Occupying the final rung in our most recent tier list, Brock is a brawler typically viewed as weak, incompetent, and a Piper-lite. While he may not be the easiest to find success with, it’s certainly not impossible. Players who can find ways to maximize what Brock does best and avoid situations where he struggles will find this brawler a solid choice. Today, we will unveil our Brock guide! While this Brock guide may not guarantee instant success or even make up for Brock’s poor balancing, it will definitely help you use him more effectively.


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Description: “When Brock’s not lighting up the battle with his rockets, he’s lighting up the dance floor with his smooth moves.”

Health: 600

Main Attack: 260 damage

Super: 260 damage per rocket (6 total)


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Sheer Damage

Brock’s rockets are not always the easiest to land hits with due to their slow speed, but when they find their target they can be absolutely punishing. If one can master the timing required to play an effective Brock, many brawlers can be eliminated with 2-3 shots.

Of course, that’s simply the base damage, so enough upgrades could allow him to eliminate opposing brawlers with more health, such as Shelly, in three hits.

Zoning and Delay

While the slow speed on his rockets can often be a hindrance, it’s also a boon in some situations. For example, pre-firing the middle is a good strategy right off the bat in Bounty and Gem Grab, since it keeps the enemy at bay while your teammates can stake a claim in the middle.

The slightly higher delay from firing to impact, as compared to other long range options, stalls the enemy for half a second longer, which may be just enough sometimes. Firing around corners is another good way to perform some area denial.

Lethal Super

If you aren’t shouting “Barrage!” when using Brock’s super you’re probably doing something wrong (don’t actually do that you fool). Equally fun to use as it is effective, Brock’s rocket rain attack is one of my favorite supers out there. Use it to finish off an enemy, clear the middle, buy a few seconds for wounded teammates, or even for some celebratory fireworks.



Glass Cannon

I have a slight headache from thinking up a few strengths, but luckily this should all come a lot easier. Brock has such little health, 600 to be exact, that any wrong move or poor positioning can get him killed in a few seconds.

Play angles and corners with Brock, forcing the opponent to put their neck out there and expose themselves. Remember, the high damage can help you rack up 3 kills in a row, but the low health can negate that just as easily.

Tough to Aim

As I previously mentioned, Brock’s rockets move mind-numbingly slow compared to his peers. This makes his main attack difficult to use and require considerable experience to aim effectively.

Learning to lead Brock’s shots is the only chance of being a positive factor for your team, but even then Brock is a low floor, moderate ceiling character. If you’re willing to put in the time to master a brawler, don’t make it Brock.

Her, But Weaker

Yes, you know who I’m talking about. Brock is great and all, but at the end of the day if you have Piper, our groovy friend becomes totally obsolete. This issue was covered in far greater detail here, but to summarize Piper serves as a nearly direct upgrade to Brock. I guess good vibes can only get him so far.


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Brock struggles a little bit in this event, often setting his team back a few stars directly after racking up a few kills. If you insist on playing Brock in bounty, try to play a support role, providing cover fire for your teammates and snagging a few garbage kills along the way. Just try to stay out of the thick of things, leave that to the tanks.

Gem Grab

In an event largely dominated by brutal, gap-closing tanks and shotguns, Brock has no place. If he even dares to peek his head out in the center of the map, it’s game over. On top of that, he suffers from very similar problems in Gem Grab as he does in bounty, often getting a few gems and then losing them right after. Avoid using Brock here (and everywhere really).


If you’re looking to lose trophies playing showdown, oh man do I have the brawler for you. Brock’s flaws are put on display in this event, leaving him vulnerable and often unable to hit his target due to the style of showdown maps.

The many walls scattered throughout the map make hitting an enemy from long range a challenge, and while you’re busy doing that a Shelly will sneak up behind you and blow your brains out. Fun times. If you must use Brock here, hide and get a few clean-up kills.


This is the sole game mode where I can even lightly recommend Brock, due to his admittedly powerful super that can go over walls and right onto the vault. If you see an opening, get close and fire away. If you are having trouble getting through the horde of Barleys, use Brock’s super to destroy walls and open up and alternative pathway to the vault.

On defense, Brock also has some utility. Pre-fire and delay, and once you’re done with that do it some more. As long as the enemy is kept at bay, Brock can be a rather effective pick on defense.




Elixir Upgrades

The final part of this Brock guide concerns what you should upgrade first with your elixir. It’s always good to upgrade to a brawler’s strengths rather than trying to compensate for their weaknesses. That being said, I can equally recommend investing your elixir in Brock’s super and main attack.

The more damage both of these attacks do, the better since they aren’t always the easiest to land. If it now only takes 3 rockets instead of 4 to eliminate an opposing brawler, Brock will become that much more effective.



He’s not the greatest brawler in the world, but he can be decent when played correctly. Use some of the strategies displayed in this Brock guide and you’ll find yourself having much more success.

While not currently very viable in the metagame, mastery of Brock now may pay off down the road when he inevitably receives a buff. With Brock, it’s all about taking what the other team gives you. Know his limitations and work around them, and you may just find this brawler not too bad after all.



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