Hello Brawlers! The Supercell staff has been working overtime during this beta to ensure a balanced game, and boy have they delivered. On the July 3rd update, they improved high-level showdown matchmaking, buffed Brock’s reload speed by 8 percent, releasing Piper, and much more. It has become abundantly clear that Supercell has one goal in mind: To make this an unbelievably amazing game.

This tier list took me a while to do, as several brawlers seemed to be in between tiers. It was quite difficult. After rigorous analysis however, I finally came up with the rankings. Let’s begin!

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~S Tier~

Shelly – This shotgun slinger is so annoying to play against, especially when it is more than just one of them (yes Supercell, this means that you need to continue working on matchmaking). She is just so dominant close quarters in every single game mode, that it would be a crime to put her anything below S Tier.

Mortis – Granted he can be irrelevant when playing with unskilled players, who would even want to play without their band mates? Given the right team comp, Mortis is simply one of the biggest nuisances in the game. His mobility and high sustain to stay healed in battle makes him a top tier pick in Brawl Stars.

Piper – No she is not overpowered, and yes she can be countered. However, it can be quite difficult to take her out in battle. Her super allows her to stay long range for the majority of the game, and given her long range damage everyone needs to take cover. As time moves on and people learn how to play against her she may move down from this spot. For now, however, she gets her pedestal.

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~A Tier~

Spike – A super from this cactus can be utterly devastating. Then again so can a direct hit from his normal attack. As painful as it may be to some of you for me to rank the “Pay to Win” brawlers up high on the rankings, it is the what needs to be done. This legendary is such a strong support for nearly every team comp, so he rightfully belongs up here.

Bo – Traps, traps, and more traps. With proper placement of your super, you can reload your traps quickly. His arrows explode in the enemy face and can somewhat be spammed. This support unit is far more than simply viable.

Poco – Ever played a max Poco? You don’t want to. Especially if his teammates have as much skill as a two year old. His heals save so many close battles from falling apart that he is extremely valuable to a team. This brawler is the only true healer support in the game, and therefore deserves to be A tier.

Nita – This bear is the ultimate tracking device to hunt out hiding enemies. Her normal attacks reload faster than almost every other character, and her range is respectable. Given her many strengths and few weaknesses, it is near impossible to resist putting her any lower than A Tier.

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~B Tier~

Jessie – The turret Queen had fallen to B Tier for one reason and one reason only: Player development. As the players within the game become more skilled, their movement becomes harder to predict. Now that 99 percent of the player base that used to run in a straight line doesn’t anymore, she has become slightly less powerful. Keyword here is slightly, as she can still be extremely dangerous and annoying in the right hands.

Ricochet – His range is simply superior to the rest of the game. His bullet’s abilities to bounce off walls makes it very hard to walk through narrow areas when an enemy Ricochet is going against you. The only thing keeping him from A Tier is his health, especially with Piper introduced in the game who can delete him from the face of the planet.

Crow – More players are starting to get good with Crow, and it is becoming obvious. He is the hard counter to regenerating your health, and as such can be so annoying to go against. The currently inferior of the legendaries, he is starting to become increasingly popular. Stop hating on this bird, or he may just come after you next.

Bull – For those that love to hide in the bush and surprise your opponents with a shotgun to the face, this is your brawler. Bull is a tanky short ranged character that can do some serious damage up close. He has struggled to get up close lately though, and for that reason misses the mark of A Tier.

Barley – Yes, he was C Tier in my last list. Also yes, Dynamike was B Tier. However, I feel as if the hype over dynamike’s buff was short lived for me, and Barley has come back to my realization as the superior denial character. It appears he has slightly better range and his super is the far better of the two. He gets the last spot on the B Tier.

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~C Tier~

Dynamike – Granted he is better than he used to be and sees more play as of late, I refuse to put both denial brawlers in the B Tier. They are becoming less popular even in their strong suit Heist, as long range characters are taking over the meta. Lethal in the right hands, but less lethal as he first appeared after the buff.

El Primo – One of the stronger C Tier brawlers. Primo is still very popular in showdown, and on team maps with lots of grass. He can sneak up and pounce on you in a heartbeat, but as the meta seems to favor more ranged brawlers, it’s harder for him to make it up close often enough. He won’t be taking home the heavyweight title this go around.

Colt – Piper, the newest brawler that will continue to keep Colt in the C Tier. I will say it again, Colt can do massive damage if you land all of his shots. It’s just too hard to use against higher skilled players, considering you have a better option in Ricochet. Granted Colt is superior in Heist, he just doesn’t have enough obvious strengths that make him a powerful pick. Can he be powerful? Yes. Can he be underwhelming at times? You bet so.

Brock – Everyone give this dancing rocket launcher man round of applause. He finally made it out of D Tier, therefore negating the D Tier altogether for now. His 8 percent reload speed buff on his rockets makes him powerful enough to not be a complete waste of pick. His super can wipe out a bunched up team fight, and even though it is still hard to time his shots, he’s not totally useless anymore. Keyword in this one is totally.


No D Tier this time around! Props to the Brawl Stars team for having a game that is overall very well balanced, and extremely fun to play. Keep up the good work Supercell!


That wraps up my tier list for the latest update, and I hope you enjoyed and agreed with (for the most part) my rankings. If you disagree with any of them, or want to discuss my list please feel free to comment here or on my Reddit post. Discussion is encouraged. Have a great time Brawling!


See you next time,

Master Yoda

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