by Puzzles (Nor)

Notes Before Reading

I had to make this first story have 19 Brawlers. As the stories continue, Brawlers will be defeated. Just like in the game, we don’t know where the Brawlers get their weapons from. Please don’t judge that. I also had to make their Supers different. For example, I don’t call them Supers. A bigger drink refers to Barely’s Super. A horrible melody that heals refers to Poco’s Super. A rocket rain/ mini rockets refer to Brock’s, and so forth. I didn’t feel comfortable using the word Super. A few pictures were taken to help visualize. Some were sadly not saved, but a big shoutout to FreeGP, Proerdo (dragon, in the pictures), Death Shadow, and ChaseXshared (his pictures did not make it but the help is appreciated). Here’s four parts, one to be released each week. More fan fiction will also arrive in the blog, as well as more Concepts and Guides. Enjoy!

Part One – Awakening

She woke up next to Mama J, in the middle of what seemed like a desert maze. She could hear the wind blowing loudly, and stood up only to find others laying down like she had. They were all waking up one by one. A wrestler woke up first, then a purple-haired girl. A crow woke up next and then and… a cactus? She looked around, as did the others. There was also maggot, a dark-skinned man, and a trio of robots, who by the looks of it were shut down. A girl with… a bear on her head?! A man with an eagle on his?! Junker Jessie didn’t know whether she was imagining this or not. Mama J and a woman who reminded Jessie of a mummy woke up next, along with a pale, and rather creepy man. She didn’t know who anyone was… except Mama J…“Where are we?” spoke a skeleton dressed as a mariachi. “I don’t care.” a low voice could be heard from the background. “But me is gettin’ out.” Jessie turned around and from behind some walls, a man as big as the wrestler (the wrestler was a huge man, as Jessie had already observed) who had a black leather jacket, blue jeans and a belt with a longhorn skull in the middle, came out and looked at everyone with a fierce expression. “He’s right.” said Jessie’s mama. “But where’s the exit?Jessie admired her mama; she had worked in the workshop with her because of her admiration towards her. Mama J’s real name was Pam, but Jessie called her Mama J cause that was her nickname back in the town… the town… THE TOWN!“I don’t know, ma’am.” grunted the man. “I just woke up like y’all.”“Anyone have any idea of where we are?” asked the crow quietly. “Pardon me,” interrupted Jessie, “but a moment ago I didn’t know where I came from, I knew who I was, but not where I came from.” Jessie explained, “But suddenly I remembered the town.” She looked at the purple-haired girl, and suddenly remembered who she was. “You’re Shelly!” Shelly, who looked surprised, nodded. “Yes, and you’re Jessie, from the Junker Workshop!” Jessie nodded with a smile. She looked over at the trio of robots, and suddenly recognized who they were.“Barley from the pub!” Jessie said.“Isn’t that our robot, Jessie?” Pam asked. Jessie looked over and saw who her mama was pointing at: Darryl! She quickly ran up to them, but she still couldn’t recognize who the third robot was… It’ll come to me, she thought. She turned them one, and one by one, the robots opened their yellow eyes.“️️B.A.R.L.E.Y.” said Barley in a robotic voice, and then a few seconds later he looked at everyone. “Want a drink?”“Dummy, we’re not in your pub!” Jessie said. One by one everyone gained back their memories, and from somewhere in the group of people, Jessie saw a red-head who reminded her of…“Cousin Colt!” she yelled, and the red-haired man turned around and smiled at her.“Hey, Jessie!” Colt said, “Any idea of where we are or why?”“Yar!” interrupted Bull. “Good for ya for havin’ a little reunion, but we still don’t know where we are.”“Gotta agree with Bull here,” Poco said. “There has to be a way out of here.”“All right, well…” Shelly said, looking at all the different possible directions they could go. “Which way?”“I came from this side,” Colt said, pointing to the northern side of the arena. An arena, Jessie thought, it’s not really a maze… you can actually see where you’re going. “I came from this side.” Bull said, pointing to the southern side of the arena. “There’s nothing over there either. Just walls and an even bigger wall surrounding us.” “So..” said Bo. “There’s no way out?”“I suppose not,” said Ricochet. “I can’t find any right angles to tackle this problem. There’s no way out!”“Calm your circuits, bot.” Crow said. “I’ve got a idea. If Piper’s umbrella works like Mary Poppins’s did, then she can use it to fly around with me and we can search the perimeter.”“Worth a try.” Piper said. “Mama and I will set camp for the night, the sun’s setting.” Jessie said. “Could the rest of you either help us set camp or explore?”Thus, Jessie and Pam, along Bo, Mortis, Nita, and Spike, stayed and the rest went to explore. Nothing much happened during the exploration. No one could spot anything in the arena other than walls and bushes. Everything was good back at the center of the arena. Jessie was working on a new turret along with Pam, one that would heal instead of attack. Mortis was digging a tunnel.“Why are you digging?” asked Nita. “I like to sleep underground.” Mortis replied with a cynical smile. Nita quickly looked away. Bo was sharpening some sticks he had found on the floor, to make arrows. Spike was sitting quietly, looking everywhere, studying everyone carefully. The sun was finally gone, and a full moon had risen over the Stormy Plains. Spike and Nita were both asleep, and Bo was growing tired as well. Mortis jumped inside his tunnel and a few seconds later, Jessie could hear him snore. Pam was still working on her turret, which she had already named Mama’s Kiss. Pam looked at Jessie, and gave her a slight smile. “We’ll find a way out of this arena, I promise.” Pam told her.“Yeah, right.” Jessie sighed. She looked over at Mama J and smiled back. Then, there was a loud gunshot, followed by a piercing scream. Bull had always had anger problems. As a kid, he would punch anyone he ever lost a game to, anyone who would ever dare to steal his toys, and anyone who had the toy Bull wanted. As he grew older, he stepped into the ring, and fought many wrestlers, but no one was nearly as fun to beat as El Primo. El Primo had always lost the matches between the two, but he always came back for more. That was something Bull respected, but didn’t care about too much. He just wanted to Brawl. He was exploring alongside Darryl and El Primo; they were reaching the corner of the arena, and were just about to journey back when El Primo saw the gas. A green, toxic gas was forming from the edges of the arena, all sides, and was spreading into the arena. They made pretty good distance, almost avoiding the gas, but it also spread quickly compared to how fast they ran. And then, Bull smelled the gas. And heard a voice. “THIS IS THE BIGGEST BRAWL OF YOUR LIFE”“Who’s that?” he asked out loud, even though the voice had come from inside his head.“Huh?” El Primo had asked, but Bull waved at him as to ignore him.“DEFEAT EVERYONE, AND BECOME THE ULTIMATE BRAWL STAR.”He looked at El Primo, then at Darryl. They looked back at him, and as he saw El Primo’s ghostly expression, he could tell that the wrestler had also heard the voice. He glanced over at Darryl and noticed something quite strange. His eye had turned from a bright yellow, to a dark red. Bull loaded his gun quickly, and the Showdown begun.

Part Two – Let The Games Begin At the sound of the gunshot, Darryl shot his double barrel guns and rolled away, bouncing between walls, leading him towards the center like a pinball. The dark arena was soon illuminated as El Primo’s fists lighted on fire. El Primo punched Bull quickly, multiple times, and this stunned Bull, but not long enough for El Primo to finish the job. However, instead of attacking El Primo, Bull made him a proposition.“Alliance. The two of us can brawl once everyone else is gone. A last brawl.”“It’s only right,” agreed El Primo. He jumped as high as he could and went deeper into the arena. Bull dashed more aggressively than Darryl, and smashed any walls standing on his way. I will be #1.At the sound of the scream, Jessie rapidly activated her turret. Pam finished some small details on hers and set it up next to Scrappy, Jessie’s turret. Mortis came out of the tunnel alongside some vampires, shovel at hand, ready to attack anytime. Out of what seemed like a ritual, Nita spawned a ghostly bear. Bo went outside of the small camp they had set up and place some mines, in case of danger. “Knucklehead!” said Spike in a childish voice, “What if others step on them?!”Bo looked nervously to a corner he had placed a mine, and saw Colt and Barley running towards them.“No!” Bo warned them, but it was too late. Barley had stepped on the mine and the two were sent flying, knocking down some of the walls, others had crumbled alongside the explosion. “Guys, I’m sorry!”But the apology was no use, and Colt fired back. Barley had left the showdown and retreated back to the outside. “Colt, no! It was an accident!” insisted Jessie, but it was no use either, Colt had slightly smelled the gas, and although he had not heard the voice Bull and company had heard, his temper had been intoxicated. Barley, who had been lucky enough to not have the gas go inside his circuits, encountered Darryl. Barley quickly noticed the red eye his friend had and quickly turned his own a white, clear color. The color that meant truce among many other things. Darryl’s eye turned white, then blended into a pinkish tone. Piper and Crow had both landed at the same time, at the exact location. “What’s happening? We heard a scream!” Piper worriedly said.“Keep it cool, Pipes.” Crow said. “It could have just been Jessie being electrocuted by her turret. Happened all the time back in the town, don’t ya remember?”“Well, this isn’t the town, and the scream wasn’t mine.” said Jessie, “I think it was Bull.”As if on cue, Bull dashed and smashed the last walls standing in their little camp. Ricochet had not been affected by the gas, but his partner, Shelly, had been. That’s why the smartest bot in their town had made the smoothest move he could think of. Ditch the bandit and run away. Unfortunately, Shelly had set her mind on hunting Ricochet, and was quickly catching up. Every now and then, Ricochet could feel the shells hit his back, and whenever that would happen he would turn around and shoot back. “Luckily, my bullets can ricochet off walls,” he told himself, “I must use this to my advantage.”And use them to his advantage he did, as he would run behind walls and would aim carefully, shooting another wall and hitting Shelly. But the bandit was also intelligent, and she hid on the other side of where Ricochet had been, without him noticing. Then she loaded one of her bigger shells, and shot straight to the wall. There was a slight knockback effect, sending her crashing to another wall, but the attack had sent Ricochet flying straight to Colt. The Town Sheriff shot multiple bullets at one, and quickly pierced to the robot. Ricochet shut down, and there were only 18 Brawlers left in the arena. Colt had also been affected by Shelly’s attack; a piece of the wall that she had smashed hit him in the leg. He had managed to take down Ricochet, as the bot had been more stunned than he had, but he didn’t feel as confident on taking down Shelly. Thus, he retreated silently, without having the bandit notice him. As he retreated, he remembered, small memories that had not yet been intoxicated by the gas going through his blood. He remembered how Shelly had always caused trouble in the town. She would steal, and although Colt would always catch her, she would be back into the market to steal the next day. He chuckled silently. Oh, how great will it be once I take Shelly once and for all.The gas had spread so quickly that the arena was now less than half its beginning size. By that point, even more of the Brawlers had smelled the gas. Bull’s dash had divided Jessie’s group, and she would have been obliterated by Bull had Mortis not pulled her behind some crumbled walls. Scrappy and Mama’s Kiss had already been destroyed. “Mortis,” whispered Jessie, “Could you go back to the tunnel and dig deeper, maybe there’s a way out.”Mortis smiled that cynical smile of his, “Way ahead of you, darling. My bats have already dug a hole big enough to take us behind the walls that cover these plains. The problem is… how do we sneak past all of them crazy Brawlers?”Crow, who was behind Pam, throwing poisoned daggers every now and then, told them, “I think I can take care of that.”Dynamike, Poco, and Brock had explored the Stormy Plains together. Neither of them had smelled the gas, and they had not seen anyone else yet. They were only focused on escaping the gas and avoiding wherever a gunshot was heard. Unfortunately, as the plains got smaller, they were bound to run into someone. Sadly, they ran into Darryl and Barley. Darryl quickly shot Brock, but Dynamike threw as many bombs as he could and sent Darryl a few steps back. Barley didn’t know what to do. If he didn’t attack the others, Darryl would finish him. But he couldn’t attack the others, they were his friends. Poco played a beautiful melody at his pub, Brock would go to the pub every Thursday and the two would have a good talk, and Dynamike would always help clean up the pub after everyone was gone. Barley felt a bullet hit him, and quickly turned to see Darryl shooting at him.“Attack, Barley!”“Um, right.”Barley took a drink out of his pocket, and threw it to them. It was a deadly, toxic drink, that would irritate their skins. “No last call!”He kept on throwing as many drinks as he could, and Dynamike would throw as many dynamites. Brock would snipe Darryl every now and then dealing damage, then Darryl dashed towards them and hit them all twice before dashing back to Barley. Then Barley threw one of his biggest bottles and the poison splattered everywhere, surrounding Poco, Brock, and Dynamike. The two robots were unaffected. There was no way out for Dynamike’s team.Spike, Nita, and Bo had been sent the other way when Bull knocked their little camp. They had escaped almost silently, and had made their way to a small corner where Tara sat in front of her magic ball. “Do you think Jessie and the rest are okay, Big Bear?” asked Nita. Big Bear only growled. Spike looked towards their only exit, and saw that the gas was spreading. They would soon be trapped.“We have to get out of—” he said, moving backwards and knocking Tara’s magic ball. The ball broke, and Tara looked at him fiercely. “I’m sorry, but we have to get out of here. The gas will trap us and we’ll die!”“He’s right, Tara.” said Bo, and Tara nodded. The five ran away just in time, as the gas took over the small corner and spread even deeper into the plains.

Part Three – Inside Jessie saw Tara and the others approach. She did not know whether to attack them or greet them.“We’re on the good side!” Nita cried, “Don’t shoot!”“Gotcha.” Jessie said. “No, I’m not going to do it.” Piper told Crow.“You have to!” Crow said, “It’s the only way we can actually get away!”“What are those two arguing about?” asked Tara.“You’ll see.” Mortis smiled. El Primo had found Shelly, and Colt had found him. By then, Colt had already been healed, as most as he could. He hid under some bushes, looking carefully at the sneaking El Primo. Shelly didn’t seem to notice. El Primo jumped towards her, and then Colt saw her smile, turn around, and use one of her big shells on him, sending him flying to the gas. “Another Brawler gone.” Colt whispered, quiet enough so only he could hear.However, El Primo came jumping back from the gas and into the bush Colt was in. Colt quickly shot back, but El Primo punched twice and knocked the Town Sheriff out. The second Brawler to be defeated. Meanwhile, Shelly retreated deeper into the center, and El Primo followed. The gas followed as well. “They will surely die!” Barley claimed.“That’s the idea.” Darryl said. They kept on attacking, and they would have surely defeated them had it not been for Poco playing a strange, horrible melody. Although a terrible thing to listen to, this melody managed to magically heal Poco and his teammates, and they quickly ran away from the poison and the gas. Brock shot multiple mini rockets into the floor, creating dust, which enable them to sneak past the robots. However, Darryl shot randomly and hit Poco up close. Poco’s bones cracked, and the Brawler was defeated. But before dying, a neon green gas came out of him, and reached Dynamike and Brock, and healed them. They fully retreated and left Darryl and Barley in the dust. A few moments later, the two robots followed the rest.At this point, everyone was already in the center, having the brawl of the century. Piper had finally accepted to do what Crow had asked her, and she held onto him as he jumped towards the exact place where the tunnel had been. Bull had met El Primo and the two had run towards where Crow and Piper had landed. Just as planned. As soon as they landed, and the two tanks arrived, Piper set off three grenades and both her and Crow went back flying to where Jessie and the rest where. The explosion sent Bull and El Primo back to the gas and to where Barley and Darryl where. Meanwhile, the rest sneaked to where the tunnel was. Brock and Dynamike had reached the tunnel as well. “We’re not poisoned!” Brock quickly said.“Good, neither are we!” Jessie smiled. And then, Pam started to shoot everyone with scrap. The gas was closing in. Bull and the others were reaching the center as well. At this point, Barley had already been intoxicated. And by the looks of it, so was Pam.“Mama, no!” Jessie said, as the others attacked Pam. “Don’t hurt her!”“Sorry, kiddo. She’s not herself anymore.” Crow said. He threw five daggers towards Pam, all of them stabbing her in the stomach. Most of the scrap flew towards Brock, dealing massive damage. Bull, El Primo, Barley, and Darryl were attacking them as well. Brock could feel that he was going down, he was already weakened from the skirmish with Barley, his skin itched too much. “You guys go to the tunnel!” Brock said.“What about you!?” Dynamike yelled.“I’m going down anyways, Mike!” he replied, “Might as well go down as a sacrifice!”Dynamike, Jessie, Bo, Spike, Nita, and Big Bear all ran towards the tunnel. Piper and Crow were still defending. Mortis was digging even deeper.“Guys, what are you doing!?” Brock cried, “Go inside! Now!”Crow looked over at Piper. They both ran towards the tunnel alongside Tara. More scrap hit Brock, and he finally fell down. But as he did, he pulled the trigger and a plethora of mini rockets came out of his launcher. It was an apocalyptic rain, and all of his enemies were hit by them. Both Darryl and Bull dashed away, Darryl held onto Barley and dragged his fellow bot with him. The three fell into the tunnel, and Jessie and her allies moved aside just in time to avoid getting hit by them. Bull’s and Darryl’s dashes went on even from inside the tunnel, piercing through it and making the tunnel deeper.Outside Pam went down with Brock’s rocket rain. Shelly had managed to dive into the tunnel. The gas quickly surrounded the arena, and the Stormy Plains were finally filled with the toxic gas. Shelly knew that the gas could make its way inside the tunnel, so she threw some dirt into the exit, and kept doing so until the tunnel was closed. She may have been poisoned, but the gas had not affected her intelligence. She whistled on her way inside the tunnel. Bull and Darryl, along with Barley, had dashed straight the whole way and then suddenly went upwards and made their way outside to what seemed like another arena. “WELCOME TO THE SKULL CREEK.” the voice told them. “LET THE SHOWDOWN CONTINUE.”The three made a truce, and explored the new arena. A few moments later, the defensive group led by Jessie, who had carefully made their way deeper to the tunnel, in case of a sneak attack, made their way into the Skull Creek. “It’s a new arena. Clean, without gas.” Jessie said, “The sun is rising, we have quite a while before the sun sets… and the gas forms.”“Well, then.” Crow said, “We better set camp, and let some of us rest.” “Yeah…” Jessie said, with gloom on her face.“Darling,” Piper told her, “Your mama was poisoned. She was going to take us all down if we hadn’t stopped her.”“Yeah… at least we know who else is poisoned.” Jessie said, “We can use this to our advantage.”Crow smiled to Mortis, the same cynical smile the undertaker had give everyone else. To Jessie and the rest, everything was well… for the time being. They would do their best to survive the gas and those poisoned. Mortis begun to dig a tunnel, and they would be on their way. And thus the first of the Showdown tales comes to an end. More betrayals, fights, and tragedies are to come to the Brawlers, but there was one thing for sure in Jessie’s mind: they would overcome these obstacles together.

To be continued next week… in Skull Creek: A Showdown Story


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