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Bounty Guide - Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Better Bounty Player - Brawl Stars Blog



Hunt the other team for stars. More stars on heads means bigger bounties. The team with the most stars wins!


About Bounty:

Bounty is a 3v3 game mode similar to Gem Grab. Hunt the other team to receive stars for your team. Each brawler starts with one star on their head and there is one star in the middle to pick up. As you kill your opponents you become worth a bigger bounty and have more stars on your head. Watch out when your worth a big bounty everyone will be after you! Which ever team has the most stars when the two and a half minute timer runs out wins!


Best Brawlers:

El Primo:

El Primo is a great brawler to use for Bounty because of his tankiness. You can take El Primo into the line of fire to take out a Poco with a five star bounty to put your team in the lead in the final seconds. Use El Primo to help tank for a friendly brawler with a five star bounty in a tight game with ten seconds remaining.


Poco is another great brawler for Bounty. Poco is the only brawler in Brawl Stars at the time that can heal his teammates while attacking! Poco is great to use to help protect your teammates with his super and heal them up with seconds left. Pocos huge range makes it almost impossible to miss your opponent.


Nita and her pet bear are a great pair to have on the battlefield during Bounty. Once charged up Nita’s super spawns a bear that chases the closest opponent and attacks them. Nitas bear creates an unfair advantage of 4v3 that the other team has to worry about until they take out her bear. Nita’s regular attack also deals decent damage being able to take out most brawlers in 3-5 hits.


Jessie is an amazing brawler to use during Bounty. Jessie’s super also like Nita’s spawns a helper. Jessie’s helped isn’t a bear it’s a turret. This turret shoots at the closest enemy in its rage shaving down your opponents health. Hide it in the grass for the ultimate surprise! Jessie’s turret can create chaos as you have a fourth thing that can deal damage to you. Destroy Jessie’s turret before it does too much damage!


I hope this quick guide on Bounty helps you succeed in this mode. If you have any questions and see this on Reddit comment below and I’ll answer you ASAP. If you are seeing this on our website and have questions Tweet me {@_caleb07_}. Also, if you’d like to see more of these kinds of articles, make sure to subscribe to the site so you never miss a thing!

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