Howdy Brawlers, Arigh here from The Weekly Brawler, here today bringing you a brand new volume of my Gamemode Collections!

Stormy Standoff

Stormy Standoff.png

Stormy Standoff is a mode where the main objective is 1 vs 1, similar to bounty, but whoever gets more kills ends up taking the victory, not stars.

You might be thinking “Well if it’s 1 vs 1 then what’s the point of choosing support brawlers like Poco?”

Well, the answer is quite simple; you don’t choose. The brawler for both players will be chosen by RNG (Random Generator) and will be the same; by that I mean RNG chooses both of you the same brawler.

Both players need to have the brawler for it to be chosen. For example, if you have Crow but your opponent doesn’t, it won’t be chosen.

A match lasts three minutes, and the max kill limit is five kills, once one person gets five kills, the match immediately stops and the person who gets those five kills wins.

When this event is available, it will have two options, casual and competitive. Casual is basically playing without trophies at risk, and competitive is, of course, playing with trophies at risk.

Conclusion: 1 vs 1, whoever gets more kills wins, max kill limit is 5 kills then the match stops. The mode would be available both without and with trophies at risk.



Infestation is a mode similar to Robo Rumble, but against other players in a way. See both teams will attempt to survive the waves of robots, but they’re not protecting a safe, instead, both teams will try to stay alive. The map is symmetrical on both sides but separated by the indestructible walls in the middle.

Here’s the twist, see if you’re a thrower you can’t deal damage to the other team, once your bottle/dynamite hits the ground on their side it will just disappear, this is to allow for a fully fair match without an opposing thrower killing you instead of the robots.

The blue stars are the spawn points for the robots. The robots start with their medium stats, by that I mean their stats after the second boss. After the 12th wave, the robots now have max stats. Also no Boss Waves.

All obstacles including the breakable walls will grow back after thirty seconds, this is so you can’t clear out the map and easily just snipe the bots later.

After the fifth wave, a new special robot will start spawning randomly on both sides. Killing this robot will make three more regular robots spawn on the opponent’s side.

This robot will have 20000 health and 2000 melee damage, but his stats change to 17500 health and 1500 damage at wave 15, this is so as the match goes on killing him doesn’t become insanely hard among all other robots. He will have only 450 speed or approximately 1.65 tiles per second. This robot also has a limited lifespan starting from 20 seconds and going up to 30 seconds after wave 15.

Whichever team gets fully eliminated first loses. It is a competitive game mode, by that I mean you can lose trophies. The number of trophies earned also depends on how long you survived, let’s say you died instantly in 30 seconds, but your teammates managed to hold their own and survive 5 minutes winning you the game, you may only win two trophies while your teammates may get six.

Conclusion: Robo Rumble against a team, whichever team gets eliminated first loses, no safe to defend. You can’t damage the opponents by throwing dynamites/bottles over the walls separating both teams. After some time, a new robot starts to spawn who’s stats change over time, this robot has a limited lifespan which also changes, killing this robot makes three more regular robots spawn for the opponents. You can lose trophies.


Power Mine

PowerMine is a mode where the main objective is to kill, though it may seem like a copy of Bounty, it’s actually completely different.

See in PowerMine, there are two mines, these mines drop temporary powerups. The mines drop one powerup every 15 seconds, and each powerup increases your damage and your health by 15% proportionally while lasting for a time period of 40 seconds. These power-ups do not tie into the main objective, they are just there to make the mode overall more exciting.

Now see I have already said that the main objective is to kill, but the system here is completely different than that of Bounty. In bounty it’s plain just getting kills, here it’s kind of different.

Every kill gives your team 1000 points, and every death takes 750 points from your team. Once your team has reached a total of 15000 points, a countdown starts of 30 seconds, once the countdown is over, your team wins, if your team goes below 15000 points during the countdown, the countdown stops, same goes for if the opponents manage to tie in on your score during the countdown.

Conclusion: The main objective is killing, getting kills gives 1000 points to your team, dying takes 750 points from your team. Once your team reaches a total of 15000 points, a countdown starts. There are mines on the map, the mines drop temporary powerups every 15 seconds.


Concept and Maps by Arigh. Special thanks to Deathboo and Puzzles for helping me with the modes.

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