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The highly anticipated Brawl Talk was finally released a few hours ago. It was the shortest Brawl Talk yet, only about 9 minutes long. In this post, we’ll talk about the Brawl Talk. So buckle up and get ready!

You can check the Brawl Talk here:

The Million Dollar Question: Is Brawl Stars Ready To Go Global?

No, not yet. Ryan shattered the dreams of all players waiting for a global release as always. The Brawl Stars team wants to focus on building a pipeline right now. They want to improve the core gameplay and release Brawlers and new game modes regularly when the game goes global. Honestly, I agree with them here. Brawl Stars doesn’t need new Brawlers or game modes before going global. It needs more quality of life features like Band Mail, map preview, etc., and fixes to issues like teaming. This small update will come with some exciting QoL features.

New Brawlers and Game Modes

We all wanted new Brawlers and game modes but unfortunately, no new Brawler or game mode will be released in this update. As I’ve mentioned before, the dev team wants to focus on the core gameplay and build a pipeline so they can pump out new content very often after going global.


No, replays are not coming with this update. But Ryan said that replays will be out by the next update (after this one). The reason it’s taking so long to add them is the number of players. In other SC games like CoC, the game records the coordinates where you deploy your troops and the time. When you replay, the AI redos the match itself. In Brawl Stars, there are at least 6 players in every Brawl each with different coordinate axes, moving in different directions and using Supers throughout the Brawl. They’re still trying to figure out how to record all that data and how to store. Ryan has also revealed that players would be able to save the replays directly to their phones. No more waiting for what seems like an eternity to record your replays!

Gameplay Improvements

Ryan teased a few features which may come up with this update. They will make the gameplay more exciting and hopefully reduce teaming in Showdown! He said they’re working on similar features for all game modes but specifically talked about the following two:

Meteor Shower (Showdown)

In Showdown, if people are bunching up without attacking each other, then meteors will start falling from the sky, attacking them! This will definitely reduce teaming to some extent and make teams less dominating as teamers will have to stay away from each other. It’ll create more opportunities for people to backstab each other and thus reducing teaming.

I have got a concern with this though. This is a really great idea but I’m not sure if it’ll have a major impact on teaming. The meteor rain is triggered when a bunch of people get close to each other without attacking. But the teamers can attack each other once every while to keep the meteors from falling. Clearly, it will reduce teaming as people might get confused when they’re being attacked by their teammate and think they’re betraying them. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how effective it is after it’s released.

It is confirmed that Meteor Shower will be coming up with this update.

Circle of Enlightenment

Another feature they are testing is the Circle of Enlightenment. Basically, there will be a green circle that will spawn an elixir bottle. This won’t be your average elixir bottle though. This elixir bottle will give you very strong abilities like a 100% damage buff, 50% speed buff, etc. Everyone would be racing to the circle as anyone with special elixir will be able to destroy others fairly easily, thus reducing teaming!


Note: The names Meteor Shower and Circle of Enlightenment are not confirmed by Supercell. They’re made up by me.


New Skin

A new skin will be released in the upcoming update. It won’t be as fancy as Phoenix Crow. Who will get a new skin is a secret though. Personally, I’d like Mortis or Piper to get a new skin.

Supercell ID

It was confirmed in an Instagram QnA a couple weeks ago that Supercell ID will come with the September update. This is definitely big news for all the Android players out there.

New Character Models

In the Instagram QnA, dev team revealed new character models for Colt, El Primo (T-posing) and Mortis. They look pretty cool and hopefully, we’ll get some of them in this update.

New Character Models
New Character Models

Balance Changes

We’ll get new Balance Changes with the update. Hopefully, these new changes aren’t as bad as the last ones. I’d like to see nerfs to Frank, Spike, Brock, and Tara (Super) and buffs to Crow, El Primo, and Darryl (to make him viable in modes other than Heist). 

That’s everything about this Brawl Talk. We’ll probably get more QoL features like Band Mail but they aren’t confirmed yet. Hopefully, the new update is released soon. Happy Brawling everyone!


Written by Frosty. 

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