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Howdy Brawlers! The long-awaited Brawlidays are finally here! Today Supercell has released all the information concerning this special Christmas event. Here’s a résumé of everything we know to date.

New Skins

The most hyped and most awaited feature of the Brawlidays are sure to be the three brand-new Christmas-themed skins. These skins will only be available for a limited amount of time. After January 3rd, none of them will be purchasable, so get them while you can!

Brawlidays New Skins

First off, we have Santamike, a skin for Dynamike. It definitely fits our favorite white-bearded explosive miner! His attacks have also been reskinned — he throws candy canes with his main attack and an explosive Christmas tree with his super. This skin is available for 80 gems.

Second, we have the Lil’ Helper Penny skin. With this skin, Penny looks like a festive and mischievous elf. The skin extends to her cannon as well, which looks like a Christmas present. This skin can be bought for 80 gems as well.

Finally, the most awaited skin of the bunch has to be Red Nose Nita. There’s a reason to that for sure: This skin offers a complex rework of Nita and her bear’s look, with both having a Rudolph reindeer costume. This skin is also the most expensive of the three, costing 150 gems.

Special Offers

Christmas says sales, and this is also true for Brawlidays. 4 special offers are currently running in every Brawler’s shop in the world.

To begin, all three new skins are available at reduced prices right now. Santamike and Lil’ Helper Penny both cost 59 gems, while Red Nose Nita can be purchased for 109 gems. 

The fourth special offer is a bundle costing actual money. For $4.99 US or $6.99 CAN, you can buy the holiday pack, which contains 2 Mega Boxes and 170 gems, for a total of 4x value.

Skin offers will available for 14 days, but the holiday pack is only available for 6 days, which lets us think there might be more coming later.

New Map

Snow Theme

The last thing that Brawlidays introduced is the new map, Snow Fort. It’s a clone of the map Stone Fort and it’s playable in Gem Grab. It features a brand-new snowy theme, with a floor made of ice, pale blue grass and multiple Christmas references, like presents instead of boxes. Hopefully, we’ll see more maps with this theme during the rest Brawlidays!

Boss Fight

We could believe everything we saw that Brawlidays has to offer. With brand-new skins, many shop deals and a new map theme, Supercell is already giving us many presents. But there is one more thing we haven’t seen yet.

Boss Fight


Boss Fight is a new ticketed game mode — remember that the old Boss Fight has been renamed Big Game! In this PvE game mode, you will compete with friends or with randoms against gigantic enemies, similar to a Boss Rush mode. That means that once a boss is beaten, you won’t have to fight it again! Bosses become more and more challenging once you reach higher levels. Once you have beaten a boss, you will be able to fight them for free again if you play with friends who are at a lower level. You won’t gain any trophies from this mode, but you might be able to farm a sleigh-load of coins or boxes.

For this Brawliday season, Supercell is really going all out with their presents. With all this new content, we can only hope that this is something that will be reiterated next years to come. That’s it for now; if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Written by Gravity Monkey and edited by Vrn. The credit to the image at the top of the post goes to tryso (Discord).


  • Tony
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    Will these skins be back next year or will they be gone forever?

    • Nobody knows that for sure. However, you’ll keep the skins forever if you buy them right now.

  • tryu
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    funny one!

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