Howdy Brawlers! It’s time for a new Brawler concept for Braw Stars. Introducing Kailana!

Brawler Introductions - Kailana

“Kailana is the youngest of the guardians of the ancient water temple and the next in line to become the water priestess, she wanted to prove herself worthy and escaped the temple to explore the world of Brawl and test her skills.”

Main Attack: Tide Of The Sea

“Kailana uses her power to summon a big wave from the ground.”

Kailana will create a slow-moving wave, this wave will be slightly longer than Nita’s main attack, it is 3 tiles wide and 2 tiles long and hits enemies behind walls. 

Super: Wrath Of The Sea

“Kailana unleashes all of her power into a gigantic wave that can drag enemies.”


Kailana will create a giant wave that will drag opponents and deal damage over time. Enemies can still attack while they are being dragged by her Super. 

Star Power: Oceans Grace

“Kailana’s gigantic wave will now heal her allies thanks to the goddess of the sea’s blessings.”

Kailana’s Super will now heal her and her teammates for 900HP. It will only heal once like Poco’s super, and she and her allies need to be inside Super for heal. 

Stats and Upgrades

  • Health: 2800 – 3920
  • Damage per hit: 740 – 1036
  • Attack Range: 6.8 Tiles
  • Super’s damage per hit: 180 – 252 (every 0.5 seconds every 3 seconds)
  • Super’s Range: 8 Tiles
  • Speed: 720 (normal speed)
  • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
  • Hits to Reload Super: Main hits – 9 (11.11% per attack), Super hits – 7 (16.66% per attack)
  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Skins: Default, —, —

Each Upgrade increases her health by 140, damage per hit by 37 and Super’s damage per hit by 9

What do you think about Kailana? Do you think she will be a great addition to Brawl Stars? Let us know in the comments below. If you’d like to read our other Brawler concepts, click here.

Written by Yellow. Edited by Natriks. Artwork by FreeFGP. 


  • eliud2003
    Posted 0Likes

    kailana seria una de los mejores personajes del juego, es mi favorita y es importante que la gente quiera tener mas brawlers, asi que si sale en el juego, este tendra mucho mas jugadores pues sera mucho mas divertido

  • Caleb
    Posted 0Likes

    Tbh she would an amazing player in the game.

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