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The Story of Brawl Stars - A New Take - Brawl Stars Blog

If you’ve been playing Brawl Stars for a while now, you may have become more interested in the story behind why the characters are battling over these gems. Surprise! There is no story to be spoken of. This doesn’t surprise me much, as none of the other Supercell games really have an extended story; however, none of their other games lent themselves to much of a story.  

Clash of Clans and its friends are all base builders while Clash Royale utilizes characters plucked from Clash of Clans, with other fitting characters sprinkled in. However, these characters (and those in the other Supercell games) are generic. They are, “goblins,” or, “princes,” and lack any room to really be expanded on as individual characters (though Supercell does give them some personality through their shorts). Brawl Stars completely flips the script on this, introducing defined characters to do battle.

However, the character development department is really lacking in Brawl Stars. All the characters are just kind of one-lined ideas of a personality. All that’s given to us to work with is their personalities and idle animations. Now, the purpose of this article and future articles will be to give my own thoughts and ideas on who these characters are, utilizing what’s currently in the game to craft the story of how Brawl Stars came to be.

Below I’ll be listing the various factions of the brawler world and a rough overview of why all these brawlers are duking it out. The story will evolve as more chapters are added, so stay tuned for future editions!

Basically, there’s no story in this goofy game, so I’m going to try my best to write something up.


Welcome to Brawl Town

Most of the Brawlers are residents of Brawl Town, an old-fashioned municipality located smack dab in the middle of the US. Crime has always been about with local gangs roaming the streets, but the sheriff and his family have always kept them at bay. This changed several months ago when a massive meteor landed just behind the general store.

This meteor contained a huge amount of bright purple gems, the likes of which had never been seen before. It quickly became apparent these gems granted new unbelievable power to any who possess them. Since then, everyone’s been trying to get their hands on them. The town’s been divided, and since then more meteors have been landing all over.

No one fully knows what the gems do, but it’s clear they’re something special.


The Residents of Brawl Town

The Junker Family                                                                                                                               colt red hair

A family who’s been living in Brawl Town for generations, they’ve long since been the town’s peacekeepers. The son, Colt, has been the sheriff ever since his father retired, and he’s been struggling to keep the gems out of criminals hands since the first meteor came.

However, he’s not alone; his mother Pam was a former army nurse. She built new devices to save lives and now lends her talents to protecting the town. There’s also Colt’s younger sister, Jessie. Although she’s quite air-headed, she’s always had a knack for fixing machines. She brings the technological ability of her mother but puts her own spin on it.


Shelly and the Gems

Aptly named for their frequent attempts to steal gems from others and secure locations where they think meteors might land, Shelly and company are the number one crime organization in Brawl Town. Shelly created the gang in order to become the new “Queen of Brawl Town”, using the power of the gems. Shelly’s keen wit and fiery personality allow her to lead well, but she has support from her partner, Brock, too.

Quieter and more reserved, Brock has less of a taste for the limelight than Shelly, but don’t let that fool you! He provides just as much firepower to the team than Shelly, if not more! He also has her beat hands down in the dance department. Of course, these two wouldn’t be nearly as successful without Darryl the Barrel. The head enforcer of the gang, he was initially created by Dynamike in his earlier experiments. Seeing Dynamike’s outlook on the gems as weak and coward-like, the two split.

Darryl only feels accepted when he is with Shelly and Brock, both of whom are highly ambitious, his only goal being to do good by them.

Image result for Shelly and Brock brawl stars
Courtesy of Supercell

Piper de la Prim and her Noble Servants

piper drawing

Another family with roots deep in Brawl Town, the de la Prim’s are the far more infamous parallels to the Junker family. The previous heads of the family attempted to take control of the entire town through money and manipulation but were beaten back by the residents of Brawl Town.

Now, the new head of the family, Piper de la Prim, has returned in an attempt to take control of both the town and its gems in order to regain power. By her side are the cactus Spike and the mystic Tara. Spike moves little and talks less, but he is always seen by the side of Piper. Rumors abound about the truth of the Cactus’ sudden appearance, and his relation to the de la Prim’s, but no one but Piper knows the truth. Tara is just as much of a mystery.

Hired by Piper to assist in the collection of gems, Tara has been sighted without Piper all over town, oftentimes communicating with Crow or Poco.


Dynamike and his Robo-Buddies

Years of scientific research on the properties of explosives and dynamite has left Dynamike a very educated and intelligent man. However, he is worried by the newfound power of the gems. Although the gems do give power, Dynamike is fearful of the potential long-term effects the gems may have on people. Unfortunately, he is old and is considered senile by many townsfolk.

Pam also intensely dislikes Dynamike because his work only leads to the destruction of her healing machines and her daughter’s (Jessie). Dynamike recognized his unpopularity, and thus decided to create new companions to assist him with his work. He set about creating sentient, intelligent robots to assist in helping to recover and study the gems.

His first two creations, Barley and Darryl, had mixed results. Although Barley became a dedicated friend and assistant, Darryl turned to crime. By his third project, Dynamike had run out of funding, and thus looked towards the de la Prim family for assistance. In return for payment, Dynamike created Piper’s signature umbrella rifle, and explosive garter grenades. Although Dynamike does not look favorably upon the de la Prim’s, their funding is required for his research. Using this money he upgraded Barley and built Ricochet, making them both more combat viable.

He now attempts to recover gems to test and experiment with, in order to determine any negative side effects of the gems and to potentially find a cure if need be.


Image result for dynamike
Courtesy of Elena Manetta


El Primo the Amnesiac                                                                                                                                   el primo king skin

El Abuelo, The Grandfather, is a world-renowned superstar, beloved worldwide, and recognized as being the greatest lucha libre combatant in existence. El Primo, The Cousin, chose to be named after him after he was struck by a meteor and lost his memory.

Once El Primo awoke, he accidentally smashed the meteorite, sending gems in all different directions over Brawl Town. Now, hoping to both regain his memory and prevent others from suffering the same fate, he collects gems all over Brawl Town, giving some to Dynamike, and using some to maintain his own power, which is constantly weakening without the constant use of the gems power.


The Shamans and the Humans

Several miles outside Brawl Town there are two Native American tribes. The tribes have been constantly battling over their individual ideologies.

nita bear skin The first, the Nokoto, have long since utilized familiars, both in combat and in practical usage, such as hunting and construction. Their rivals, the Borten, have stuck strictly to their belief that true power comes from innate human potential.

Although they have long been at odds, the two have temporarily put aside their differences due to the introduction of the gems. The tribes detest the gems, finding them to be of sinister origin, and have each sent out their strongest warrior to recover and destroy the gems, resulting in the introduction of the brawlers Nita and Bo.

As of yet, however, a method to destroy the gems has yet to be found.


The Lonely Bull

Despite his looks, Bull Blanco is an intelligent and loyal person. He owns and runs the Bakery in town, and shared a fierce loyalty with his friend Elijah Pajaro. The two were intensely close, so much so that they had plans of combining Elijah’s store with Bull’s bakery to create one large Super Shop.

This all changed one day when Elijah mysteriously disappeared. The day in question also happened to be when the first of the meteors landed in Brawl Town. Bull saw the connection and has been collecting gems ever since, trying to find a connection between them and the disappearance of his beloved friend.

.Image result for brawl stars bull losing


Mortis and Poco Dream Team

mortis drawing

Porky Coolidge had passed away almost a decade before the first meteor struck. And yet, now, a young man named Poco, the same size as Porky, has taken up residence in his home. He was first sighted in the graveyard along with Mortis. Townsfolk claimed they heard yelling earlier in the day, but it was too quiet to pinpoint where it was coming from.

Eventually the yelling became louder, and people realized it was coming from the graveyard. After rushing over, townsfolk discovered the young man now called Poco walking next to Mortis, the decrepit old gravekeeper. Mortis claimed the man was his cousin, and that they had been trying to find his cat. Many feared Mortis due to his pale, gaunt figure and the apparent enjoyment he got out of his grim job, and thus the two were left to their own being.

To be noted, both Mortis and Poco are often seen attempting to recover gems side by side in the many brawls fought over them, though no one truly knows why.



It is a mystery to all who Crow is or where he came from. His arrival is synonymous with the arrival of the meteor, and he is often seen sneaking about the edges of the brawls, but his intentions are a mystery. Some speculate he was a regular bird cursed by the power of the gems. Due to his odd and mysterious poison, many wonder if he is related to the Borten, the poison being a tool of theirs. Still more believe he is simply another hungry for the power of the gems, looking to take it for himself. The only relation that any share with him is that he is despised by Nita and adored by Poco.

crow black skin


Note: All drawings in this story were provided courtesy /u/RenanBaLia. Make sure to check him out!


Thanks for reading! My plan is to start writing individual stories and tales that will elaborate more on the brawlers’ individual backstories. These will be done in a more “story” format from a first or third person view of the brawler. If you enjoyed this story and want to see more of it, make sure to subscribe to the blog so you never miss a beat!

Keep on brawling!



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