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In this post, we will take a look Penny, a Brawler which throws money at her problems, with stats, game mode ranking, and a few team compositions.
Penny Brawl Stars


Penny is a plundering pirate, who shoots a devastating broadside of gold coins at scoundrels. 

Penny is a Super Rare Brawler. She is a support Brawler as she is more powerful in a team than alone, and she has a long range attack, medium health and decent reload. She is played best in game modes like Gem Grab and Showdown, where her Super controls the match. Her attack is better against teamed or grouped-up Brawlers. 


Health: 3200 – 4480 
Attack damage: 840 – 1176 (per coin bag and coin) 
Fires: 1 coin bag on impact – explodes into 3 piercing coins 
Range: Coin bag 9 tiles (coins 13 tiles) 
Reload speed: 2 seconds 
Super damage: 840 – 1680 
cannon reload speed: 2.5 seconds 
Star power damage: 1680 damage 
Movement speed: 720 
Rarity: Super Rare 
Skins: Default

Each upgrade increases her health by 160, main attack damage by 42, and cannon damage by 60.

Attack: Plunderbuss

Shoots out a pouch of fool’s gold. If the pouch hits an enemy, it bursts and coin pepper targets behind the first enemy.

Penny fires a coin bag that entity splits into 3 coins on contact with an enemy. The coins do the same amount of damage as the coin bag. This attack is most effective against enemies that group up. That means you can employ this unique mechanic best when playing team game modes such as Gem Grab. 

Super: Old Lobber

Penny sets up her cannon! It can shoot at enemies at a long range, even if they are behind cover.

Penny has one of the most unique supers in this game. It’s a cannon that fires every 2.5 seconds at the nearest enemy in sight, and her super has an extremely long range and can hit opponents off-screen. The best place to throw the cannon is usually behind walls.

Star Power: Last Blast

When Penny’s cannon is destroyed, it shoots out one last barrage of bombs, each dealing 1680 damage.

Penny has one of the worst Star Powers in the game, essentially when Penny’s cannon gets killed it explodes into a barrage of cannonballs in a radius around the cannon. It’s worse compared to other Star Powers because most of the cannonballs don’t even end up hitting the opponent. 

Game Modes

Gem Grab: 5/5

Gem Grab is arguably the best mode for Penny in the current meta. She is usually played as a Gem Carrier and is able to fend people off with her main attack and turret. She can also be played as a support Brawler because of her relatively long range and good damage with her coins. Your best bet for a team comp would be playing her with 1 aggro Brawler like Nita or Shelly, as well as a crowd control Brawler like Barley to keep enemy Brawlers outside the gem mine. Try to play her in maps with cover for the turret, as it will be able to mow down enemies without getting shot. She is definitely able to be pushed in Gem Grab.

Duo Showdown: 4.5/5

Duo Showdown is the second-best game mode to play Penny in. She can play as a high-damage long-range Brawler for short-range or low health Brawlers. Her specialties would be taking out 2 Brawlers at a time by using the spread on her coins to shoot a duo that is in a clump, severely hurting the one behind the other. Although not as important, she is also good at taking out large clumps of boxes (like the center of Thousand Lakes) to give her duo an advantage over the other Brawlers. Her turret can also act as a third member of the duo because of its high damage and great accuracy. For solos and duos, play Penny in maps that are more open, like Scorched Stone, but make sure there are a few spots to place your turret. Maps with a lot of grass like Island Invasion or maps with a lot of walIs like Hot Maze. If you don’t like pushing in Gem Grab, then Duos will definitely be your best bet.

Solo Showdown: 4/5

Penny is not as good in solos as she is in duos, yet she is still a viable option. She is good at destroying sets of multiple boxes, as well as chipping those dirty teamers with her coin spread. Try to stay back with Penny, and don’t charge in because of her single shots. Try chipping tanks or short-range Brawlers to charge up her super. After placing your turret, make sure to stay around the turret because it will help keep other Brawlers away. Defending the turret until you recharge your super will allow you to get a lot of chip on enemy Brawlers. Do not fight long-range Brawlers like Brock unless you have more power cubes than them. Overall solos is a decent way to push trophies.

Bounty: 3/5

Penny is only good in Bounty if you know how to play her well, and she is map specific as well. Good maps to play her in are ones that clump Brawlers together like Outlaw Camp. Contrary to Showdown, Penny is not that good in open maps like Star Gulch because of long-ranged Brawlers like Piper and Brock that could easily do a lot of damage. However, Penny’s cannon could come in a clutch during the final seconds, as it can finish Brawlers already chipped by her and her teammates. Play Penny with some long-ranged Brawlers and you are set to get the win.

Heist: 2/5

In Heist, Penny’s main attack does not do enough damage to be effective towards the safe. Her turret can easily be countered by throwers who can take down the turret in a few shots. Enemy Brawlers don’t tend to bunch up in Heist, so she usually cannot put her coin spread to good use. The only way Penny would be able to do good is if the enemy team has no throwers. In this case, Penny could put her turret into areas like the sides of Safe Zone and let it chip away! However, this is a very unlikely case scenario. Using Brawlers like Brock or Colt will do better than Penny.

Brawl Ball: 2/5

Penny is generally terrible in general in Brawl Ball. Tanks dominate the meta of Brawl Ball and will be unaffected by the low damage Penny or her turret put out. Additionally, Mortis ball carriers will easily be able to avoid her turret and tank her main attack damage. The only good scenario for Penny is if the enemies bunch up around their goal, allowing Penny to take out the enemies with her coin spread. Her cannon is usually not useful, as Brawl Ball maps tend to be open, allowing many Brawlers to take it out.

Robo Rumble: 4/5

Penny is definitely a viable choice to play for Robo Rumble. She is good in the early parts of the game, as she can easily 3-or 4-shot enemy robots. She is also good in the later parts of the game, as her coin spread is able to take out multiple robots that are clumped together. Depending on the map, her turret can also be a valuable asset in taking out multiple clumps of robots. If you have Brawlers who can destroy high health bosses or control the crowd of robots, Penny is an excellent option to play in Robo Rumble.

Boss Fight: 1/5

Penny is a terrible choice to be played on Boss Brawl regardless of map or position. As an attacker, Penny does not have a role in the offense. She hardly does any damage to the boss, and her coin spread is ineffective unless the boss is standing right behind a turret or bear. Additionally, her cannon can easily be dodged by the Boss, as they have increased speed. Even if the boss is still hit by the cannon, it will take less than 1% of its total health away from them. As the boss, Penny is a little bit better but still not a viable option. Her coin spread is able to shoot down clumps of attackers coming at her. Her turret is still easily dodgeable and destroyable by the enemy team. Even though Penny is decent as a boss, it is only a 1 out of 6 chance she will be boss. This is why her rank is low. 

Team Comps

Penny / Jessie / Pam

Also known as Triple Turret, this team comp focuses on the control of the gem mine. Pam usually acts as a gem carrier, while the other two can push forward and use their turrets to prevent the enemy team from retrieving gems. It is almost impossible to beat this comp once they have 10 gems because they can concentrate all of their turrets on their own spawn, not allowing the enemy to escape with any gems. This comp is only good in Gem Grab because these Brawlers are Gem Grab-specific.

Penny / Crow / Spike

Another Gem Grab comp, this team focuses on controlling the gem mine. Penny works as the Gem Carrier by grabbing all of her gems and then using her range to easily fend out opponents. Meanwhile, Spike and Crow are very good at controlling the field. They can easily 1v1 almost any Brawler in the game, and their supers will drive people away from the gem mine. Once Penny gets the gems, it will be very hard for the enemy Brawlers to kill her as Spike can control entry/exit points with his Super while Crow can take out low-health Brawlers. 

That’s all for now Brawlers! I hope you like the guide. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to comment them below.


Written by Byran and AZEd. Edited by TheEBBGaming


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    I main Penny because I like how her attack works. And his super is a handy tool in limiting enemy movements and picking off AFK players. So far, she is my favorite brawler to use.

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      Yeah u right, And she is my favorite brawl,too.

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