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El Primo Guide - How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog

El Primo is arguably one of the best brawlers in the game, and he presents an easy starting troop for many players. Today, we will review his stats and help you learn how to use him most effectively.



Description: “El Primo was hit by a meteor from outer space, giving him superhuman strength and unrivaled charisma.”

Health: 1300

El Primo has the most health of any brawler in the game, Bull just 100 hitpoints behind. This is El Primo’s most enticing feature as it allows you to soak up damage from glass cannons like Brock or Barley and demolish them with your devastating melee attacks.

Attack: 80/punch

His attacks aren’t too shabby either. While he may be a melee unit, he does have slight range on his attacks, allowing him to eliminate his target whenever he gets near them. Don’t be fooled, this fellow packs a punch.

Super: 200

His super isn’t so strong based on attack points alone, but if used well, it can have devastating consequences. It can be used to knock opponents into your other team members, and it also provides you with an easy method to get closer to your target. It can also be used to escape when he is on low health, leaping away from harm’s way. As almost all of us have learned, when El Primo is in striking range, say goodbye.


El Primo stats
El Primo’s incredible health and surprising speed make for a lethal combo.



This has to be El Primo’s best feature. While brawlers like Dynamike and Brock may pack a punch, there’s simply no stopping El Primo when he’s near you. His tankiness plus his uncanny ability to kill you before you can even get him to half health mean that he is undoubtedly the best common or rare in the game.

Ranged Attack:

Think you can just back away? Think again. The slight range that El Primo’s jabs provide are often just enough to eliminate his target. Once he gets within range, his speed and that slight range mean that it’s almost impossible to get away from his devastating attacks.

Unpredictable Special:

That special may not look so good on paper, but it’s one of the best specials in the game. It’s almost impossible to evade, and unless you have lightning quick reactions, he’ll be on top of you before you know it. And we all know that once he’s close, there’s no escape in sight.

Not only is it great offensively, but it can save his live many a time as he leaps away from enemies when he has low health.



Susceptible to Range:

That’s right. El Primo has only one weakness. He’s susceptible to ranged attacks. And it’s not that big of a problem after all. While ranged brawlers may be able to hit him without getting harmed, his extreme tankiness means that these attacks will likely not harm him very much, allowing him plenty of hitpoints to get within range of his opponents. Also, his special and his surprising speed mean that he can be on you within seconds.

If you want to kill El Primo, you better do it fast, and you better not miss.


el primo gameplay
El Primo’s health can be used to direct attention away from teammates.


Rush In Like A Crazy Maniac

I’m serious. El Primo’s 1300 hitpoints allow him to charge in complete disregard for his life and health. It’s likely that he’ll be able to breach your defense and start punching away at his enemies. This makes him extremely easy to use and extremely difficult to stop, one of the reasons why he is the best brawler in the game right now in my opinion.

Special Combo

We keep going on about his special attack, so here’s another point. If El Primo can land his special, something that isn’t exactly hard to do, while retaining all three attacks, it’s practically an assured kill. There’s simply not enough time to react or to shoot him enough to kill him.

Meat Shield

El Primo can serve as a meat shield and as a meat sword if you’d like. His tankiness means that enemies will have to direct most of their firepower towards him or else risk dying to his deadly jabs. This allows valuable time for support units like Barley and Brock to set their sights on the remaining players who will be too focused on the Mexican giant to notice.

Combine him with one of Nita’s bears, and you’ve got yourself an almost unstoppable combo. With a combined 2500 health points, it’ll be almost impossible to kill both of them. If you ever face this combo, your only option is to pray to the Brawl Stars gods, or to spawn a bear and El Primo of your own. After all, you can only fight fire with fire.



El Primo is by far the most overpowered card in the game; at least, for the ones that are attainable for most players. His staggering health and his quick and powerful jabs mean that he’s almost impossible to deal with. If you’re struggling to win games and are looking for a new brawler, I strongly suggest using him.

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