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Stormy Plains Map Guide - Showdown - Brawl Stars Blog

This is a complete guide to Stormy Plains, a Showdown map. The following set of instructions correspond to different brawlers based on attack, health, and general play style. We will do this same sort of thing for all maps, not just Stormy Plains, so stay tuned!


Categories of Brawlers

Melee — El Primo, Bull, Darryl, Shelly, Tara

Melee Brawlers are defined as high damage-dealers up close, having a limited range. They should avoid being seen by others until the enemy is close enough to ambush.

Shooters — Colt, Ricochet, Nita, Piper, Brock, Bo, Crow, Spike, Pam, Jessie, Poco

Shooters have a decent range and are best used from far away against enemies. This group can be divided further, but they all have a pretty similar play style.

Throwers — Barley & Dynamike

Throwers are able to attack enemies behind walls. This means they should stay in highly dense wall areas on this map, typically the middle.


Mortis is a special case in which his only way to deal damage is through direct contact, but he can’t compete with other melee brawlers in a one on one situation. His play style varies between players; some like to hide while others like to hunt down other enemies. Use him as you wish.

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Tips & Tricks


  • Tanks should hide as much as possible. Staying hidden not only allows you to ambush other players, but it also directs their attention to other brawlers.
  • Travel when the map is still large. Many people wait until the last second and then change bushes. This means the map has shrunk and players are more compacted in the small area, leading to a higher possibility of being seen.
  • Know your place. This means to have good map awareness, look at how many powerups they have, and how many people are on a team.
  • Try to team with other Brawlers, tanks might be the hardest to attract teammates but any partner is better than none.


  • Stormy Plains is a great map for Ricochet. His bullets can bounce and hit most enemies behind walls if aimed correctly.
  • Always prefire into bushes. A brawler might be there!
  • Shooters don’t really need to hide. Stay alert and try to take down opponents.
  • Join a team as soon as possible; this ensures you won’t be teamed up on.


  • Throwers have low hitpoints and should avoid facing any enemy up close.
  • Find shelter behind walls or obstacles.
  • The best teammates for throwers are other throwers. Other brawlers have a very high chance of betraying you.
  • Never enter the grass to get the nearest powerup when the game starts. Instead, go to the ones at the center. Only go for the crates if you know the other player has gone the other direction.
Stormy Plains Map Blueprint

Hiding Places in Stormy Plains

  • Area A: This spot is the best hiding position for melee brawlers at the beginning of the game. It’s away from the main part of the map and many people don’t check this bush. When the map starts to shrink, there is a direct path to Area B.
  • Area B: This bush has the potential to last the whole match. If you are discovered, moving to Area C is the best option instead of walking towards the center of the map.
  • Area C: You can move to Area B or Area D from this spot, but you should usually backtrack to the bush that you were found in if the enemy didn’t give chase.
  • Area D: If you ever end up here, try and make it to Area B. If you cannot because the map has shrunk, move right and down to the closest bush.




  • Always try and engage your neighbor for control of the boxes nearest to you. Walk towards them in the Image result for el primo brawl starsgrasses and be prepared to ambush a shooter/thrower or engage another tank. It is best to hug the wall until you find the opponent or until the fog starts to appear. If there are no enemies then collect the 2 boxes and make a path to bush A while staying hidden near the edges of the map.
  • While traveling to area A, collect power-ups or kill weak enemies. Never chase enemies at full health to the center of the map. At the end of this “journey,” you will have about 2-4 boxes. Sometimes you’ll end up with none but that fine, you won’t be engaging a lot of enemies.
  • If you can’t make it to bush A, you can also go to bush E. These bushes on the right side of the map offer a decent amount of cover but tend to be checked quite often.
  • If you do make it to bush A, then wait it out. Say here until the fog is about 5 tiles out and then move to Area B.
  • Stay here until you are found and make your way to Area C. If the fog is too close and blocks that path, try to lure attention away from yourself by keeping close to the edge of the map while traveling upwards. This area(circled in purple) allows for space to dodge attacks.
  • If you make it to Area C, try and predict where most of the players are, if they are closer to the top, try and make it back down to B. If not, proceed to D and then move right to the closest bush.
  • When the map gets small enough, it will be easy for you to dodge attacks and clean up the battle.
  • Of course, this is up to chance because there might be a team of 5 that will try and seek you out. If this occurs, don’t try and hide but attack the group directly if they find you. Best to take one out with you than go down hiding.



  • The best start is to shoot directly at the enemy when you spawn. When you are positive that there isn’t a melee Image result for colt brawl starsbrawler in the grass, grab the boxes and head to the center.
  • If you see a player enter the grass and still haven’t found the enemy after a decent amount of time has passed, it is best to give up an move towards the center.
  • Find a teammate that seems reliable and trustworthy. If this teammate steals power-ups when they have a higher amount than you, it is very likely that they will betray you later on.
  • Don’t get cornered by other teams. This map has multiple areas(circled in blue) that allow for you to be sandwiched or cornered by enemies. Get to these spots early and collect the power-ups before others arrive and trap you in.
  • Stay with your team and never let the teammate(s) out of your site. Working together is better than working alone, what’s the point of teaming anyway if you’re still by yourself?
  • If everything goes well, you guys will be the last Brawlers standing!



  • Never, and I repeat, never, walk into the bushes at the beginning of a game unless you see the enemy is Image result for barley brawl starsanother thrower or they wandered away from the boxes. A Mortis or a melee brawler may be waiting for you inside the grass.
  • Make your way to the middle since that is where all the walls are located. Make sure to attack from behind the walls.
  • Teaming is almost required for a place in the top 3, especially in Stormy Plains. Find other thrower teammates.
  • Throw in front of the enemy because when the dynamite or bottle lands, the target would have moved a few tiles.
  • Flaunt your super. Let people know you can kill them if they get too close, so make sure you don’t waste supers.
  • When the game is about the end, the area behind the wall in the top right corner at the center (circled in white) usually gives a decent chance of survival if the battle becomes too hectic.
  • If you really, truly, desperately want first place, save your super for the very end and kill your teammates. It’s usually a one shot.



  • Play how you want.
  • Run away.
  • Kill people.
  • Steal power-ups.
  • Win.


In the end, the current Showdown meta is teaming and you can’t plan for a team of five or nine players. However, you can plan and strategize your movements to ensure the best optimal outcome in any situation, even if it’s against a group of nine. I hope this guide has taught you how to survive longer and become a better player in Stormy Plains and Showdown!

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