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Ricochet Guide - How to Use, Strengths, Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog

Welcome to the third edition in our Brawler Guide Series. Today, we will be exploring Ricochet, the robot whose bouncy bullets can cause trouble for any opponent. We will examine his statistics, strengths, and weaknesses, and then give you strategies on how to use him most effectively. Enjoy!


Description: “A former Pool Bot made obsolete by a newer model, Ricochet is banking on his amazing angle-calculation skills to become a great Brawler.”

An old school, blue robot wielding a miniature sniper with magnifying glasses — yes, that’s Ricochet. He’s a rare brawler with one of the most unique abilities in the game. He’s got incredible angle calculation skills and a devastating weapon to go with it.

Health: 500 HP

Attack: 80 damage per bullet. Shoots a total of five bullets.

Special Ability: 80 damage per bullet. Shoots a barrage of them.

Rarity: Rare




Ricochet always banks on the range of his sniper and his angle calculation skills. He can target an enemy from a really long distance from crazy angles. Enemies now cannot hide behind a wall or run all the way down their lane. Simply running away from Ricochet cannot help the opponents because they need to think and calculate angles for his bullets as crazy as the man himself. The recent maintenance update gave him an additional bullet, meaning he now shoots five bullets per attack. A single bullet from his sniper causes 80 damage which means he can easily deal 400 hit points damage in a single shot. Ricochet’s “ricochet” ability means that his attacks are quite difficult to predict and can easily trick opponents into thinking that they are safe.

Special Ability

Ricochet’s special ability has been recognized as one of the best in the game, and it offers a versatile attack opportunity. A barrage of bullets is sent out, somewhat similar to Colt’s special, only with the ricochet effect that Ricochet is known for. It’s quite difficult to dodge, and it can deliver frightening damage when used correctly.



Glass Cannon

While he may deal a lot of damage with his attack, his health is a bit concerning. Standing with just 500 hitpoints, Ricochet is extremely vulnerable when opponents can get in range of him. Practically any brawler will be able to eliminate the robot when they get near him due to his incredibly low health. This is a major problem when using low health brawlers like Dynamike and Ricochet, and this is why they are normally used in Heist or team modes rather than in Showdown.

Poor Attack

While Ricochet’s attack may be unpredictable, there is something it lacks — power. While Shelly’s attack is devastating and Dynamike’s can be explosive, Ricochet’s is pretty lackluster. Sure, it looks cool, but it simply doesn’t do enough damage to be viable in the Brawl Stars world. If Ricochet wishes to be a meta brawler, then his attack will have to receive a significant buff.




Ricochet is always a support troop. Combine him with meat shields like El Primo or Nita to get the best out of him. You can mess up your aim slightly and still hit the opponent. The robot’s attack means that a slight mistake that may mean a complete fail for another brawler can still end up being good for the robot.

Apart from the showdown mode, Ricochet can be used very effectively in other game modes like Gem Grab, Heist and bounty. The robot is a trump card for heist mode. Since losing lives doesn’t matter much in Heist, Ricochet’s incredible range means that he can focus on destroying the safe rather than worrying about dying to opponents.

An excellent strategy that I discovered in the past few days is cornering your opponents. When they are stuck against two walls, it’s incredibly difficult for them to evade your bouncing bullets. This is the optimal position to attack your opponent in.

Staying in the backline is always important for getting the maximum out of him. With two friendly brawlers up front, he can deal maximum damage. His range and angles calculation skill is another asset so staying in the back is always the safest and most effective option.

Never miss an opportunity to shoot at an opponent who is running through parallel walls in a map. Ricochet’s bullets can be easily deflected by the walls, giving the opponent who’s passing through the parallel walls zero room to dodge the attacks.



Do not hesitate to try Ricochet out simply because of his low hit points. He’s something more than that. His super ability, the trick shot, can mow down a wave of enemies with ease. His sniper with ridiculous angles will make it really tough for the opponent to move forward. Try him out behind units with higher hit points and blow the enemies away. While we did rank him last in our Brawler rankings, he still has his uses and he can be powerful if used correctly.


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