Hi, my rookie Brawlers! In this post, we will be covering some brawler that we’d like to see added to the game. I’ve been searching and requesting ideas from Reddit, and I got some great submissions. Let’s get right into it!


Why Would Supercell Add New Brawlers?

As a worldwide renowned company, Supercell is extremely active with its community and take suggestions on the game all the time. Since these ideas are from the community (wisdom of the crowd, more people know more than one), Supercell might pick these, after polishing them up – the Clash Royale Bandit emerged from an unbalanced Ghost idea. Certain Brawlers need to be balanced from the start because otherwise the game will suffer too much imbalance and will fall. In addition, new Brawlers create more hype, which might spread to attract a larger crowd.


Brawler Concepts

All Brawler submissions required a name, a description, an explanation of its attack and super.


Coktor – /u/Mleox123

Coktor is a versatile alchemist with a variety of differences in his attacks. Every time he attacks, he throws a potion that deals 130 base damage. Every potion has a different side-effect, cycling through

  1. Slowness – Coktor’s potion will slow down the target and slowly restoring them starting at 40% for three seconds, making the victim more vulnerable for following attacks. Coktor will be sped up by 10% decreasing to 0 in those same three seconds
  2. Mute – the opponent’s attack bar will not regenerate for 3 seconds.
  3. Poison – the attack deals 5 base damage every half second, with 10 total ticks (5 seconds)

His super, Mega Potion, is a combination of those, only activated when a player steps in the trap. His base health is 600 and his range is like Barley’s main attack. The Mega Potion has a range slightly bigger, and the super’s size is slightly smaller than Barley’s super. Coktor can soft-recreate his super (with a smaller range, etc.) by using all his ammo.

Disadvantages to the cycle are that Coktor might need 2 but the cycle is at 3.


Bronco – /u/Dios_Mios_

Bronco’s whip is short-ranged but powerful, base 320 damage to be exact. Bronco has a base health of 800 so that he’s beefy enough to survive walking to someone with his short range because Bronco has a slow movespeed.

His Super is the real masterpiece – he spawns a horse on whom he sits. This horse’s movespeed is extremely high, easily catching up on all opponents. The horse has a base health of 400, acting as a shield. If Bronco’s health is one, and his horse’s health is 400 and has been dealt any single damage higher than 400 – let’s say 600 – will not kill Bronco, because only the horse will die.

The horse despawns whenever the horse has no health or after 5 seconds. Bronco can use his whip from his horse, although this won’t increase his super.

Bronco is good at Bounty – the cowboy deals a great deal of damage when close, and can escape when too close to too many opponents. Showdown will also be a specialty since there are quite a few walls and corners there. Bronco isn’t good at Heist because most players pick long-ranged units.


Bronco might be a tad strong. If he’s too strong, nerfing his main attack’s base damage will do.


Slick – /u/Mleox123


Slimy Slick launches a Slime ball that bounces twice over the ground. When it is launched, it deals 200 base damage, after the first bounce dealing 150 and then dealing 100. If the ball hits people, it knocks them back and the ball continues, potentially damaging multiple people. The Slime ball can bounce over walls, but if it lands on one, it breaks. Slick is a tank, he has 1000 base health.

When Slimy Slick’s super activates, he becomes a projectile himself, bouncing twice over a slightly longer range. Slick can control the direction and carries all enemies to the last bounce. After that, he bounces once more – without other players – to the location where he activated the super.

Slick would be great at Heist, hitting over walls, and would encourage team playing because he could use his super to bring all player near the safe away so the team can attack.

If Slick is too OP, a nerf to 600-800 base health might work.


Morlly/Bang/Baroorang – Mike McDermott

Boomerang Morlly with his 1000 base health throws his boomerang dealing 125 (+10 per upgrade) damage. Once it has reached its maximum range or if the boomerang hits a wall it immediately comes back to him, again dealing damage.

Morlly’s super is a bigger, base 200 damage boomerang with a bigger range. If the boomerang hits an enemy, it will bounce off that player onto another player in a range about the size of El Primo’s main attack. The boomerang can at most go over a distance of Brock or Piper’s main attack. If there are no more enemies left, the boomerang will return, which will potentially create a little extra chaos.

Lowering his base health or his super’s range would nerf him.


Tealth – Mike McDermott

Tealth launches a shotgun spread of 10 magic energy bolts (Poco-like spread) dealing 30 damage and healing himself and the nearest ally for 10 health per bullet that successfully damages an opponent. For his super, he launches a magic chain that locks on the first enemy brawler hit for 7 seconds. Each time Tealth is attacked while the chain is active the person the chain is attached to takes 30% of the damage Tealth normally takes. Tealth has 1300 health and moves at the same speed as most Brawlers, i.e. Shelly.

Example: Tealth takes 100 damage, chained target takes 30 damage

His movement speed is the most obvious nerf, to preserve his extreme tank-like abilities.


Fin – /u/UnicornzPower

fin brawler idea brawl stars blog

Fin’s base health is 800, and his main role is to flank.

The nerf is halving his main damage.


Mechafist/Mechapunch – /u/Mleox123

Main attack, Forceful Punch: Mechafist punches with a great force dealing 125 damage and knocking back the brawler (2 map tiles). If the brawler knocked back hits a wall he is stunned (unable to move) for 0.5 seconds.

Super ability, Overclock: Mechafist doubles his movement speed and deals an additional 50 damage with his main attack and knocks enemy brawlers back 1 extra map tile (3 tiles total)

If he’s too strong, nerf his 1000 base health.


I hope you guys enjoyed these brawler concepts. If you would like to submit your own ideas and be featured in the next edition of your article, you can do so here.

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