In today’s post, I, Arigh, will be sharing with you three game modes that could be implemented into the game. Hope you enjoy!

Gem Bank

Gem Bank

Gem Bank is a mode where the main objective is getting gems from the cart and storing them in your safe. There are two teams with different objectives, the defensive side, and the offensive side, maps can be one-sided due to this, but to make up for the one-sidedness that may come off of maps, after a certain time limit the teams switch, and the team that was defense now becomes offense and vice versa. A full match lasts five minutes, two minutes thirty seconds defense and two minutes thirty seconds offense. Both sides have a respawn time of 7 seconds. 

The cart slowly advances up the map moving at a speed of 1 tile per 7.5 seconds, this speed allows it to advance off of the map in a time period of almost exactly two minutes thirty seconds, once the cart goes off the map the sides switch.

The goal of the offensive side getting gems to your safe, you can do this by attacking the cart, the cart has infinite health, so does the safe, every 1500 damage inflicted onto the cart causes it to drop a gem, picking up a gem decreases your movement speed by 50, with a maximum decrease of 150 when holding three gems, you can pick up more gems than three at once, but your speed will remain the same beyond three gems, it won’t keep decreasing. When you have the gems your goal is to return them to the safe, the safe has a 1.5 tile radius around it, to bank your gems you must stay inside this radius, as your gems aren’t banked instantly, you bank 1 gem per 1.5 seconds.

The goal of the defensive side is to not allow the other team to return gems to their base, the defensive side has an additional 25 speed to allow them to catch up to the opponents once they have gems. Shooting the safe does nothing. Once you run over a gem it instantly returns to the cart. Killing an opponent with gems makes them drop them.

At the end of the match, the team who has managed to collect the most gems wins.

Conclusion: This would be an extremely unique mode, with new mechanics, and maps balanced for both sides wouldn’t be required like Heist, because both teams get to be defense and offense.



Elimination is a mode where the main objective is killing specific opponents. In Elimination, you have three lives and a match consists of 8 players. Every 25 seconds, two bots spawn at one of the spawn points, the bots don’t attack unless you attack first or get too close. You will be given a specific code, and your main objective is killing an opponent with that given code, you can see an opponent’s code once you get close to them, 0.5 tiles away from them to see the code.

The maps would be smaller than showdown but bigger than bounty, heist, S&G etc… To be exact, the maps would be the same height but double the width than the maps for bounty, heist, S&G etc… The size of the maps wouldn’t decrease over time.

A match lasts three minutes thirty seconds. You have 3 lives, after death, you’ll respawn in a different spawn point, every successful kill grants you 1 point, every failed kill grants you -0.5 points. Respawn time is 10 seconds. At the end whoever has the mode points wins. Dying doesn’t reduce points.

Conclusion: Elimination is a mode where you must kill specific opponents to win, dying doesn’t reduce points, but it has a painful respawn time which can stall you from killing opponents. The bots would each have a different code, they’re there to eventually overwhelm you with the amount of “players”. Elimination would be a ticketed special event, that also means no trophies would be gained or lost. The higher your position the more coins you earn.



Apocalypse is a mode where the main objective is killing opponents similar to bounty, but with a twist, see every time you kill an opponent an “essence”. The main objective isn’t just killing opponents, once you’re 1 tile away from the essence you pick it up, but once you pick it up you lose 50 speed, you can hold multiple at once, but it’s riskier, as if you die with essence you don’t drop any of it, the essence just disappears, picking up multiple at once doesn’t cause the speed decrease to stack, it’s capped at 50. Once a team has successfully managed to store 15 essences in their safe, a countdown of 20 seconds starts, if the opposing team manages to get 15 essences of their own into their safe, the countdown stops, and the match continues until a team can survive the full 20 seconds of the countdown.

Similar to Smash & Grab, the match can go on forever until one team manages to successfully store 15 essences into their safe and survive the whole 20 seconds.The safes have infinite health and therefore can’t be destroyed. A match would start with an essence in the center similar to the star in Bounty.

This mode would consist of a unique environmental scheme, and a unique obstacle you may have already noticed, the side flames. The side flames would be a new obstacle introduced for this mode, they would turn on and off every 20 seconds, every player to walk into the side flames would receive 350 damage per second.

Conclusion: This would be a new game mode similar to bounty, but with a huge twist, You can compare this to kill confirmed from other shooter games. The environmental scheme and the brand new obstacle help differentiate it from other game modes.

Concept and Maps by Arigh

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