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Feast or Famine Guide — Tips to Survive The Hunger Games - Brawl Stars Blog

The newest showdown map, Feast or Famine, brings a twist to the traditional maps by starting all the players in the center around a load of boxes. While this Hunger Game style setup may seem to put you in harm’s way from the beginning, surviving the initial confrontation is easier than what meets the eye. In this guide, we will discuss how to deal with the unique features of Feast or Famine and survive as long as possible to secure your trophies.


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An aerial view of the Feast or Famine map. Image: Mobile Gamer Hub



Don’t Take the Bait

While the crates in the center may be enticing, unless you are ready to fight for them, your best bet is to run away from the center. The plethora of bushes around the center crates allows other players to sneak up and take you out, and being a free for all, you never know where in the bushes other players lurk.

I Need Energy

If the crates in the center are dangerous, how do I get energy? Well, luckily there are plenty of other crates around the outside of the map. Think of the map as a clock; there are crates at almost every hour aside six o’clock. In order to get said crates, run straight away from the center when the match begins and either one or two crates will be waiting for you.

After collecting your first crates, you can next circle around the clock and scout out other crates that may have not been taken. In particular, the ones at three and nine o’clock are often still up for grabs.

Where to Next?

After you have collected your initial energy, the next logical step is to find a safe place. The ideal place would be a bush next to a wall that can offer you protection and keep you hidden. The corners of the map are not safe places to be because it allows other players to trap you. Additionally, the cacti at the bottom of the map offer little protection and can be difficult to maneuver. If you find yourself stuck in the prickly field, try to head north.

Stay Alert

Move around the map with caution, not allowing someone to jump out from a bush and defeat you. If you are using a ranged brawler, shoot at bushes before you walk past them in order to get the first shot off on your opponent. Once you get the first shot off, players hiding in bushes will often run away making them easy targets.

Even when hiding in bushes, keep an eye out for other players. Strong brawlers such as Shelly are hard to take out, especially if they have a lot of energy. Therefore if one approaches you, the smart move would be to run in the same direction, firing behind you at the other player. Unless you are out for blood, don’t circle around the map for too long or else you may attract other bloodthirsty brawlers.


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Image: Mobile Gamer Hub


When to Approach the Center

Once there are only five brawlers left, trophy loss is no longer a problem deeming it safe to go to the center. Due to the fact that players tend to spread out rather than in on Feast or Famine, players tend to die at a slower rate, so often you will be forced into the center by the border. If you have collected a lot of energy, hiding in the center before the borders close in gives you the upper hand on players trying to sneak in.

Every Brawler for Themselves… Or Not

In showdown, players will often spin in a circle indicating they want to team up. Together with one, two, or several other brawlers, teams can mow down the other players and secure trophy gains for their team. This controversial strategy has upset many people in the community who have suggested teaming in showdown is cheating.

Luckily, on Feast or Famine the amount of bushes makes hiding from teams easy, however escaping is a different story. One way to do so is cutting through the center of the map in hopes that your pursuers will be distracted by someone else.


Brawlers to Use



Shelly‘s range and damage comes in handy when facing several El Primos. With her shotgun, Shelly can easily kite other players and bully them away from crates to take the energy for herself. Therefore, racking up energy is a breeze with Shelly making it possible to get upwards of 2000 HP!

On top of her sheer strength, Shelly’s super will destroy anyone and anything that gets in her way. For instance, as the borders shrink, Shelly can use her super to push enemies back into the fog. Moreover, when low on health Shelly can use her super to gain distance from any threats by knocking them back and stunning them.

El Primo

Although his melee attack can be easily countered, El Primo’s health helps him survive. The key to winning with El Primo is getting energy in the beginning, then hiding. If you wait too long to stock up, all the crates will be gone leaving you as El pequeño Primo with the same, or even fewer, amount of hit points as other brawlers.

Unlike other brawlers, El Primo’s initial tankiness allows him to collect the crates from the center, but watch out for other El Primos! By using the bushes to your advantage, when other players approach you can deal massive damage as they become stuck within your small range.

The time El Primo shines the most is at the end as the fog pushes everyone into the central bushes. Here it is easy to sneak within range of the final enemies and take them out.


So you like Shelly’s shotgun and El Primo’s health? How about combining both into one fighting machine! Just like El Primo, Bull is able to collect the central crates due to his high hit points. On top of that, he can intimidate other brawlers with his health and damage, bullying them away from the outside crates. Essentially, Bull is one of the easiest brawlers to collect energy with allowing him to outplay almost any other brawler in a 1v1. In fact, even ranged brawlers can be picked off by charging forward with Bull’s super.

Dynamike Brawl Stars BlogOther Brawlers

Shelly, El Primo, and Bull dominate showdown on every map, however the bushes in Feast or Famine enable almost ANY brawler to perform well. For example, ranged brawlers such as Colt or Ricochet can hide in one of the small bushes around the central ring and shoot toward the inner bushes. In most cases there are players in the center which allows you to save up for supers. Additional, ranged brawlers can play aggressively from the start with a clear line of sight to players on either side.

Even Barley and Dynamike have a shot on Feast or Famine! By simply hiding in a bush, you can survive till the end. Furthermore, since everyone starts in the center, predicting where other players are is easier. That is, by keeping an eye on the center and moving to a new bush when someone begins to circle around the “clock” of crates towards you, any brawler can make it to the final four.



In short, Feast or Famine plays out like The Hunger Games. Only run to the center if you are confident; otherwise run away and hide. By following the tips discussed in this guide, you will find that Feast or Famine is a great way to push up in trophies.


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