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Pam Guide - Strategies, Strengths & Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog

One of latest additions to the game, Pam is a solid candidate for most game modes. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to get her, I hope you enjoy this guide!

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Description: “Pam is an iron-willed lady who keeps the extended Junker family in order.”

Type: Ranged

Health: 1000

Speed: 2.5 Tiles Per Second

Range: 8 Tiles

Skins: None

Rarity: Epic

Primary Attack: Pam has a straightforward way of dealing with scrap metal: suck it up and blast it at the bad guys!

Super: Sometimes you can get dinged up while brawling. Pam can kiss it all better with the help of her healing turret!



  • Excels in coordinated team battles
  • Absolute beast in Gem Grab
  • Great utility brawler
  • Easy to charge Super
  • Lots of health



  • Can’t heal minions (Nita’s bear, Jessie’s turret, Pam’s healing station)
  • Weak in a 1v1 situation
  • Weak to Brock and Barley’s Supers
  • Low damage


Upgrade Priorities

  1. Super – What makes her such a beast is her healing station. Upgrading this should be your number 1 priority due to its effectiveness in keeping your teammates alive and your opponents away.
  2. Health – Getting more health will make Pam an even bigger tank, allowing her to sustain more hits and send your enemies into hiding.
  3. Attack – Pam has a very low base attack, and upgrading this won’t do much. Her main role isn’t to dish out damage, but rather to stay alive, charge her super, and place it in zone control areas.





While Pam may not be the best option in Showdown, she certainly isn’t the worst. Due to her high health, Pam can survive longer, hiding in bushes and staying away from enemies. In a 1v1 situation, Pam doesn’t do great with only 40 damage per bullet and such a wide attack range.

Gem Grab

This is the best game mode by far for Pam because of her great synergy with a well-coordinated team. She is great at area denial and can help keep control of the center. When low on health, you can always retreat and place a healing station to support yourself and your teammates. When placing Pam’s healing station, make sure it is in a zone control area, thus denying your opponents space and healing your friends at the same time. This is incredibly useful and such a nuisance to the other team, especially if you place Pam’s Super behind a wall and near the gem mine.


Pam is also a solid candidate in most Bounty maps. Dropping her healing station in key areas of the map can ensure that your teammates will almost never die. Even if the opposing team destroys the station, Pam’s widespread attack makes it easy to recharge the Super and place another one. This is tremendously useful towards the end of the battle, when the enemies begin to get desperate and spam attacks at you. Retreating to the safety of the station, your team can survive while continuing to kill your enemies.


In this game mode, Pam is only good on defense. Due to her low damage and wide attack, she makes for a terrible option on offense. However, when it comes to defending the safe, Pam is decent. She can block off the center lane in most maps with her wide range, and quickly charge her Super. When the Super is ready, you can place is near the center of the map and push your opponents back. This would mean that you aren’t fighting next to the safe, but rather in the center, denying your opponents opportunities to damage the safe.


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Brawl Ball

Pam isn’t very useful in this game mode, even though she is a tank. Brawlers in Brawl Ball need to be able to dish out a lot of damage to keep pushing the opponents back to their goal. Her healing station also isn’t too useful due to the fact that everyone is constantly moving around and the station use will decrease when you are on the opposite side of the map. Additionally, once someone scores a goal, the healing station disappears, rendering it useless.


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Ultimately, Pam is one of the best support units in the game. She excels in a well-coordinated team but suffers in 1v1 situations. The placement of her healing station is crucial, as it could easily turn the tides of the match. At times, she can be such a nuisance due to her area denial and large health, but she can also be countered when there are obstacles between her and another Brawler.

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