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Jessie, Nita, Poco -- Best F2P Team? Feat. CWA -- Brawl Stars Blog

Welcome Brawlers! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to Clash with Ash on YouTube for great Brawl Stars Content! Today we will be looking at possibly the best Free to play team composition in the game right now: Jessie, Nita, and Poco.

Not one of these brawlers are epics or legendaries. In the current meta, it appears that a lot of compositions feature cards that require spending or good luck, but this team is far from that. These three brawlers work so well together, and in this article I will be going over what exactly it is that makes them very deadly together. Ash’s video/thoughts will be available at the end of the article, so make sure to check that out.


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The Team


She thrives with her ability to chain turrets one after another, creating immense pressure for her enemies. She is one of the higher skill capped brawlers in the game, so most likely the Nita or Poco will earn star player.

However, if you get excellent value from your well-placed turrets, star player just may come your way. She works well with Nita’s bear, creating a very high-pressure combination as a bear/turret duo.


Nita is a great brawler that fits into this team composition nicely. Her attacks reload quickly, allowing her to put out damage at a fast rate to build up her super quite quickly.

With this composition, Nita is the one usually taking the front lines, giving Jessie and Poco an easier time shooting from a safer spot on the map. Nita is the perfect complement to Jessie, as her bear synergizes with the turret effectively, overloading the opposition with five different targets at the same time.


Poco is a very strong brawler that compliments Jessie and Nita (and just about anyone else) well. His heal works wonders for your team, and with the wide array of his attack he presents a low skill cap. Beginners will find it enjoyable to play as Poco, because he is just easier to use than most brawlers. It is hard to miss his attacks/heals, making him one of the easiest brawlers to learn in the game.


Some Words of Advice

Nita & Jessie = Get Super ASAP

Although getting your super as fast as possible can apply to every brawler, it is especially true with Nita and Jessie. Getting the turret and bear out as fast as possible is crucial to your team’s success. Early on, you want to really focus on landing your shots on your opponents as often as you can to make sure your super is ready early. The quicker you apply pressure with the turret and the bear, the better off you will be.

Poco Brawl Stars BlogPoco = The Ultimate Support

Since it can sometimes be tricky to hit shots with Jessie and even at times with Nita against strong opponents, Poco does a great job at picking up the slack on the team. If they are missing shots, usually the Poco can clean up kills for the team as it is a lot easier to hit shots with him.

Another thing to add is that Poco is an absolute monster when it comes to countering Mortis. With his wide area attack range, he hard counters Mortis. Jessie and Nita may have difficulty hitting him due to his dash movement, but Poco has a much easier time damaging him. This is another reason why this team works so well together; it seems to have a strength versus just about every situation the game can throw at you.


Strategy Summary


A lot of times, you will have a narrower shot radius to hit your enemies, making it easier to attack at an angle. Most of the time you will not be carrying many gems, so controlling the sides of the map to support your Poco and Nita can prove very effective.


Nita is like Jessie regarding play style as you want to get off shots quickly and accurately. Maneuvering around the map and getting the proper angles on your opponents will apply the most pressure to them, giving your team the best chance at victory.


He is great at maintaining the middle of the map to grab the gems. When a skilled Poco player is moving constantly and creating his own territory of the map, he is hard to kill. If you want to find success with him, be sure to hide in the bushes when possible to get off the radar, and constantly be moving around unpredictably while maintaining control of the middle area on the map.


Here’s Ash’s take on the powerful combo:



This combination of brawlers is one of the deadliest trios in the game. They are so effective in nearly every situation, that even players with legendaries and epics use this composition frequently. This team is just one of the many that proves you don’t need the rarest brawlers in the game to win.

Take the advice given in this guide and from Ash’s video, and you will be winning in no time. I hope you enjoyed the read, and please feel free to comment on our website or on Reddit with any questions or comments you have regarding the team and I will gladly get back to you.

Keep Grinding Everyone!

Master Yoda



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