Hopefully: The Word That Runs Brawl Stars

Hello, fellow readers! I am EBB, a storyteller for The Weekly Brawler! You might be thinking, “why are you not writing epic fanfictions right now, dude?” Well, I am writing this because it is a blog post that could possibly keep the current community calmed down, and I believe it is something essential to keeping Brawl Stars running. Read on to find out why.
Hopefully. That one word why you are reading this post right now. That one word why you’re still tilting, grinding, struggling to push trophies. That one word why you’re still battle band versus band, working your way up to top bands. Hopefully. That’s the way we people here at The Weekly Brawler think. Don’t give up on Supercell. I have seen lots of posts on /r/BrawlStars, and, of course, tons of hate. Right now, at this moment, us Brawlers feel like we have no choice but to quit the damned game. No. Don’t think about quitting. Of course, I’m not one of those no-common-sense people on the Brawl Stars team but look at the positive. Look at the past.
On Monday, July 3rd, 2017, the first ever major update for Brawl Stars was released to public soft launch players. Those were the times with the “only 90s’ kids will remember this” GUI. Back then, I used to play. Also back then, the game wasn’t as popular as it is now. That update was the update where Piper was released. It was a pretty basic, happy update. Those are the types of updates I would like to have every month (or less) and not 1 huge update every 3 months. That update was what I call “The Perfect Fixing Update.” “Perfect”, as those are exactly the type of updates I would like to have every month, as I said before, and “Fixing” as that update was mainly fiddling with the game’s current system and economy and not making major changes. What I’d like to learn from this is that this was the only update so far that nobody, and I just said nobody, had a problem with anything in the game. Everything was awesome.
On Monday, September 4th, 2017, after two whole months, there was another update. This was the update that everyone was really hyped about. People, of course, were impatient waiting for that one video to pop up in their YouTube notifications. The update introduced Pam and Tara, and a new game mode called Brawl Ball. After this update, there were many things that people wanted to be fixed. However, the community I knew and loved back then did not blurt out hate and protests. They explained everything properly and compared everything to every aspect of the game. That same community was also patient. They gave Supercell time. They didn’t rush Supercell like they had nothing else to do in life. That community was a proper beta testing community. There were many matchmaking issues, and season-end problems, as well as the overpowered Tara. They were all solved later on, even if it was a whole month and a half after. I could swear I never saw anybody say “Supercell, hurry things up,” or anything like that during that time period. That was my favorite community.
On Thursday, December 7, 2017, there was the game-changing update that, well, changed the entire game. GUI was completely changed. There were two new weekly events called “Robo Rumble” and “Boss Fight” that lasted for about 2 days. I loved that update as well. There were barely any cons except for the recently started matchmaking glitches and problems, but those problems weren’t that big. Brawl Stars was also quickly losing its wild western theme, with the new modern GUI and looks. Guess what? The community suggested ideas. Supercell took them, and combined them together, like with the “BUFF MORTIS” event.
You guys, if you want to buff Mortis, change Landscape or even add 10 more joysticks, (hopefully not) you have to provide proper ideas that support the main idea! If you just say things like “Change from Landscape to Portrait” without giving things to change along with Landscape, you are basically telling Supercell to change from Landscape to Portrait, and they decide the rest. Everything else goes up to them. I had a post about this on Reddit a while back. While everyone was shouting “Buff Mortis,” I asked everyone; what exactly do you want buffed in Mortis? Health, Damage, Super, farther dash range, what? Explain what you want properly. At the time of writing this, I’m starting to see actual social experiments. Supercell said they tested the game on new people, so some of us are starting to do the same to see whether Supercell was right or not. This is proper feedback, and it will give proper updates, leading to a proper global release. In this state, the game will never reach global. Plus, I’m seeing a lot of protests and petitions lately, which is incredible.
Together, you and I will make our dear Brawl Stars great again. Stick with me on the journey, and we will find success.
Hopefully 🙏
In hopes of Brawl Stars being great again, 

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