Today we will be taking a look at the 15 Brawlers currently in the new Brawl Stars game. The brawlers will be ranked from worst overall to best overall. These rankings were acquired from Mobile Gamer Hub’s Brawler Tier List. This list and its components will change over time due to updates, nerfs, and buffs by the developers at Supercell. Let’s begin!


15. Ricochet

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Description: “A former Pool Bot made obsolete by a newer model, Ricochet is banking on his amazing angle-calculation skills to become a great Brawler.”

Type: Ranged/Support

Health: 500

Damage: 80 per bullet

Super: Trick Shot

Rarity: Rare

Review: Ricochet is a long-ranged, sniper-like character that takes some expertise to use. Due to his low health, it is best to distance him from enemies so that he won’t be damaged but can still do some damage. In honor of his name, the bullets that he shoots ricochet off the walls and sometimes hit enemies. He has a super called the “Trick Shot” that is one of the best in the game.


14. Colt

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Description: “Colt lets his long-range revolvers do the talking. He never seems to run out of lines.”

Type: Ranged

Health: 600

Damage: 80 per bullet

Super: Bullet Train

Rarity: Common

Review: Colt is another long-ranged character in Brawl Stars that takes some time to master. Colt has a bit more health and is a tad more accurate than other long-ranged brawlers like Ricochet. Because of this, you can position him in various positions on the map and also be riskier than you would with other brawlers. His super gives off a burst of bullets that shred through everything.


13. Dynamike

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Description: “Dynamike is a retired miner who misses the favorite part of his old job — blowing up stuff!”

Type: Ranged/Support

Health: 600

Damage: 140 per dynamite

Super: Big Barrel o’ Boom

Rarity: Common

Review: Dynamike is a support character that is quite easy to use. He is frail with little health, but can also throw his powerful sticks of dynamite with quite some range. His super is a very destructive barrel of dynamite that either kills or knocks back enemies on impact. He is best used when he is protected by some sort of wall, tossing sticks of explosives at his opponents.


12. Brock

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Description: “When Brock’s not lighting up the battle with rockets, he’s lighting up the dance floor with his smooth moves.”

Type: Ranged

Health: 600

Damage: 260

Super: Rockin’ Rocket

Rarity: Common

Review: Brock is yet another long-ranged brawler. The only difference with Brock is that he launches Rockets, not bullets. His rockets are powerful and have the potential to change the pace of a game. His super is just like his regular attack, except much deadlier. It is called “Rocket Rain” and it definitely stays true to that name.


11. Bull

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Description: “Bull Blanco is like a bull in a China Shop. A bull with a double barrel shotgun.”

Type: Ranged/Tank

Health: 1200

Damage: 100 per shell

Super: Bulldozer

Rarity: Common

Review: Bull is similar to the popular El Primo character, but has less health and is a bit faster. Bull’s speed and health make for a perfect combo, as they allow him to run around the frontlines of the battle while fighting quite comfortably. His super, “Bulldozer”, really demonstrates why he is called Bull. His super allows him to charge through the map and knock down everything in his path.



10. Barley

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Description: “Barley just wants to be a regular barkeeper. Grind his gears though — steam comes out and bottles start flying!”

Type: Ranged/Support

Health: 600

Damage: 120 per second

Super: Undiluted

Rarity: Rare

Review: Because Barley is a bartender that launches bottles of corrosive materials at enemies, he wins the award for the most unorthodox brawler. That being said, he is still quite fun to use. His attack has a huge affect on crowd control due to its ability to kill all enemies in the radius of his fire-like substance. His super is even more powerful as it quadruples the amount of bottles thrown, ultimately making it harder for an enemy to escape his pond of corrosiveness.



9. Shelly

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Description: Shotgun Shelly is always the Belle of the Brawl. Her trusty boomstick makes sure no one gets in her way.”

Type: Ranged

Health: 800

Damage: 80 per shell

Super: Super Shell

Rarity: Common

Review: We all have a little place in our hearts for Shotgun Shelly — she taught us how to play the game! Because she is the beginning brawler for everybody, she is naturally the easiest to use. In almost every battle, you will encounter a Shelly, so it is important to learn how to play with her and against her. While she doesn’t do much damage from just one shot, her ability to shoot many times is what can become overwhelming for opponents. In addition, when she uses her “Super Shell” super, deal critical damage to multiple opponents at once.


8. Nita

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Description: “Nita Littlefoot is the latest in a long line of Tribal shamans. Her spirit animal is the big baby bear.”

Type: Ranged

Health: 800

Damage: 160

Super: Overbearing

Rarity: Common

Review: If you’ve played the game for even a few minutes, you’ll quickly realize that the big bear that was chasing you and your teammates the whole time was actually the spirit animal of a shamanistic little girl. In fact, that big bear is her a part of her super and is really the only thing that makes Nita special. Without the bear, she is a below average brawler that deals minimal damage.


7. Jessie

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Description: “Junker Jessie is a hillbilly girl genius who fashions dangerous gun turrets from scrap.”

Type: Ranged/Support

Health: 700

Damage: 160

Super: Scrappy!

Rarity: Common

Review: Jessie takes on the engineer/mechanic role that other characters take in other games. She is most known for her super, “Scrappy!”, where she throws a turret down. The turret is quite useful for defending important points in the different game modes.


6. Poco

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Description: “After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back.”

Type: Ranged/Support

Health: 800

Damage: 160

Super: Encore

Rarity: Rare

Review: Poco is the go-to option if you’re looking to heal your teammates and also do some damage. He is a great support brawler because while he’s healing the teammates, he’s also damaging enemies if they’re in range. He’s does this when using his super which is called “Encore”.


5. Crow

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Description: “This enigmatic creature just appeared in town one day. Nobody dares to ruffle his feathers — not anymore.”

Type: Ranged

Health: 600

Damage: 60 per dagger

Super: Swoop

Rarity: Legendary

Review: Crow doesn’t do much damage right off the bat. Rather, his poison daggers take time to sink in his enemies skin and slowly damage them. For his super, Crow launches poison daggers in the air before he takes flight. Crow is not going to be successful in situations where you need to damage your opponents immediately. That being said, he’s perfect for the patient player and only in certain game modes.


4. El Primo

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Description: “El Primo was hit by a meteor from outer space, giving him superhuman strength and unrivaled charisma.”

Type: Melee/Tank

Health: 1300

Damage: 80 per punch

Super: Flying Elbow Drop

Rarity: Common

Review: El Primo is the tankiest tank in Brawl Stars so far. He has the most health out of all of the brawlers, making him perfect for shielding ranged teammates. The downside about El Primo is his range, as he is a melee brawler. However, his jabs do have some range, and this can come in handy when he chases down opponents. When his super is activated, he jumps and lands in a place of your choosing and does a great deal of damage.


3. Spike

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Description: “This strange desert dweller is the last of his kind. Or is he…?”

Type: Melee

Health: 700

Damage: 120 per spike

Super: Stick Around!

Rarity: Legendary

Review: If you couldn’t guess by the name, Spike is a cactus. Well, not only a cactus but a cactus that shoots deadly cacti everywhere. These cacti then shatter and send spikes in all directions. In Spike’s super, “Stick Around!”, Spike puts cactus seedlings everywhere and ultimately damages and slows the enemy down.


2. Bo

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Description: “Bo the Eagle Hunter is the greatest bowman the Tribes have ever known. His arrows are simply explosive!”

Type: Ranged/Support

Health: 800

Damage: 80 per arrow

Super: Catch a Fox

Rarity: Epic

Review: Bo fights with a bow, in case you didn’t know. He is no doubt the best long-ranged unit in the game, as he is also quite powerful. He shoots explosive arrows which deal a great bit of damage. As if that isn’t enough, his super allows him to hides explosive traps on the ground. That makes him ranged, powerful, and unpredictable!


1. Mortis

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Description: “Mortis the undertaker puts people in coffins. Despite his spindly frame and apparent years, he moves with surprising speed.”

Type: Melee

Health: 800

Damage: 160

Super: Life Blood

Rarity: Epic

Review: Mortis is arguably the greatest brawler of them all. Not only does he have a lot of health and speed, he also has a super that calls a swarm of bats to help him fight. If you’re lucky enough to have him, this is your go-to melee brawler.


Did you like our list? Do you agree with it? Have anything you want us to cover? Leave all your opinions in the comment section below!

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