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Which Game Mode is Easiest to Gain Rewards From? - Brawl Stars Blog

Gold means everything in Brawl Stars; it is how you buy Brawl Boxes which in turn give you new brawlers, elixir to upgrade those brawlers, and chips to buy new brawlers! That being said, which event mode is the easiest way to earn rewards in Brawl Stars?

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Event Rewards Rankings

1- Showdown- Showdown is far and away the best way to earn gold quickly in Brawl Stars. For one, you don’t have to rely on your teammates in order to gain the big rewards. In the other three events, in order to gain max rewards, you basically need a good team. However, in Showdown, it all comes down to your skill level. Also, you get staggered rewards based off what place you get, instead of going all or nothing like the other three modes.

Showdown is also the easiest way to gain trophies for similar reasons as above. Again, its not an all or nothing scenario. In Showdown, you can perform at different levels to earn (or lose) different amounts of trophies.


Brawl Stars Showdown Event


2- Bounty- Second only to Showdown, we have the Bounty event mode. Bounty and Gem Grab are both very similar in terms of rewards and how often you can gain them, but we have to give the edge to Bounty here. While Gem Grab is tough to win if your teammates don’t support you, it is possible to own Bounty as a solo player, though difficult.

Bounty is a team event, but in my opinion, is the easiest team event to control as an individual player. Because of that, it is easier to win and gain gold and trophies in as opposed to Gem Grab and Heist. And of course, if you do lose, there is always that complimentary 4 gold.


Brawl Stars Bounty Event


3- Gem Grab- Of course, since this is a team mode, it is going to be a 50/50 chance whether or not you can gain the full rewards. However, unlike Bounty, it is tough for a great player to carry a team in the Gem Grab mode. You can definitely hold your own by gathering as many crystals as possible, but if you die, you need your teammates to support you and pick up your dropped crystals.

Because of the fact that you are reliant on your teammates, it’s tough to consistently gain high rewards from Gem Grab. Also, you can gain a max of 8 gold from winning the battle as opposed to 15 coins for winning Showdown.


Brawl Stars Gem Grab Event


4- Heist- Last and certainly least (at least as far as rewards go), we have the Heist event mode. The reason why Heist comes in last here is because it is VERY difficult to win on Heist mode if you are defending the safe. If you get unlucky and picked on the defending team, you can count on receiving few rewards, because chances are that you will lose.

The flip side of this is that if you are on the offensive front, there is a good chance of you winning. However, if you are a really stellar player, it is going to be tough to win on defense. With the other two team modes, you can win no matter what side you are on, while Heist is very one sided.


Brawl Stars Heist Event


So that is going to wrap up our guide on which event mode is the easiest to gain rewards from! If you enjoyed the article, make sure to check out Clash For Dummies for more Brawl Stars, as well as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and come back soon for some more Brawl Stars content!


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