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Nita Guide - How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog

Nita and her spirit animal Big Baby Bear are a well rounded duo, making this shaman a powerful brawler in any game mode. In this guide, we will go over the pros and cons of Nita, describe how to overcome her weaknesses, and discuss strategies for all four game modes.



Description: “Nita Littlefoot is the latest in a long line of Tribal shamans. Her spirit animal is the Big Baby Bear.”

Health: 800

Damage: 160/attack

Super: Spawns a bear with 1000 HP that deals 100 damage.



Big Baby Bear: Nita’s Pocket-Primo: Coming in with average health, Nita can survive more hits than long range brawlers. Additionally, Nita’s bear provides her with a shield, allowing her to secure objectives and take out several enemies without worrying about dying. With the recent buff (or nerf for some) eliminating the bear’s natural health decrease with a loss of healthpoints to balance it out, her special weapon becomes even more powerful in my opinion.

Splash Damage: Nita’s attack may appear to be subpar compared to other brawlers, however she can quickly deal enough damage to activate her super, providing her with cover to do more damage. While her range isn’t the best, her attack damages any enemy in her reach unlike other brawlers that can only hit a single target. Her average damage helps to soften groups of enemies, allowing teammates to finish them off with ease.
Important Note: Unlike Shelly’s shotgun which has a dropoff in damage at further distances, Nita’s rupture deals a constant amount, outmatching shotguns at a medium range.

Extra Teammate: Nita’s super allows her to spawn a giant bear that will attack the nearest enemy. Starting at 1000 HP and 100 damage per hit, Big Bear Bear functions as a fourth teammate in 3v3 modes, keeping the enemy on their toes. The bear serves as a great meat shield but can also pack a punch, taking out any unexpecting player. In fact, a well placed bear will accumulate enough damage for another super by itself!



Weaknesses (And How to Work Around Them)

Vulnerable to Range: Despite her decent health and meat shield, Nita is still vulnerable to high damage brawlers, especially ranged ones such as Colt or Brock. If played strategically by taking out ranged brawlers from behind, her average health will not be too big of an issue.

Small Range: Nita’s range is smaller than most brawlers, making it difficult to kill enemies that deal a lot of damage. Also, Splash damage brawlers such as Barley can be troublesome if Nita is not able to sneak up and take them out since their projectiles travel further than Nita can reach. And of course, if a healthy El Primo gets in range of Nita, she will almost always die. One way around Nita’s small range is to deal chip damage in which she uses her three attacks, retreats to regenerate health, then repeats. Her reload time is not too bad, enabling her to kill most players by themselves if patient. Of course, her bear helps to do so. At the very least, Nita can distract enemies long enough for her team to secure an objective.

Lack of Bear Stacking: Only one bear can be on the playing field at any given time. This means that if Nita’s bear is still at full health when another is spawned, the previous one will despawn. While this may seem annoying as a Nita user, keep in mind that having more than one bear would be extremely overwhelming and overpowered. If another super is available while the current bear is still healthy, placing a new one can still be beneficial to throw off the enemy with the new location.


El Primo stats
El Primo serves as a great tank for Nita to support.



Gem Grab

In the beginning of the match, move to either the left or right side of the map and chip away hit points from the enemy. Nita’s splash damage will provide support for teammates who run up the center and will most likely deal enough damage to kill a couple enemies and spawn a bear. Don’t worry about dying in the beginning of the match (of course not dying is better); Nita’s primary goal at the start is to get her first bear up which will cause a chain reaction setting her up for more bears later in the game.

Once the first bear is down, your team will have good lane control. That is, the best can distract enemies in the center allowing your team to flank from either side, causing the enemy to lose control of the center. Once the bear is up, play aggressively to push back the enemy with Big Baby Bear as cover. Take advantage of low hit point enemies to pick off and save for your next super. A constant flow of bears will be crucial to securing the crystal mine.

Once your team has enough crystals, avoid retreating back to spawn as long as possible. While you should play more conservative than before, keep control of the map to prevent from being cornered by an El Primo. Staying near your bear will buy you enough time to escape from the enemy if needed.

Good teammates to have are a tank (El Primo or Bull) who can effectively serve as a second bear ensuring your safety, a ranged brawler such as Colt to soften enemies for you and provide cover fire allowing you to stay alive, Shelly who will help you with crowd control, or another support brawler such as Jessie. With Nita’s bear and Jessie’s turrets, enemies will have a hard time taking over the crystal mine. Nita is such a well rounded brawler that she works well with just about any team combination. The only thing to look out for is an enemy Mortis!


Offense: In Heist, many players choose Dynamike or Barley to throw splash damage over walls onto the mine. While this strategy is highly effective, those brawlers have low health. Therefore, Nita makes a good teammate to kill enemies while teammates go for the safe. As soon as you get a bear, spawn it on the safe to do massive damage and provide cover for your teammates. A well coordinated push with Big Baby Bear on the safe will often result in a victory.

Defense: Just like with any brawler, defense on Heist should be played aggressively. Keeping a bear up at all times will help by killing squishy brawlers, allowing your team to focus on tanks that can use brute force to wreck havoc on the safe.


Similar to Gem Grab, Nita should try to utilize her splash attack to weaken the enemy team early, allowing teammates to easily pick off their targets. Near the beginning when most players will rush the center, placing a bear can be deadly by revealing the positions of hidden enemies in the grass and causing the enemy team to panic. Once your bear is down, picking off enemies will be easier, in turn granting your team control of the center.

In Bounty, the stars above player heads are important. Big Baby Bear will often kill enemies, racking up stars for you. Because of this, you need to play cautiously. On the other hand, if you see an enemy with a large amount of stars, throw your bear over a wall to take them out while keeping yourself safe.


Nita’s Rupture attack is able to open two boxes at a time, making it easy to attain energy in the beginning. After getting a few energy, hide in a bush while a few opponents are picked off, ensuring a wild, Mexican superhuman doesn’t result in a major loss of trophies.

Next, chip away some damage on your opponents, using the labyrinth style walls to keep you safe. Already damaged players are common occurrences that can help you out. As soon as possible, get your bear out and stay by its side. Anyone looking to take you out will — bear with me — need to bear the wrath of your bear’s bare claws.


nita icon



Don’t let Nita’s size trick you. Her attack may not be the strongest, however her bear’s is one to look out for. If you are looking for a well rounded brawler that is a lot of fun to play, give Nita a shot.


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