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Recently, it was announced that Brawl Stars will go global in December, 2018 but the date wasn’t confirmed. In this post, we will talk about the global release date of Brawl Stars along with a potential new Brawler leak.

When Is Brawl Stars Going Global?

Brawl Stars is all set to drop globally on 12th December 2018, that is exactly 3 weeks from now. It seems like Supercell planned well in advance that they want to release the game on 12th. Precisely a week ago, it was announced that Brawl Stars is going global in a live stream which was followed by a Gem Grab tournament between 12 content creators and a Brawl Ball tournament was streamed today. It is also believed that a Showdown tournament will be stream next week. Supercell will probably skip Bounty and Heist tournaments and start releasing Sneak Peeks a week after the SD tournament, that is, a week before expected global release.

The information about the global release date of Brawl Stars comes from an App Store article about the newly released Brawl Stars iOS Stickers. The image below is a screenshot of that article, which was deleted shortly after.

Global release date

iOS Stickers and Emojis

Brand new Brawl Stars iOS stickers are available to download for free! Click here to download the stickers on your iOS device. Currently, the following 6 stickers are available:


In addition to these, 6 more Animated emojis are also available. They are Mortis, Crow, Spike, Poco, Colt and Shelly. You can see them in action in the following video:


Don’t they look awesome? Unfortunately, you can only use them if you have an iPhone X, XS (Max), or XR.

Potential New Brawler

In a recent Update Wishlist video, Lex showed an image of what appears to be a new Brawler for a second.

New Brawler Pic

He didn’t talk about the image at all in that video and later cropped it out. It is possible that he was trying to tease a new Brawler but it is also equally possible that he did it just to troll people. Furthermore, MoneyCapital, a BSB member, pointed out that CanYaDigit’s (aka Lex) head perfectly matches that Brawler’s image and he appears to be holding the lost hat of Mortis in his left hand. 

CanYaDigit Brawler Pic
CanYaDigit Brawler Pic

What do you think is the truth behind it? Did Lex show the image to tease a new Brawler or was he just trying to troll? Let us know in the comments below.

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