The youngest of the Junkers. He prefers eating candies to building stuff, so it’s his sister’s job to craft the machines of his dreams.


Stats and Upgrades

Health: 2400 – 3360

Damage per hit: 900 – 1260

Attack Range: 8.3

Super’s damage per hit: 700 – 980

Super’s Health: 3400 – 4760

Speed: 720

Reload Time: 2 seconds

Hits to Reload Super: 7 main attack hits or 9 super attack hits

Rarity: Mythic

Skins: Default, Senjutsu Sage Mode, —

  • Each Upgrade increases his health by 120, damage per hit by 45 and Super’s damage per hit by 35

Main Attack: Chewing Bomb

“Todd slingshots a sticky bomb, which explodes after 3 seconds or when the brawler it’s attached to attacks. 3 bombs can be stacked per brawler.”

Todd throws a bomb on an enemy brawler, which sticks on it. The bombs do not deal damage immediately; it explodes automatically after 3 seconds or when the brawler it has stuck to attacks. Up to 3 bombs can be stacked on one enemy brawler, and if one bomb explodes, the others will blow up with it as well — for a total of 2700 damage at level 1). Bombs also have a small AoE range, kind of like Bo’s rocket. 

Super: Hopper

“Todd enters his sister’s masterpiece. Instead of moving, he’ll get a new attack that let him jump over walls. He also gets armor that, when dropped to zero, detonates Hopper and brings Todd back.”

Todd basically gains Primo’s health (2400 base health with an armor boost of 3400 at level 1.) but loses the ability to move. Instead, he gains a new main attack that acts like Primo’s super, although much faster, much weaker, and with no possibility of destroying walls. It has a range of 3.5 tiles and a reload speed of 2.0 seconds. The armor appears in grey instead of normal life’s green and cannot be recovered, though it can be healed by Poco or Pam. When the armor gets to zero, Hopper explodes, dealing the damage of a jump as well as knocking back opponents and destroying walls. 

Star Power: Off The Grass!

“Todd’s Chewing Bombs can now stick to the ground and act like mines, though they still explode after 3 seconds.”

Bombs can stick on the ground if they do not touch an enemy brawler or if they hit a wall. When this arrives, the bombs work like Bo’s mine except that they keep the chewing bombs’ stats and they cannot destroy walls and they have no knockback effect. They are visible and automatically explodes after 3 seconds.

Thanks for reading! We hope you like it.

Written by Gravity Monkey.
 Assisted by Goose. Edited by Natriks. Artwork by Gravity Monkey. 

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  • eliud2003
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    yo soy latino, por lo que no hablo casi el ingles. para mi este brawler seria una bomba y estaria super genial si algun dia llega al jugo
    solo que es demasiado fuerte y tiene muchas habilidades, por que su calidad deberia ser epica, porque hacen falta.
    PdT: si me dan un legendario recomendare todos los juegos de supercell. :):)

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