Hello! First, let me introduce myself! My name is Guillaume Hugon (in fact, the last name is longer, but let’s go ?). My activity on the web is important, since I also manage a YouTube channel with Brawl Stars content (STOP, do not click on this link, unless you know how to speak French … you can’t say that I didn’t warn you ?)

By now you’ve probably realized that I’m French. I will post from time to time on this wonderful blog to give you the feelings of the French community on the content proposed by Brawl Stars such as updates, balancing, etc. This “episode” will be a bit special since we will focus on the feelings that emerged in the minds of Supercell’s French fans during the game announcement.

Rest assured, I will try to do this by having the clearest English possible (although I still have some progress to make). In addition, I’m sure that the team will be kind enough to make the necessary corrections before the publication.

Let us turn to the facts. For my part, I had suspected the arrival of the game a couple of days before the announcement because a Youtuber friend of mine (also a partner of Supercell) decided to follow an empty Twitter page named “Brawl Stars”. What a strange name at the time (not anymore!). I then took the liberty to look at the other accounts following this mysterious new name, and there … surprise! Supercell was following the account: yes, some large companies are not good at keeping secrets (unless it was intentional… dramatic sound effects).

We then come to the big day, that of the famous live stream organized by Supercell with the “big” Youtubers.
The community holds its breath: what does the new Supercell title hold for us? The evening itself, around 6 p.m. here in France, was chaos. In the discussions, Supercell players complain that they could only discover one game mode, and the wave of anger about the beta begins to appear, given that the game would not be available here in France or anywhere else other than Canada. Of course, this can be easily circumvented with the use of a Canadian Apple ID. The Android community was outraged as well after learning that the beta would only be available to iOS users, something that they’re all too used to from Supercell. This wave of discontent has not even finished, and who even knows when the Android release will happen?

The next day, good news, the game is available on iOS, and videos more varied than live events start to appear on the web. As a Youtuber myself, I pounce on the new phenomenon by showing content from Brawl Stars. The thing you will need to note is that the gameplay was actually from another Youtuber, being on Android myselfwhat a mess!

At this moment, the game has conquered the community, which was facing a MOBA of a new era. The controls are simple (Supercell’s creed) allowing anyone to play in good conditions. The dream of all French was to have the opportunity to play now, right away


french touch testing


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