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Dynamike Guide - How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog

Dynamike, the retired miner, is a hard to use, yet rewarding brawler. In this guide we will go over his statistics, his benefits and his downfalls, and helpful tips in all four game modes.


dynamike stats



Description: “Dynamike is a retired miner who misses the favorite part of his old job – blowing stuff up!”

Health: 600

Damage: 160×2/attack

Super: 400 damage



dynamike poster

Splash damage: Dynamike’s attack has splash damage, and a pretty big area of splash in fact. This allows Dynamike to damage more than one enemy at once, which is very beneficial in team modes like Heist and Gem Grab where the enemy team is normally close together. This allows you to hit the enemy even if your shot was a bit off, allowing you more room for error and flexibility.

Lob attack: Dynamike lobs his sticks of boom, meaning his attacks will go over walls. This enables Mike to remain safe behind cover whilst raining explosions upon his enemies. This is incredibly annoying for the opposing team, and you should use it to your advantage.

Nita & Jessie Hard Counter: One of Dynamike’s biggest problems is that his attacks are hard to hit, however, this isn’t the case on slow/non moving targets like Jessie’s turret and Nita’s bear. This means you can easily do an immense amount of damage to these supers, completely shutting them down.



Fragile: Dynamike comes in with 600hp, which is nothing to write home about. This means that any brawler can quickly down him with just a couple of well-aimed attacks. Of course, you should be staying behind cover using your lob ability to counter-act this, but that doesn’t stop El Primo or Bull from using their supers to get on top of you, or any ranged brawler from hitting you from the flank.

Timed attacks: Dynamike’s attacks are on a timer. This means even when the dynamite hits the ground there is still a delay before they explode. This allows the enemies to avoid the explosions rather than getting hit by them, that’s not what we want. One obvious way to help against this is to lead your targets; fire where they’re going, not where they are. What you can also do is surround your opponents with dynamite. Shoot one towards their left, one towards their right, and they’re bound to get hit by one of them.

Lackluster super: Mike’s super is, disappointing to say the least. The bomb he throws, while having a wide radius, is on a long fuse and most of the time you’ll see your opponents escaping easily. Even though you will sometimes see the super deal a good amount of pain, you will see a ton more utility in plenty of other supers.


dynamike heist




General: Never be on full ammo! — Whenever you reach full ammo on Mike you should always launch a stick of dynamite towards their spawn, even if you don’t see them. While these attacks won’t damage them, it will slow them down.

Shoot at your feet when running backwards — When someone is chasing you, especially Primo, and your running for your life, I’ve noticed that shooting at your feet lands the dynamite in the perfect position to hit your opponents.

Gem Grab: Dynamike works well in Gem Grab. At the beginning of the game launch all 3 attacks towards the center mine. This will force the opponents back, letting one of your tankier teammates take the beginning gems. For the rest of the game you should do as I’ve said before, stand behind cover and launch your dynamite at foes. Once your team has 10 gems, start throwing out dynamite towards the enemy while running back, this will stall them so the countdown can go down more swiftly.

Heist: This is where Mike shines the most. On the attacking team, use your super to blow open the wall protecting the safe, and then bombard it with your ranged high damage explosions! Whenever you can, try to land your super on the safe, this will do plenty of damage.
On defense, it is very similar to Gem Grab; keep throwing dynamite to keep your opponents back. Even if it doesn’t hit, it stalls the opponent, which is the goal of the defending team.

Bounty: Dynamike doesn’t do too good here. Dynamike’s purpose isn’t necessarily to kill, which is the objective of this game mode. You can have success with Mike here, but it’s few and far between.

Showdown: Let’s be honest, Mike should never be used here. The only perk he has in Showdown is the ability to take down two crates at once. While this can be useful, it doesn’t make up for how awful Mike is in 1v1 situations. I recommend you stay away from him in Showdown.


Elixir Spending

With Dynamike, you should upgrade Attack, Health, and then Super. Health doesn’t really benefit him much because he’s never in the frontline, and his super rarely hits, which makes his Attack the obvious choice here.


dynamike icon



Dynamike is a powerful brawler when used correctly, although his low health and poor super mean he’s more suited towards Heist and Gem Grab than anything else.


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