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Six Tips To Get Better At Showdown & Gain Trophies Fast - Brawl Stars Blog

Why is Showdown The Best Event to Farm Trophies?

Showdown is the only FFA (Free for All) mode released in the game so far and It has very different aspects and strategies from the other game modes, which are 3v3 matches. Let’s see how it works.

Description: Take down the other nine and be the last one standing. There are no teams and you only have one life.

For many players, This game mode is the best way to earn trophies, because you can hide in bushes and wait until everyone fights each other and dies. This way, you can rank up faster the brawler you know how to play the least. Different to other modes, your position in the end of the match depends basically on how well you played, you don’t need the luck to be in a good team with other two random players.


Showdown V.S. Other Modes

Showdown: In Rank 8, for example, your prize for winning a game is 7 Trophies. After 200 trophies with a Brawler, you will receive only 5 Trophies per win

Other 3v3 modes: In Rank 8, for example, your prize for winning a game is 3 Trophies. After 200 trophies with a Brawler, you will receive  2 Trophies per win

Analyzing, You approximately get 2.5x more trophies for every win in a Showdown match than a 3v3 mode. It’s a good number, because you mathematically have less chance to win a Showdown game, since It has 10 solo players every match, instead of the two teams in other modes. However, you can maximize your chances of winning by reading the following strategies:


1) Be the First to Get to the Center

Almost every map in Showdown has most of the Elixir boxes in the center. This means that, if you want to get stronger, you need to be the first player to get to the middle and destroy them. However, you need to be careful and leave the center quickly after picking the elixir, because some players will arrive there later already possessing 1-2 of it.


2) If You See Two Players Fighting, Just Wait.

Many players would enter the fight and try to kill them. This way, you are exposing yourself and giving the chance to someone kill you from behind. The best strategy is to wait one kill the other and you try to kill the player who managed to be alive, since he will probably be with low health. If he is not, you can try to steal the elixir from the person he killed.


3) Always Watch the Cooldown of Enemies’ Basic Attacks

Brawlers such as Bull and Piper have high attack cooldown. Upon learning this, you will understand that a brawler needs some time to reload after destroying an elixir box. You can take advantage of this by killing an enemy before he can shoot you.


4) Never 1v1 with Another Enemy Nearby

As I said in the second strategy, it’s much better to fight someone alone.
The first reason is that, after you kill the player you were fighting with, the other enemy can kill you easier if you lost some health or he can steal your elixir, which is on the ground. The second is they can focus in killing you if you have the worst positioning. One player shooting you is better than two.


5) Look for Enemies Hidden in Bushes

As I said in the introduction, many people use the strategy of winning trophies for Brawlers, such as Brock, Dynamike, and Ricochet, hiding in the bushes at the edges of the map. I highly recommend doing this if you are below 200 trophies with your Brawler. However, after that amount, it is not worth much.

That being said, if you are seeking victory and do not want to only win a few trophies, you can look for hidden enemies by shooting at all the bushes you pass. By doing this you can find some strong foe and escape from an ambush or also find a weak enemy and kill him to gain elixir.


6) Always Try to Be with Your Super Charged

Before attacking an enemy with all your damage, just try to harass him and charge your super. That way, when you’re really fighting with him, you’ll have your most important skill, giving you a much better chance of killing him.



Learning all of this strategies will help you to significantly increase your ability in Showdown and gain more trophies. I personally have more than 140 wins in Showdown by following the instructions in this guide, but I still focus and correct my mistakes after every match!

If you have another good tip/strategy, let me know in the comments.

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