Howdy Brawlers! Today, we will be taking a look at one of the most requested features for Brawl Stars: Quests! So without further ado, let’s begin.


Quests are a way of awarding people for completing various tasks in the game. The Quests can be divided into two categories by their duration, Daily and Weekly Quests. These can further be categorized into General, Brawler and Band Quests. The Quests will help a player progress in the game more quickly in terms of Brawler upgrades. It’ll also allow the player to get more experience and tickets.

A new Quests button will be added next to the leaderboards button. The icon I’ve chosen is a lock.

Main Screen with Quests icon
Main Screen with Quests icon

Upon tapping the Quests button, you’ll be taken to a new screen. The Quests will be arranged towards the right of the screen, and options to switch between various different types of Quests will be on left.

Completing Daily Quests will reward with coins, tickets, and experience mainly. Some difficult-to-complete Quests will reward with Gems too. Rewards from completing Weekly Quests will be the same, but the amount will be 7 times. Gems will be awarded more often for completing Weekly Quests.

General Quests

General Quests
General Quests

These Quests are not related to any specific Brawler or involve anything related to Bands. Most of the Quests types mentioned below fall into the General category. General Quests can be completed by using any Brawler or even combination of Brawlers. Kill opponents [x] times Quests may be completed in any game mode. There are some game mode-specific Quests too. You can only get Quests of the game modes you’ve unlocked.

Brawler Quests

Brawler Quests
Brawler Quests

These Quests are for a specific Brawler. You can only complete the Quests of Brawlers you’ve unlocked. Completing all the Daily/Weekly Quests of a Brawler will give you some Power Points of that Brawler! Most of the General category Quests can work as Brawler Quests. You’ll have to complete them with a specific Brawler.

Band Quests

All the Band members contribute towards the Band Quests. Band Quests will have a combination of General and Brawler Quests. The number of times needed to complete a Quest will increase (x80 times). Only the bandmates contributing in completing a Quest will get rewards, and the reward a person gets will be proportional to their contribution.

Quest Types and Unlocking Them

You can see a lot of Quests in the pictures above. But getting all these Quests isn’t easy. You get a new Quest type added every time you reach a new major trophy milestone (at an interval of 500 trophies).

You’ll have the following 4 Quest types unlocked from the start:

  • Play [Game Mode – Gem Grab] [x] times
  • Win [Game Mode – Gem Grab] [x] times
  • Kill opponents [x] times
  • Earn [x] trophies

You can unlock the following Quests by reaching a new major trophy milestone:

  • Play with Friends [x] times | 500 trophies
  • Place [#] in Solo/Duo Showdown [x] times | 500 trophies
  • Brawler (category) Quests | 500 trophies
  • Kill [Brawler] [x] times | 1000 trophies
  • Finish Bounty/Gem Grab without dying | 1000 trophies
  • Win a [Game Mode] match without using your Super | 1500 trophies

I’m open to more Quests suggestions. Please comment them below if you have some ideas.

Completed Quests

By tapping the Completed Quests button, you’ll be shown all the Quests you’ve completed. It’ll look something like this:

Completed Quests
Completed Quests

When you complete a Quest, you can claim the rewards by tapping on the Quest on the right side of the listing (i.e., Claim Rewards). You will receive rewards immediately after claiming them. The Quest will be removed from the listing once to claim the rewards.

If you forget to claim the rewards of a completed Daily/Weekly Quest before the day/week ends, you’ll be able to find the Quest in Completed Quests section only. You can store up to 20 completed Quests at a time. The oldest Quest will disappear if you unlock the 21st Quest before claiming one of the old 20 Quests.


Thank you so much for reading this post and my idea! If you read all of it, I really appreciate it as it took some time to make all of this.

I didn’t think much about the rewards because they can be easily tweaked. My aim was to showcase a possible way to introduce Quests into the game. I believe that these Quests will help the game in the following ways:

  • Increase the number of ways to obtain resources
  • More band involvement
  • Encourage players to use all Brawlers
  • More reasons to push trophies
  • Reasons to play the game every day
  • More fun added to the game

Again, thank you for reading this. I hope you like this idea. I’d really appreciate if you share this idea with your friends and leave some comments below. Till next time, happy brawling!

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    NICE. You guys should add that into the game. I agree with more band involvement. You should do more band stuff in the future. 🙂

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