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Gem Grab Guide: A Closer Look - Brawl Stars Blog

Gem Grab Intermediate Guide

Hey brawlers! So it has been apparent to me that the community as a majority favors Gem Grab as the fairest and most popular game mode. Due to that, people want to know how to improve at it.

How does one go about improving their game if they have no source of help to guide them along the way?

They do now! Look no further than this guide here, and before long, you will be winning a large majority of your matches. In this guide I will go over these key tips so that when you go into your next match, you won’t be the next irrelevant teammate that hands your team the loss. You’ll be the star player that is the reason for the win!


Guided Tips

The Game Is Fluid

Nothing is set in stone. I cannot count how many times someone has treated Brawl Stars as if there is ONE way to do something, and that simply is not the case.

Brawl Stars is a situational game, meaning that every scenario plays out differently. You need to be able to adapt on the fly at a moment’s notice based on numerous factors. So don’t hold the ideology that there is only one way to play Gem Grab.

Know Your Role

In order to be successful in this game mode, you need your teammates to each play a role. Generally you want a primary gem carrier (objective player), one high ranged damage dealer (DPS unit), and one support unit (support).

This is the very basic general team comp that works best in most cases as you don’t know who your opponent is until you get in the match. Therefore, following this composition works best in most Gem Grab scenarios.

Don’t Rush Back When You Hit 10 Gems

When your team hits 10 gems, often beginners will rush back to their base side and hide in bush. This is absolutely terrible strategy. You want to progressively move back as the time clock runs out. If you run back too quickly, you will likely find yourself trapped in your base.

This creates a scenario where your whole team can go down and all of your gems are gone, and the game is over. If you reach 10 gems, carefully control the middle of the map and when the clock reaches around 6-9 seconds left, then it’s time to go back to your side of the base.

The only exception to this rule is Mortis, who can easily hold 10 gems and dash around confusing the enemy as to where he is on the map.

Count The Gem Respawn Time

Have someone on your team counting the time in between gems popping out of the mine (approximately 7 second intervals). If you always have count of the gem mine, you know when to have your team control the area for a “safe” gem grab.

You will notice how much easier it is to take the gems when you have a teammate keeping track of the count. This is rather difficult when you’re first starting out in the game, but once the controls become second nature to you, keeping track of the time intervals in between gems will help your team out greatly.

Play Aggressively At The Start

Unless you are the designated gem carrier for a team, don’t be afraid to die in the beginning. Keep your enemies on their feet by applying constant pressure to them and keeping control of the middle of the map.

If you don’t have gems and the score is 5-0 or less, there is no hurt in applying pressure and dying so that your objective player can grab gems without much enemy fire. This directly leads to my next word of advice:

Don’t Force Kills Later On

Even though at the beginning I said do not be afraid to die, towards the end of the match you have to be more conservative. Do not force kills.

Damaging your enemy to half health still does a great job for your team as they can no longer push up on you. As a support unit or DPS it is imperative that you survive to keep your gem carrier safe.

Control the map and do not force your kills towards the end so you can stay alive as long as possible for your team.

Be Patient When Leading

If you throw a Gem Grab game when you’re up 7-0 or more, consider uninstalling immediately. You do not need to rush your last few gems. Just as businesses go by the words, “Location! Location! Location!”, so should we go by the words, “Control! Control! Control!”.

You need to prioritize controlling the middle (that includes the sides of the map in the middle) of the map. It is okay to let the enemy team gain a few gems while you gain control to close out the match.

Patience is everything in Brawl Stars. Therefore, don’t act like a 20 trophy El Primo in showdown when playing the game.


No, these are not the only tips to succeed in Gem Grab. However with this guide you will find yourself and your band noticeably improve at Gem Grab guaranteed. Implement these tips into your game, and success is imminent. Have fun improving your game and keep on brawling everyone!

Master Yoda


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