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Welcome to our latest post. We’ll be taking a look at the new update Sneak Peeks! A lot of exciting stuff is coming up in this update, so let’s get started!

Update Summary
Update Summary

15 New Maps

Yes, you heard it right. We’re getting 15 new maps! Here’s a list of all the maps:

Here’s also a dropbox folder with all the maps! Huge thanks to Lex for posting all these maps on his discord server.

Event Modifiers

This is the best and most exciting feature coming with this update. Event Modifiers are special elements which will spice up the gameplay in all Ranked game modes! Let’s take a look at them one by one:


In Showdown, if people are bunching up without attacking each other, then meteorites will start falling from the sky, attacking them! Each meteorite will deal 2000 damage regardless of your health! This will definitely reduce teaming to some extent and make teams less dominating as teamers will have to stay away from each other. It’ll create more opportunities for people to backstab each other and thus reducing teaming.

I have got a concern with this though. This is a really great idea but I’m not sure if it’ll have a major impact on teaming. The meteor rain is triggered when a bunch of people get close to each other without attacking. But the teamers can attack each other once every while to keep the meteors from falling. Clearly, it will reduce teaming as people might get confused when they’re being attacked by their teammate and think they’re betraying them. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how effective it is after it’s released.


In Supercharged, potions of concentrated elixir will spawn at different points on the map. This super potion will increase your damage by 100% and speed by 50% for 10 seconds. The effect of two potions don’t stack, so if you pick up another potion before your runs out of time, then it’ll refresh that duration and you’ll be supercharged for another 10 seconds. The super potions give a huge boost so you’d like to get it as soon as you can and avoid others with the potion.

The power-ups from supply crates in Showdown are now known as Power Cubes and they look cooler now!


This modifier will reduce teaming to the greatest extent as in this modified game, all the players will lose health continuously. Attacking an enemy Brawler will restore health equal to  50% of the damage you deal and when you kill an enemy Brawler, a red soul will drop which will restore your health to full. Getting Power Cubes reduces the health decay so they’ll help you a lot in surviving in Vampires. The health decay won’t reveal your position to enemy Brawlers when you’re hiding in bushes.

Boss Spawn

A Robo Boss is spawned in a highly contested area which starts attacking the nearest target. In Showdown, these bosses will spawn every 37 seconds if you manage to kill him before. If 37 seconds elapse before the boss dies, then the boss will not be spawned.

In the 4th slot, you’ll be able to play any game mode with an active modifier, with the exception of Showdown and Special Events.

New Mortis Model and Skin

Mortis got a brand new model and skin! The skin (Rockabilly Mortis) looks really cool!

Mortis New Skin
Mortis New Skin
New Mortis Model
New Mortis Model

Event Rotation Change

That’s right, the event rotation will be changed again and this time for the better!


  • 1st Slot —> Gem Grab (no change)
  • 2nd Slot —> Solo/Duo Showdown with Modifiers
  • 3rd Slot —> Heist, Brawl Ball, and Bounty
  • 4th Slot —> All game modes with Modifiers except Showdown | Special Events every weekend



Balance Changes


  • Penny – Increase attack projectile by 50%
  • Pam – Increase damage from 240 to 260
  • Robot – Enrage after 90 seconds alive ~ RIP Mortis exploit


  • Frank – Decreased attack range from 6.33 tiles to 6 tiles and Super range from 7.33 tiles to 7 tiles
  • Tara – Damage reduced from 400 to 380

QoL Changes

Battle Log

We are one step closer to getting replays! The new Battle Log will list your recent matches in the following manner:

Battle Log
Battle Log

You’ll probably be able to check out your teammates’/opponents’ profile by tapping on their Brawler icons. The replay button is disabled for now but hopefully, it’ll be ready by the next update!

Economy Change

Watching an ad will give 50% bonus for all the items (Coins, Powerpoints) you get in a Brawl Box! You’ll also be able to get a free Brawl Box from the Shop every day by watching an ad.

Jessie’s Turret

Jessie’s Dragon Knight turret will have a cool fire animation when shooting! Pretty cool, right?

Auto Spectate and Friends List Change

Auto Spectate will automatically change the screen to wherever the most action is happening! Bandmates will now be included in the online friends list. These two changes will make the everyday Brawl experience much smoother!

That’s everything coming in this update, Brawlers! Stay tuned for more exciting news about Brawl Stars!



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