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5. Know Your Brawlers

As with all MOBAs, you have to know who you’re playing with. Whether you main Spike or Shelly, you have to know every aspect of your brawler, in and out. Know how many power-ups until you can three shot a crate, and know how much damage your special does. Sure, in the general scope of things, it may not seem that significant, but when you’re in a fight, knowing if you have the chance to end it then and there can mean the difference between life and death.

The more you play with a brawler, the more you will get used to them, and the better you will get with them. Sure, Ricochet may seem like a guaranteed loss for you right now, but Ricochet mains can be some of the most lethal players in the game. Make sure you know their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re having trouble, check out who the meta is in our recent tier list. As long as you can master a particular brawler, you’ll have an excellent chance at victory, even if the matchup may not be in your favor. If there’s one of these Brawl Stars tips that you need to know the most, it’s this one.


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4. Know When To Die

Just as there are tactical executions in League of Legends, the same thing applies to Brawl Stars. While it’s not a good idea to die in most cases, there are certainly some scenarios where it can greatly benefit you. Besides Showdown, all the game modes can have scenarios where it is a good idea to sacrifice yourself. Let’s review some of these situations:

Bounty and Gem Grab: These two game modes are somewhat similar in their goal. Grab as many stars/gems as you can and hold on to them until the game ends. Because of this, they also have similar scenarios where you should be willing to sacrifice yourself. On the offensive side of things, when the clock is ticking down, don’t be afraid to risk your life. All too often, you find your teammates shying away from battle. There’s only a couple of seconds left; try as hard as you can to kill the person with the most gems or stars. You can win the game with a clutch last-second kill, and it never hurts to try.

On the defensive side of things, if you can afford to sacrifice yourself without giving up your lead, then it’s worth doing it. Form a meat shield around the player(s) who are carrying the majority of your gems/stars, and make sure that they don’t die. However much you may hate to admit it, your life is not important if you don’t have any gems/stars in your possession. Recognize this fact and do your best to protect the Brawlers who do matter.

Heist: On Heist, dying is something you’re going to have to get used to. In order to deal the most damage to the safe, you have to sacrifice your life. If you can get within range of the safe, do your best to take as many shots as possible. They often miss, and your teammates can take advantage of the confusion to get some hits of their own.


3. Maps Matter

Map knowledge is important in any game, especially Brawl Stars. As you play more and more battles, you’ll begin to know every inch of the map. With this knowledge, you can know the best places to hide, where all the good crates are, and even which brawlers to use. Maps with lots of bushes are suited towards Brawlers like Nita and Jessie, who can use their spawning abilities to attack their enemies and track them as they move across the map. While you may not realize it, maps make a huge difference on the overall gameplay. Each map is more suited towards a different style of play, different brawlers, and different team compositions.

New maps are being added constantly, and the faster you can memorize them, the bigger an advantage you’ll have over your opponents. Make sure to take in your surroundings whenever you step into battle; it can help you a lot later on.


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2. Plan Your Push

If you want to trophy push, you have to be smart about it. Don’t choose brawlers who you have already pushed with. Often times, you’ll be matched up with better players, and you’ll lose more trophies than you’ll gain. Instead, choose brawlers who you don’t have much experience with. Showdown is by far the best game mode to push in, although it gets increasingly more risky to do so as you gain more trophies.

While you may not feel very comfortable with some of your lower-trophy brawlers, there’s always time to learn and experiment. The trophy differential between first and tenth place is strongly in your favor the lower in trophies you are, so you should use this your advantage. After you reach 100 trophies with each brawler you own, get up to 200 with the Brawlers you are most comfortable with and the ones who are the best at Showdown (Shelly, El Primo, Bull). You can then play more 3v3 matches with the Brawlers who are more suited towards Gem Grab, Bounty, or Heist.

Whenever you want to push, make sure you have a plan, whatever that may be. It’ll help you stay focused. Also make sure to set a trophy loss limit so you don’t experience the tilt that was so often found with Clash Royale. Whenever you’re on a losing streak with one brawler, switch to another. Make a plan, and I guarantee that you’ll find yourself quickly rising up the ranks.


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1. Be Smart In 1v1s

The final of these Brawl Stars tips relates to 1v1 matchups. You have to be smart in 1v1 situations. You can’t head blindly into a battle without carefully analyzing the situation. Now, I’m not recommending you spend twenty seconds deliberating whether or not to fight, but you have to figure out whether or not you’re in a good position. If you’re in a Bounty game and you see a low El Primo, it’s not always the smartest idea to go for the kill. Does he have his special? Is he on his side of the map? How many stars do you have? How many stars does he have? Could teammates be nearby? These are all questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not to take him on.

Matchups do make a big difference, but they’re not the end all, be all of the battle. Sure, Shelly may be an El Primo counter, but if an El Primo finds you early on in Showdown, there’s a good chance that you won’t be around for long. It all depends on the situation you’re in. Take in your surroundings and be smart. Smart players win more than reckless ones.



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