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His in-game description reads “Bull Blanco is like a bull in a China Shop,” but I beg to differ. He’s like a bull that’s an expert at pumping the enemy’s guts full of lead. Sound like your kind of guy? This guide will show you how to draw out Blanco’s full shotty-wielding madman potential.


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Description: “Bull Blanco is like a bull in a China Shop. A bull with a double barrel shotgun. ”

Health: 1200

Main Attack: 100 damage per shell (5 shells total)

Super: 200 damage



Ease of Use:

Bull qualifies as one of the easiest to use brawlers in the game, while also possessing a fairly high skill cap. This makes him an excellent choice for players of any skill level. His massive amount of health gives the player ample time to correct offensive mistakes and retreat to safety. Additionally, his main attack is difficult to miss with half decent aim and packs some real damage.


While not exactly a jack of all trades like Shelly, Blanco serves as the next best thing. Plug this brawler into any game mode with virtually any team composition and he is a valuable addition.

Get in, Get out

Getting ambushed by Bull is likely a death sentence, even for fellow tank El Primo. Flank the enemy, wreak havoc with your shotgun, and then get the hell out of there. His super serves as an excellent evasive maneuver, capable of bailing the player out of a botched ambush or even bringing them to safety after a successful one.



Limited Range

Part of the appeal of Bull over El Primo is the slightly extended range, allowing Bull to clean-up kills his Mexican counterpart wouldn’t quite be able to reach. Unfortunately, Blanco’s attack still qualifies as low to mid range, which makes him vulnerable to the Colts and Pipers of the world. Bushes are your friends when playing this brawler, allowing you to surprise the enemy in your run-up to unleashing Bull’s shotgun.

Flawed Super

I wouldn’t entirely dissuade you from using Bull’s super to get right in the thick of the battle, but be careful when you do so. This leaves Bull considerably vulnerable afterwards, assuming the enemy hasn’t been blown to bits. Additionally, use Bull’s super purely as an attack in a select few circumstances, such as finishing off a fleeing opponent. The limited base damage makes it an unattractive weapon on offense, barring a few occasions.

Beware of Shelly

A 1v1 against a Shelly is a situation best avoided when using the shotgunner. Closing the gap between the two brawlers will typically be very costly towards your hit points, allowing her to mow you down in a shotgun battle. Engage her only with the support of teammates or in a sneak attack.




First and foremost, Bull is a quality brawler in any game mode and bounty is no exception. That being said, bounty is definitely not where he is at his best. Without an incentive to jump out from cover or control the middle, teams often play far back enough that Blanco can be dealt with before he even gets close enough to land a hit. If you do manage reach the enemy, employ a get in and get out strategy, racking up kills while avoiding a costly death.

Gem Grab

With teams more incentivized to put their necks on the line for a few loose gems, Bull’s limitations become less of a handicap here. If you own the middle and let either your teammates or yourself collect gems, the wins should come easily. If the countdown starts and you’re on offense, use Blanco’s super and let them have it. On defense, tank for your teammates, assuming you haven’t collected many gems. If you have, Bull still has enough hit points where you could safely support your team, falling back if necessary.


Bull is unparalleled in showdown, which is hardly shocking considering he’s a meat shield with decent range. Avoiding Shelly and being cautious around El Primo should be your only limitations. That, and blindly charging into green poisonous clouds of death. Towards the final stages of a match, pretend your super doesn’t even exist or risk missing your target and dying a horrible death.  Be confident but aware when using this brawler in showdown.


Just about useless on defense, while possessing some utility on offense, Bull is a risky pick for heist. Assuming you get lucky and are on offense, land some shots to build up your super and pick the right moment to charge towards the vault. Once there, ignore enemies and go to town on that vault. I mean really pulverize that vault. I’m not jok- I think you get it.


Elixir Upgrades

Bull has more health than one could ever want and his super is seldom used as an offensive weapon, leaving attack as the sole recommended upgrade. The more damage he can inflict during the brief period of shock and awe and the seconds ensuing the better off you’ll be. If you must upgrade something else (or have maxed out his attack) I suppose investing in his super would be wise. Maybe an exorbitant amount of elixir can remedy one of the few gaps in this brawler and make a charging Bull twice as fearsome. Even then, may your brawl boxes be filled with, you know, actual brawlers.


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If rarities were nonexistent, Bull would be my invariable recommendation for beginners. If you can learn to play an effective Bull, you’re set. He’s a brawler that’s easy to learn and not all that hard to master. Playing an aggressive but smart play style will take you far with the shotgunner, especially in showdown. With a brawler this good, you’ll never have to team again!

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