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Where Does Ricochet Stand in the Meta? - Brawl Stars Blog

Today, we’ll examine a question that is often asked in the Brawl Stars community — “Is Ricochet good or bad?”. Opinions vary massively on whether the robot is an insanely overpowered version of Colt or whether he’s right down there with Brock. Let’s take a look at Rico and examine the case in more detail.


How Ricochet is Perceived

Brawl Stars is still in its beta phase. Many people, yours truly included, are hopeful it can make it out of this stage and release globally. With the game still being in beta, though, it has no competitive scene. No one can see what the best players in the world are doing to become so good.

All we have is Reddit, an amazing blog, and most importantly, our own personal experiences to gauge how good a brawler is. Many people, regardless of trophy range, have come to a consensus on which brawlers are good, average, and Brock. The one brawler that is the exception, not the rule is, you guessed it, Ricochet.

He’s all over the place. On blogs and Reddit, where tier lists of brawlers are found, he can be second to last or the second best. Comments on these posts are always in discussion as to where he stands. YouTubers, most of them anyways, are good with just about every brawler. Maybe it’s because they’re skilled, maybe it’s because they spent eighty dollars to put fifteen elixir into them. As for me, well, we’ll see just where my opinion lies on Ricochet.


ricochet brawl stars blog


Ricochet’s Play Style

It’s apparent that close ranged brawlers are the way to go. Shelly and Bull are dominant not only in Showdown, but in all the other game modes too. The longer the game is out, though, the more players will experiment with each brawler. The growing player base is also helping balance it out. However, there’s no doubt that ranged opponents are at a disadvantage. Albeit, a small one, but a disadvantage nonetheless. Ricochet is the epitome of a ranged brawler.

ricochet icon brawl stars blogYou might ask, “How can a brawler be an epitome of a play style?” On the surface, looking at the brawlers’ primary and how far it shoots seems to be all you need to know to tell if they are ranged or not. People often forget that Brawl Stars and many other similar arena shooters have many more aspects that need to be looked at to decide this. Bo, for all intents and purposes, is a ranged character. He can be more versatile than many other brawlers because of his abilities, though. His super is used for area denial, and his health proves he can tank if he needs to. Bo is not the epitome of a ranged hero.

Ricochet embodies everything a back line brawler should be. His bullets fire for twelve tiles and at a fast clip too. His super also fits his style perfectly, which is essentially his regular bullets on crack that act like Jessie’s primary. Not only does Ricochet have all the advantages of a ranged attacker, but he has the negatives too. Rico is the squishiest brawler in the game with only five hundred health. He absolutely cannot be close to his opponents. His mobility does not help out either. Mortis can dash circles around him the entire match. From the good to the bad, everything about Ricochet is ranged.


Is Ricochet Good?

Overwatch is a PvP arena shooter in which each hero has different abilities and an ultimate which they build it up a few times over the course of a match. Sound familiar? Genji is one of the heroes within Overwatch. On the professional scene, depending on the meta, Genji is a high flying, flanking, cyborg ninja that can get kills with ease. At lower ranks, people receive a bombardment of hate if they choose to play him, and for good reason. This is because he is a high skill cap hero with a skill floor lower than the bottom of the ocean. Newer players are almost always awful Genji players while professionals are amazing with him. Ricochet is the same way.


genji overwatch


Don’t get me wrong, people just starting to play Ricochet can be great. Brawl Stars is not exactly as complicated as Overwatch. However, many lower trophy Ricochets are, to be frank, bad. His low health and mobility of a sloth lead to many brawlers getting up close and destroying him. Positioning is also significantly different with Ricochet than with most characters. Obviously, he needs to keep space from enemy brawlers while simultaneously moving away from flankers.

This can be extremely difficult when first starting to play him. Ricochet’s unique ability of bouncing shots off of walls can also go to waste if a player is not positioning themselves correctly. For the most part, this is a skill that comes with time, leading to inexperienced players failing to utilize him to his full potential. Rico’s primary and super, which are essentially the same, also take some skill to aim. All of these aspects further the process for a new player to become good with Rico.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion never ceases to let me down. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and thank God. If not, every Ricochet player would be terrible with him. That’s how that works, right? The point is that although new Ricochet players can be awful with the bar tending robot, skillful ones can terrifying. At high trophy levels, Rico’s can be top fragging, hitting bank shots, and making opponents rage quit. The more you progress, the better Ricochet seems to become.



The further you go into the Ricochet wormhole, the more it begins to make sense. People have many different opinions on him because they are all at different levels in experience. It seems difficult to define whether he’s good or not because his skill and difficulty are on two different spectra. They do not rise and fall together. So, is Ricochet good or not? I’ll answer that question with another question — “Are you good?”


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  • Pierce Wall
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    I feel like you are missing an important part of the meta. Piper. Piper can 1-shot Ricochet if he is at far range, and since Rico is a sniper, Piper can easily kill you with any 3 shots. That also adds to the fact that you need to be cery skulled to be dodgy as well as bouncing bullets where Piper can’t shoot you from. But even then, she can still destroy you, if she is a good player.

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