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7 Hidden Secrets To Help You Win - Feat. Brawl Star Rey - Brawl Stars Blog

Even if you’ve played Brawl Stars since its inception around a year ago, you might not know everything there is to know about the game. Today, with the help of Brawl Stars Rey, we’ll be delving into several secrets within the game, allowing you to gain a leg up on even the most experienced of opponents.Rey’s channel is a great source for Brawl Stars tips and tricks, and it is sure to provide plenty of fun and laughter as well. With daily uploads and streams, he is one of the top YouTubers on the scene. If you’d like to view his video on the following mechanics, it is embedded below. If you prefer to watch it on YouTube, here it is. Enjoy!

Shelly – Super Stacking

The first Brawl Stars secret comes with none other than the first brawler you unlock in the game. While Shelly may be the most simple brawler in the game, her attack can be lethal if used correctly, and her super, despite being nearly identical to her regular attack, can wreak havoc at close range.Once you have dealt enough damage to charge up your super, the rest is simple. Simply find an enemy with a lot of health such as a tank like El Primo or Bull. Once you’ve found your desired target, close in to a range where the majority of your shells will hit. Tap four times, alternating between your super and your normal attack. If done correctly, you should be able to get off two supers and two normal attacks, dealing enough damage to kill almost any opposition.The mechanic behind this is simple. As your super recharges with the damage that you deal, it can actually self-recharge. When you fire your first super, your second super should already be around 75% recharged, meaning that you need only one more normal attack to fill the bar completely. Thanks to the stun that Shelly gains from her Star Power and auto-aim’s almost flawless accuracy, your opponents are practically defenseless to this secret trick.In fact, this chain reaction is even more useful in Boss Fight, where the opposition has enough health for it to work even more than twice. As long as your opponent doesn’t react or kill you, this combo is self-sustaining. This infinite potential makes it one of the most powerful secrets in the game.

Bo – Straight Shot… Or Not

While Bo’s spread out attack can be useful in team situations such as Gem Grab or Heist, there are times that you will want to aim at one specific target. To do this, simply move to the left as you are firing your arrows. This will allow your arrows to fly in a straighter path, concentrating your aim at one target rather than multiple opponents.If you’d like to spread your shots out more, simply do the opposite. Strafing to the right will cause your arrows to diverge even more during flight, something that can be particularly useful in 3v3 situations if you want to cover more ground with your crowd control.

Dynamike – Blow Yourself Sky High (Star Power Required)

dynamike secret flying
With his star power, Dynamike can propel himself up into the air, allowing him to fly away from his opponents.

Dynamike is certainly not meant for close-range combat. If a Shelly or Bull approach you from a small distance, chances are you won’t be able to react quickly enough to prevent your demise. With the introduction of Dynamike’s Star Power, his movement has an unexpected twist, or should we say flight?By throwing your dynamite on the floor below you, you can actually propel yourself upward, allowing you to “fly” away from enemies and damaging anyone within your attack’s radius. If timed correctly, you can throw two attacks – one directly below you and one in the area where you will land, creating a sort of double jump reminiscent of Super Smash Bros.This trick is difficult to master, but if done properly, it can provide you with a quick escape from a nearby opponent.

Ricochet – Shoot Far, Bounce Farther

Ricochet may have gotten a range nerf following the update to landscape, but with it came a hidden mechanic that can prove to be very useful, particularly if you’re playing in a map with two perpendicular walls. When Ricochet’s shot bounces off a wall or another obstacle, it actually gets a slight boost in distance.By aiming towards a nearby wall, you can actually shoot farther than if you were able to aim directly at your opponent. This extended range is especially useful when your opponent is stuck in between two walls, allowing you to shoot at one of the walls and deal almost guaranteed damage.

Darryl – Perpetual Motion

Ok, this trick may not allow Darryl to bounce forever, but it can definitely wreak havoc if done correctly. Darryl shares the same unique mechanic that Ricochet has on his shots, meaning he can travel farther when ricocheting off walls. When Darryl activates his super, he turns into a sort of roly-poly, bouncing all over the place as he tries to eliminate his opponents. This “ricochet” effect actually allows his super to last longer, giving him a higher potential damage output.To utilize Darryl’s super most effectively, try to lure your opponent in between two parallel walls. Once you have successfully done so, aim your super at an angle such that you will bounce back and forth between the two walls. Since Darryl’s super comes with a slight stun, your opponent will only be able to watch as you fling from wall to wall and deal irreparable damage.

Mortis – The Graveyard Messi

Messi might have been knocked out of the World Cup, but Mortis can offer you a glimpse of what it’s like to dribble like Messi. With his dash attack, he is one of the strongest brawlers in Brawl Ball. With incredible speed, Mortis can rush ahead of the defense and dribble like no other brawler. There are two ways to maximize this speed.

mortis secret brawl ball
Mortis’ attack allows him to dribble up the pitch with frightening speed.

The Beginner MethodThis method requires considerably less skill than the advanced method. Simply aim the ball in the direction that you wish to go. Quickly after, flick your normal attack in the same direction. After two dashes, you should have caught up with the ball and hopefully gotten past the defense.The Advanced MethodWhile the beginner method can still give you a considerable advantage, its one drawback is that you have to wait for Mortis’ attack to reload before you continue dribbling. If you wish to circumvent this fact, there is a way to reach the ball in just one attack. If you are able to flick twice quickly enough (once to shoot the ball and once to dash forward), you can reach the ball immediately, allowing you to continue with this trick and dribble all the way down the field.The advanced method is difficult to master, so practicing with bots can be especially useful if you want to get the motion down.

El Primo – Shooting Through Walls

The final hidden mechanic comes with the luchador himself. While Primo can’t actually shoot through walls, he can avoid dribbling around the main wall, destroying it with his super instead. In order to perform this trick, you must first recharge your super. Once you have done so, aim your shot at an obstacle in the vicinity of your opponent’s goal. Using your super, leap on top of the intended obstacle, destroying it and grabbing the ball in the process.Since your opponents will feel safe knowing that there is a wall blocking your path to the goal, it is very likely they won’t guard the goal while you perform the trick. This will allow you to tap the ball into an empty net. This can be done with any obstacle in Brawl Ball, and it can force your opponents to adopt a more defensive mentality, knowing that barriers are not necessarily always going to be there to block your shot.

These tips are sure to help you out in your brawling adventures, and they can catch even the most veteran players off guard. If you’d like to see more secret mechanics like these, Rey has released a second video detailing even more of these well-hidden tricks. We hope you enjoyed, and make sure to check out Rey’s channel for more tips, tricks, and a lot of fun. If you have yet to download Brawl Stars, you can do so through the following links: Android & iOS. There are plenty of other guides available on our site for you to read and improve your gameplay, so make sure to check those out as well for plenty more tricks. As always, keep on brawling!

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