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Jessie Guide - How to Use, Strengths, Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog

Jessie is a great utility brawler who plays a solid support role and offers decent crowd control. This guide will discuss her pros and cons and also show you the most effective ways to use her.


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Description: “Junker Jessie is a hillbilly girl genius who fashions dangerous gun turrets from scrap.”

Health: 700

Damage: 140/attack

Super: Jessie spawns a turret which does 60 damage per shot and has 700 health.

Rarity: Common



Bouncy Bullets:

When you think about a brawler with bouncy bullets, Ricochet will probably come to mind, but the former Pool Bot isn’t the only one. Jessie has a special mechanic that deflects the bullet toward the nearest enemy after hitting your target. Not only do her bullets bounce off of enemy brawlers, but also bears, turrets, safes, and even showdown chests. This gives Jessie the same effect as a brawler with splash damage and hard counters Nita, allowing you to hit her and her bear at once.

The Turret:

Despite Jessie’s inferior health and damage, her turret can really dominate the map. At 60 damage per shot and 700 health, it’s impossible to ignore but also difficult to kill. The turret does constant damage to the opponents if not directly confronted. This can help bait enemies into places where your team is waiting and separate their group. The turret is also useful for preventing heal by constantly doing little bits of damage leaving no time for the enemy to regen.




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Although Jessie is fairly good at dealing damage to groups, her individual shot damage is one of the lowest in the game. This is why it is important to shoot at groups to maximize the damage and contribute to charging the super. Once Jessie’s turret is on the field, her low damage will easily be compensated for.

Turret Flaws:

While the turret is certainly one of Jessie’s strongest traits, it does have some flaws. For example, the turret cannot shoot at any enemies hidden in grass more than three tiles away. This is because the turret has the same sight as a brawler and thus cannot shoot anyone it can’t see. Jessie’s turret is also very vulnerable to lobbing brawlers like Dynamike or Barley and long range brawlers like Brock and Piper.



Gem Grab:

In order to take control of the gem mine, it’s necessary to get your turret down quickly. You can charge your super easily by taking advantage of your bouncy bullets and firing into the mass of enemies. When you place down your turret, you should let the tanks and damage dealers get in front of you while you and your turret shoot at the enemies from a distance. Although Jessie’s range is not as long as most distance shooters, she is weak at pushing due to her low health and damage. Staying slightly immobile can help Jessie do as much damage as possible.


When playing bounty, it is important to charge up your super as fast as possible in order to take control of the match with your turret. This is why it’s best to shoot at the group of opponents at the beginning to quickly get access to your turret. Once your super is fully charged, you can place your turret on your side of the map in order to overwhelm your opponents with the extra damage. Jessie’s main responsibility is working as a support unit and constantly keeping a turret on the map.


Defense: Jessie and her turret make a great combo when placed on defense, but keeping your safe intact isn’t always easy. With Barley and Dynamike being popular choices on Heist, you must be careful with your turret. Proactively placing a turret on your side of the map will be easily exploited by these brawlers. Because of this, it would be more effective to throw your turret directly at your opponent when they approach you.

Offense: Although Jessie isn’t always as strong on offense, she can still get the job done. Her bouncy bullet trait allows her to hit enemy brawlers and the safe in one shot. This means Jessie can be one of the most efficient brawlers in the scenario. After a few shots, it can be easy to charge the turret which can be one of the key factors in this game mode. While it may be tempting to launch your turret next to the safe, it will probably get destroyed fairly quickly. This is why the turret should be used to take out defenders and help start a push.


When playing showdown with Jessie, it’s crucial to understand that you are the prey. Predators like Shelly, Bull, and El Primo will almost always be stronger and will almost never be merciful. In order to stay alive as long as possible, you can’t be overly aggressive or offensive. Camping with a turret can be effective, but you will most likely have to run away when an enemy comes near you.

Despite Jessie’s weak individual game, it is still possible to play aggressively. Due to Jessie’s bouncy bullets, showdown chests can be your best friend. The boxes can help you charge your super, avoid death, and even kill enemy brawlers. By standing on the opposite side of the box from your opponent, you can shoot directly at the box and let your bullets do the aiming for you. This can allow you to get shots off on your opponent while remaining untouched.


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Although Jessie may not have the best health and damage, her turret can take over the map. Her turret is great for containing the enemy brawlers and providing some extra damage. If you’d like to play with a well rounded brawler who can dominate the game, make sure to try out Jessie.


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