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Poco Guide - How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog

Poco is a very well-rounded brawler who can deal damage to several opponents at once and heal his own teammates using his super ability. He’s a great team player and is always an annoyance to the enemy team. This guide will discuss his pros and cons and also show you the most effective ways to use him.


poco stats



Description: “After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back.”

Health: 800

Damage: 170/attack

Super:  Poco plays an “encore” that does no damage but heals himself and any teammate within the range of the shot by regenerating 400 hp.

Rarity: Rare



Range of Attack: 

Although Poco’s range is not particularly long (especially after its nerf in the last maintenance update), it’s width is what’s scary. This allows Poco to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. You can take advantage of this by shooting a mass group of enemies from behind, letting you deal damage to any opponent who steps forward. Poco’s wide-range also makes it very difficult to miss your shots, giving you an advantage over longer-range shooters who have to be much more precise when aiming.


Poco’s encore is a great ability. By healing himself and any other teammates within the effect of his special, he can prolong fights, save lives, and even win games. The Encore will also provide great help in one-on-one interactions by giving you that extra bit of fuel needed to defeat the opponent. This can be very useful in team events, but it’s effectiveness is considerably reduced when playing Showdown.




1-on-1 Interactions: 

Poco may be a great team player, but his individual skills aren’t too great. His best features are practically useless in a brawler-on-brawler situation. With the skeleton’s average health and damage, most brawlers can easily defeat him when facing off individually.

The solution to this would be staying behind your teammates and using them as tanks. This would allow you to shoot enemies while maintaining good health.



The Shoot n’ Scoot:

Given Poco’s mediocre health and damage, it would be ineffective to run down the map completely on your own. This is why it is important to hide behind structures or teammates directly after firing a shot. While you are shooting from behind, your teammates should be attacking the opponent while providing a shield. This strategy is perfect for the Mexican because he can constantly do damage on the enemy while healing his own teammates. Poco’s wide range allows you to weaken several opponents at once while your teammates finish them off.

Smash & Grab: 

Smash & Grab is arguably the best game mode for Poco if played right. The best way to play this game mode with Poco is to push your enemies into their half of the map. This strategy works great with Poco because it allows you to collect a lot of gems while staying alive. Normally, the tanks in front of you will collect more gems than the support troops because of their distance to the gem spawner, but with this strategy, the support troops will be able to pick up more gems. While tanks may have more health, they are also more prone to dying as they are always on the front of the battle lines; this meas that your gems will end up in safer hands.

Team up With Tanks:

Poco is best when teamed with tanks because his health alone is not good enough to soak up damage for his team. It is important for him to stay alive as long as possible so that he can constantly weaken the opponents’ health. The best teammates for the skeleton are El Primo, Bull, Nita, or Mortis.

While your teammates stay up front, you can provide them with a steady support game and heal them whenever they are getting low. Poco’s support abilities behind a tank are probably the best in the game, and this is where he thrives.


poco icon



Poco is a great teammate who can provide great support to tanky teammates while healing them up as well. He can deal damage to multiple enemies at once which allows your teammates to finish off weakened opponents. Although Poco is not the best in Showdown, he can thrive in Smash & Grab and Bounty. I suggest that you use Poco to exploit his full potential.

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