and stop doing it altogether in order to stay alive.

Supercell could:

  • brawl stars blog teaming
    Image: Reddit

    Hide/obscure player names in lower trophy games as well. It makes it more difficult to find your teammate. Of course, you could Discord and tell them you are in the bush over there as El Primo, but for the less casual players, it should create a somewhat decent fix.

  • Different maps that work the same way. The name of the map could be different, but the same game. Bushes in one might be a shelter in another. Bone blocks in one could be vases in another. One could feature the sun, other the moon. One features safes, the other boxes. People might think they are in different maps, although they aren’t.
  • Release the game globally, and search more globally for players. When/if the game is released globally, there will be more players, and the matchup algorithm could search for players with a bigger trophy difference quicker.
  • Introduce a feature that discourages teaming. Maybe stop healing whenever you’re in the radius of an opposing player or something else.


What To Do?

If you see players teaming,

there is no harm in joining them if you are one step away from being killed. As soon as there is one non-teaming player left, start killing your team, because if you do this too late you’re dead. by the time your team is dead, the last player is probably at low health.

If players walk up to you doing the mating dance,

  1. Kill them. Players are extremely vulnerable while mating since they can’t attack you. Remember, this player wanted to team, so they deserve this.
  2. Start a team with them, let the teammate get rid of near dangers, and kill your teammate once he/she has served their purpose. Nobody expects a backstab.
  3. Run away. Some players act as if they want to team, and then kill you. Always prepare for this.
  4. Get as many teammates as you can, hide in bushes and wait until they kill each other.

You could team with someone and kill them. This might seem nasty, but that is the risk of going in a team.


Variants of the Mating Dance

These variants also exist in the dome of teaming.

  • Turning their Ultimate on and off while approaching you.
  • Walking straight at you, into your bullets (watch out, this does not always imply they want to team).
  • As Ricochet, shooting bullets at a wall at a straight angle so they return to him.
  • Shooting all ammo in any direction while approaching you.


Teaming is becoming a huge issue in Showdown, and while it won’t be easy to fix, Supercell has to address the issue. All we can do right now is refuse to engage in teaming ourselves, trying to stop the trend that is ravaging the deathmatch game mode.


Hope you enjoyed this article, and make sure to check out MMOCircles, a great site that allows fellow gamers to create a community for any game and interact! Let us know your thoughts on teaming in the comments, and make sure to subscribe to get notified whenever we post!

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  • Shadowz
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    Cmon man if you want to kill your teammates, at least have the decency to wait till you’re the last 2 or for him to attack you first if you have more power points. Backstabing Is NOT good for your health.

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