This is a continuation of the Stormy Plains chapter we posted last week. This chapter is a bit shorter than the previous one in order for it to fit here, and to make this a fast-paced story. I apologize in advance if the story seems too repetitive as the previous one, but in a four-part series where all they do is the same: survive the night by attacking each other, how can you make the story different. I am already working on the Death Valley chapter, and have some exciting and some comical plans for Feast or Famine, the final chapter.

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Dynamike ran away from Bull, hiding behind walls and trying to dodge his bullets. What mess did I get myself into? It was a darker night than the one before, but it seemed to Mike that Bull could see just fine. He could feel the bushes around him and could make out the green gas heading his way. He stood quietly until he saw Bull leave the other way, and when he turned around to leave the opposite way of Bull, he stumbled into El Primo. How could I have missed him? Dynamike thought. He’s on fire! Primo punched Mike, sending him flying to another wall. Then he jumped towards him.

Junker Jessie wasn’t sure when the battle had begun. She set her brand new turret, which had a special new feature – the energy orbs that her shock rifle sent could be used to recharge her turret and took her shock rifle for some bull hunting. Mortis, Nita, and Bo were digging an escape route once again, and Crow was protecting the undertaker and the others. That meant two less Brawlers to defend. Outside their small little base, similar to the one back in the plains, El Primo, Darryl, Barley, Shelly, and Bull were surrounding them, so there was no way out.
Oh, no. Jessie thought. Dynamike is outside! I gotta go save him!
As she made her way outside the base, an explosion blew the walls away and sent her flying down to the tunnel.

Bull saw El Primo lying down in a crate that had formed with the explosion. The wrestler was still alive but severely wounded by the attack. El Primo looked up to Bull, and he saw Bull’s eyes, filled with hatred… or madness. The gas must have really intoxicated him, El Primo thought. I’m feeling better, but that thing messes with you!
“Bull,” he croaked, “help me… please.”
Instead of helping his weakened ally, Bull loaded his shotgun and jumped down to the small crate and shot the wrestler.
“No can do,” Bull whispered as he knocked the wrestler down. One less Brawler to defeat, he thought. He climbed up the crate and whistled a tune which only he knew.

Shotgun Shelly was sneaking behind one of the walls that hadn’t been protected by Bull’s alliance when the explosion sent her flying straight into Piper. Shelly quickly stood up, as did Piper, and the two began to shoot each other. Piper was at a disadvantage though, as her gunbrella did more damage the further away and Shelly’s shotgun dealt more damage the closer to its target. Shelly shot her three times, each sending Piper back a few steps. All around them, Piper could hear almost everyone fighting. Lord, this is a real mess, isn’t it? She saw Shelly loading up one of her super shells; she would soon send Piper flying to her death. This left Piper with one option: to escape with her gunbrella. She opened her gunbrella and started to float, but Shelly quickly ran up to her and shot her supershell, sending Piper flying away. She then turned around and joined the others in the fight.

“Hey!” Mortis cried as Jessie’s feet kicked him down. “What the heck!?”
Nita, Big Bear, and Bo looked behind, but paid no attention and kept digging.
“Sorry…” Jessie said slowly. “There was an explosion.”
“Tell me about it!” Crow croaked from behind them. “You sent me down here with you, Jess!”
“Sorry, again,” Jessie replied, then turned to Mortis. “How’s the tunnel going?”
“It’s no good.” Mortis sighed, dropping his shovel. “The soil is getting harder as we’re digging deeper. We need more time, and we don’t have that privilege!”
“We’ll try to keep them busy; hopefully we can keep them from entering and we can all dig at our own pace,” Crow suggested. “For now, just keep digging.”
Mortis nodded, and both Crow and Jessie made their way back to the showdown.

Dynamike’s bomb had sent him flying all the way to the other side of the creek, almost drowning him in the gas. Luckily, he had managed to land a few steps ahead of the gas and quickly made his way back to the camp. I wonder if Primo’s alive. He suspected someone from Primo’s own alliance had decided to take him down already. Not aware that that had been the case. He was running towards the camp, now filled with gunfire and alike. From behind he could see the neon green gas chasing him. He decided not to look back. He turned around just in time to find a crawling Piper, reaching for her umbrella.
“Piper!” Mike screamed.
“Help me,” she cried. “Please.”
He saw her lower half of her body and saw a fallen wall crushing her legs. He looked back one more time, to make sure there wasn’t anyone behind them. There was. Bull, still whistling to his song, was heading towards them. His eyes met Mike’s, and he offered him a cynical smile. He loaded his gun, and Mike retreated, stepping on Piper. She screamed. From behind Bull, the gas was rapidly approaching them. He threw a few bombs at him, but Bull made his way past them without any damage being dealt. Dynamike was still retreating, and he could see as Bull bent over and picked Piper up. He carried her and walked towards the gas, and threw her deep into it. Dynamike fled back to camp, a coward’s tear dripping from his eye.

Barley and Darryl stood side by side in a showdown with Tara and Spike. Tara kept throwing her cards towards the robots, piercing through Barley and hitting Darryl too. Spike threw his cacti at them as well. It seemed as if the robots would be defeated, but Darryl switched places with Barley and tanked him as the bartender bot threw his poison towards Tara and Spike. The poison quickly irritated the walking cactus, making him throw his cactus towards him. From the seeds that fell, Spike absorbed some water and healed himself. Tara watched surprisingly at this, while still attacking. Out of all of us, Tara thought, Spike is the most likely to stay sane.
She threw the last set of cards towards Darryl and Barley and then created a black hole from where the robots stood and sucked them in both to the center. There was a slight explosion, sending them back a few more steps. The two were severely wounded, and Tara thought about finishing them off. However, she saw the gas approaching them, as well as Shelly, and decided to leave the bots to their so-called allies. She pulled Spike and the two fled to the tunnel.

Crow saw as Dynamike ran from a charging Bull. He quickly jumped in front of Dynamike to protect him, and send multiple, poisoned daggers to Bull. All but one hit Bull, but they proved useless as he kept making his way towards Dynamike and him. Was he somehow becoming stronger with the gas?
“Mikey!” Crow yelled back at his friend. “Go to the tunnel!”
Dynamite nodded and threw a barrel of dynamite towards Bull. One of many attempts, he decided, to make up for leaving Piper behind. He ran past Jessie’s turret, which was protecting Tara, Spike, and its opener as they too fled to the tunnel. He jumped ahead of his friends and dived into the hole. He looked above once in the tunnel and saw Spike diving into it, as well as Tara and Jessie. He turned around and made his way to the other end of the tunnel. Possibly to another arena. As he walked he heard the loudest explosion yet, and he hoped Bull had finally been defeated. Oh, how he hoped.

Crow had jumped just in time as the bomb sent Bull flying away. By now, the gas was surrounding almost the entire creek. Barley, Darryl, and Shelly were still attacking him, and he knew Bull would come back. He always did. He sniffed the gas accidentally and discovered that being poisoned was a matter of will. He pushed, mentally, as hard as he could not be intoxicated, and slowly retreated back to the tunnel, throwing a few more daggers before going in. He coughed and coughed once inside, the gas intoxicating his system.
Huh, he thought, now I know how others feel when I stab them with my daggers.
He laughed at this and decided to lay down and take a quick rest. He had lost the battle against intoxication. Crow… was not himself anymore.

Shelly jumped down the tunnel and waited for both robots to enter and go past her before walking inside. She whistled to Bull’s song; it sure was catchy. They walked in complete darkness, the only light coming from the robots’ glowing eyes until they stumbled into what they thought was a huge rock… a resting Crow.
“So… Bull’s gone.” Barley said.
“Indeed,” Darryl replied. “Shelly… lead us to victory, if you will.”
Shelly chuckled to herself. “Why not.”
They all walked deeper into the tunnel. A few moments later, Crow woke up and followed.

The soil went from being soft to hard and back to soft. Mortis and Big Bear were doing the digging, while everyone else rested everything save their feet. A few hours later they made their way out to what was seemed to be another arena.. naturally.
Having learned from their experience the last two nights, they did not set camp. This arena seemed bigger, different than the last two. Jessie also noticed that there were multiple boxes scattered around the arena, their logo that of a blue thunderbolt. Jessie hadn’t paid much attention to who had survived the night in the tunnel, but once outside in the bright daylight, she couldn’t help but notice two of her friends missing.
“Where’s Piper? Crow?” Jessie asked.
Dynamike seemed rather uncomfortable with the question, but she ignored this.
“Bull…” Dynamike whispered. “He threw Piper to the gas. I doubt she…”
Jessie nodded and turned around so that no one could see her. Everyone else stared at Dynamike.
“What about Crow?” Bo asked.
“He stayed behind to protect us. I dropped a bomb big enough to obliterate Bull, I’m sure of that!” Dynamike explained. “But unfortunately I think that obliterated Crow as well.”
“He died to save us…” Nita cried silently.
“He died a hero.” Mortis said.
Tara looked at Dynamike suspiciously. He’s lying about something…
“What do you think the boxes are for?” Bo asked.
“I guess we’ll have to find out,” Tara said quietly and began throwing cards at one.
Tonight they’re all going down. Jessie thought angrily. The robots, Shelly. I don’t care if they’re poisoned. They killed my mama… my friends… Now they must pay. She walked away from the group, not sure where she was headed. 

To be continued next week… in Death Valley: A Showdown Story

Written by Puzzles, for The Weekly Brawler.

Edited by Natriks.

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