This strange desert dweller is the last of the cactus people – as far as we know.

Spike Pinky
Spike Pinky

Spike is a Legendary Brawler in all aspects. As a support type Brawler, Spike can demolish enemies very easily with his timely thrown cacti. Spike has low health but high damage. His attack involves him throwing a cactus at the enemy that burst upon contact, releasing spikes everywhere. If the cactus doesn’t hit anything, then it explodes after reaching the maximum distance. His spikes go very far, allowing one to hit multiple Brawlers, including those hiding behind walls when thrown at the correct angle. Spike’s Super ability is throwing a giant cactus as a projectile. The cactus explodes when it touches the ground and spreads the seedlings. Any enemies gets caught in the area is slowed down and takes damage over time. If you unlock Spike’s Star Power, then standing in his Super will heal Spike too!

Star Power: Fertilize

After using Super, Spike regenerates 500 health per second by staying in its area of effect.

Spike’s star power allows him to regain health by standing in the cactus patch he creates with his Super. This can be useful for both healing Spike and damaging nearby enemies.


Health: 2400 – 3360

Damage per spike: 480 – 672

Reload Time: 2 seconds

Super damage per second: 400 – 560

Speed: 720

Rarity: Legendary

Skins: Default, Pinky (80 gems)

  • Every upgrade increases his health by 120, damage per spike by 24 and Super damage per second by 20

Game Modes

Solo/Duo Showdown

Spike is very efficient in Showdown. Even with low health, he can make it to the top 5 most of the times. His high damage and the extended reach of his cacti make up for his low health. His Super also helps him a lot, as he can trap enemies and get away when low on health, or kill the enemy quickly.

Spike is a low-health Brawler and can be taken out in 2-3 shots by Piper or Brock. Although he is a legendary and does decent damage, he has very low health. 

Never go after elixir crates when using Spike in Showdown. Most of the time, you’ll meet another Brawler there and things can go terribly wrong for your little, walking cactus. Always make sure no one is hiding in bushes nearby a crate by throwing cacti into the bushes. Because of the 360 degrees nature of your attack, you’ll be able to hit the enemy with a single cactus most of the time. However, you should throw 2 cacti to be extra sure and safe. If no one is hiding in the bushes, start attacking the crate quickly and hide in the bush yourself. Once you break the crate, grab the power-up and run away.

If you find a Brawler inside the bush, then you’ll have two option: 1) if the Brawler is low on health or is known to be weak in one on one fights, then try to kill him, 2) if the Brawler has full health and is stronger than Spike in one on one brawls, then run away as fast as you can, and use the obstacles to protect yourself from their attacks. Always hang out in the middle part of the map, preferably hidden in a bush. Keep an eye out for any approaching Brawler. If someone heads towards you, then start attacking them and get out of the bush from the other side. If the Brawler doesn’t come towards you, then hiding in the bush will be your best bet. Moving around will get you noticed by other Brawlers nearby.

Gem Grab

Spike is a good choice for Gem Grab too. He best acts as a hunter in this game mode. His low health doesn’t allow him to carry the gems, but his attack and Super allow him to take charge of the gem mine.

When using Spike in Gem Grab, try to find a place to hide near the gem mine. Whenever you see an enemy approaching, get out and attack them. But make sure you hide again quickly too, as your low health makes you very vulnerable to enemy hits. You should also use your bulky teammates as shields to move around.

Try to not pick up the gems as much as you can. You will be very easy to kill and thus the whole game can be shifted into enemy’s favour when you die while carrying gems. You should not worry about dying a lot in Gem Grab. Your main aim is to create pressure on the enemy team and gain possession of the mine. You shouldn’t fear going after enemies alone if you are not carrying any gems, or if you think you can help your team gain the momentum.

Using your Super at the correct time and in the right spot is very crucial. You can throw your Super in a place with lots of spilled gems so that your teammates can grab the gems easily. With your Star Power unlocked, you can use your Super to heal yourself in dire situations.


Spike is a good choice to use in Bounty. He has great damage and is very mobile. His attacks make it possible for him to reach dangerous places without too much risk. The only disadvantage of using Spike in Bounty is his low health. The fact that Piper dominates Bounty in this meta makes Spike a Brawler that only those who know to use his attack and mobility can afford to use.

When using Spike, you must understand that the enemy will always try to come after you because of your low health. But don’t worry, you can easily use it to your advantage! Whenever you see someone coming towards you, start running towards your starting point, and keeping on attacking the enemy, even if it is out of your range. With any luck, you’ll get support from your teammates and thus you’ll be able to kill the enemy.

You should also try to let your teammates kill the enemy. If the enemy has low health, and your bulky teammates are nearby, then let them kill the enemy. This will give them the stars and because they are bulky, the enemy will have a tough time bringing them down. Also, stay behind an obstacle most of the time, and only come out if an enemy approaches you. Even when you attack, be sure to hide behind walls or in bushes again quickly.


Spike isn’t a very good choice in Heist. He lacks long range, which is a critical factor in Heist. There are many better choices than Spike to use Heist, but if you still want to use Spike in Heist, then carry on. 

Offense: Spike can be pretty efficient when playing offensively in a Heist match. Hide behind a tank like usual, and just let Bull or El Primo take the hits while you attack the safe. When hitting the safe, you want to also assist your teammates, so try hit both the safe and opposing Brawlers. With the help of your teammates, you can destroy the safe very easily. When struggling to get to the safe, or when going against Barley or Dynamike, try to sneak up on them and obliterate them with your spikes.

If you have your Super, you want to try to hit all three enemies and then quickly deal damage to the safe while your enemies are dead. While they are respawning, ignore them as much as you can, but also try to avoid their attacks – if they are targeting you. Try to have your teammates serve as a distraction for the defense so that you can take care of the safe.

Defense: Spike can be deadly for defense as well. You should play him just like you do on offense, except that instead of attacking the safe, you want to attack opposing Brawlers. Try to trap all of them with your Super and remember to hide behind walls or in the bushes as you deal damage. If they manage to get to the safe, you want to avoid their shots and try to hit them yourself and, since your Super fills up quickly, you can easily counter them with Stick Around. Even with these tips, it’s not recommended to use Spike in Heist, unless you’re looking to lose trophies.

Brawl Ball

Spike can be deadly if used correctly in Brawl Ball. His ability to attack in all directions at once makes him a foe to be reckoned with. When the game starts, throw two cacti towards the ball after a few seconds. This will ensure that you hit your enemies by at least one spike. It will also help you fill up your Super quickly.

Only pick up the ball if you’re certain you can score the goal or when you’re defending. You have low health and can not make it to the goal post with the ball. You should just support your teammates and clear the way for them. Your Super can be really helpful for trapping your enemies and clearing the path for your teammates.

Robo Rumble

Spike’s 360-degree attack helps a lot in this game mode. With Spike’s attacks, along with precise timing and aim, you can take out a few robots at once. This is extremely helpful in the first few stages, but as the waves increase, Spike will not be of much help due to his low health. However, if your teammates are good, try to be somewhat of a support to them, and hope you can last long enough to get max rewards.

Boss Fight

If Spike is on the team of attackers, he won’t be able to help out too much, due to his low health. In order to use him, you will have to hide in the bushes and shoot from there, trying to stay away from the Boss. In other words, he should not be played too aggressively, unlike tankier Brawlers. Once with a Super, Spike can be of really great help, as his Super will slow down the Boss and the rest of the team will deal as much damage as they’re allowed.

As the Boss, Spike can last a good while. His attack can deal damage to multiple Brawlers at once, and if you can get all of the attackers together, you can take all five down with three shots at most. His Super can slow down all of them, and it can also be used to heal yourself, although healing is a nerfed stat for the Bosses.

At present, Spike isn’t a good choice in Boss Fight as it can be countered by Frank easily. 

Best Team Comps

Spike | Colt | Bo

Spike works really well with these two brawlers. In SnG, Spike and Bo can quickly take over the mine, while Colt, with his fast speed, can take the gems and run away, dealing massive damage all the same. In Brawl Ball, Spike and Bo can serve for support and defense, as well as protecting Colt while he runs to the goal. Not the best team for Heist, unless on defense, as all three Supers can be used to protect the safe. In Bounty, like in SnG, Spike and Bo can quickly take over the map with the Supers and Colt already shines by himself in Bounty.

Spike | Brock | El Primo

Spike works well with these two brawlers as well. Brock can very easily control the area with his rockets. El Primo acts as the meat shield for Spike and Brock. El Primo can also dish out massive damage while protecting the two. Spike serves as the hunter with his ability to hit multiple enemies at once and trap them with his Super. El Primo and Brock can use their Supers when Spike uses his to deal maximum damage.

Spike | Dynamike | Shelly

Shelly acts as the tank in this team. She can take out heavy hitters easily and dominate the battlefield. Both Dynamike and Spike can damage multiple Brawlers at once, and Dynamike can easily take out enemies by hiding behind the obstacles and in bushes. In SnG, this team can be lethal. If all the three players play their part correctly, then victory is almost assured. In Bounty too, this team can be very difficult to take out.

Spike | Bull | Piper or Brock

The tank in this team composition is Bull. Spike supports Bull using his AoE cacti, while Piper or Brock hit from behind. This team is great in SnG and Bounty, but does poorly in Brawl Ball, as Piper and Brock shoot from long range, and the ball moves around the field. This team, if used well and correctly, can dominate Bounty or SnG. The only downside to this team in Bounty is that Spike has low health.

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