Howdy Brawlers! Today, I will be talking about the ex-sheriff of Brawlville, Colt. 

Colt Introduction

Introduction and Stats

Colt is a league reward Brawler, unlocked at 60 trophies on Trophy Road. Colt can be considered as a support Brawler. He usually stays back, sniping his enemies from far away. He shoots using two guns in each hand, shooting 3 alternating shots from each gun. His Super, similar to his regular attack, shoots 6 bullets from each gun, which can also break through walls. Colt has an original speed of 720, but his star power increases it to 780, making him faster than almost all Brawlers in the game.


Health: 2800 – 3640

Damage per bullet: 300 – 420 (6 bullets)

Damage per bullet (Super): 300 – 420 (12 bullets, breaks through walls)

Reload speed: 1.6 seconds

Range: 8.67 tiles

Movement speed: 720

Colt is very versatile and can be played very differently in each game mode. I will be covering him in all the game modes because he is usable in everyone. He isn’t amazing in anyone, but definitely decent. Additionally, for each game mode, I will give a preferred team comp that includes Colt.

For reference, Peek Shooting is when you look around a wall, quickly shoot, then go back behind the wall before you get hit. 

Game Modes

Gem Grab – 3/5

Colt is a decent choice for a support Brawler in Gem Grab. He usually sticks to the side of the map, sniping and stopping other Brawlers that try to flank. His main goal is to protect the gem carrier and/or deal damage to the opposing gem carrier. When using Colt, try to stay in tighter areas. If you move side to side while shooting, his bullets will cover more ground. This means that if you are in a tight area, Colt is more likely to hit his shots on other Brawlers. Also, if possible, Colt is better used in open areas compared to areas with lots of walls. Colt isn’t good at hitting peek shots since he deals damage per bullet so Brawlers like Spike who throw single projectiles will melt him easily. In addition, Colt easily gets outplayed by throwers on maps with lots of walls.

Best Maps

Open maps with long tight areas

○ Undermine

○ Stone Fort

○ Echo Chamber

Worst Maps

Lots of barriers and grass

○ Deep Siege

○ Deathcap Cave

○ Crystal Cavern

Best Team Comp 

Since team comps differ drastically depending on the map, I will be doing the best team comp for his best map, Stone Fort. 

Colt, Rico, Poco

With this comp, Rico and Colt are the support Brawlers, whereas Poco is healing/gem carrier. Since each side is tight and narrow, Colt can easily snipe enemy Brawlers from the other team and hold them at bay. Also, if he’s far up enough, Colt can snipe the enemy gem carrier, providing extra support for the Poco.

Brawl Ball – 3/5

Colt isn’t very good at Brawl Ball. However, on the open maps, Colt is decent at picking off enemy Brawlers. His main role is to support and slowly pick off the other team and/or constantly clip them with bullets so they can’t heal. He’s also very good at flanking and pushing the enemy team into a corner. This is another useful strategy to use with Colt. Using his long range, pushing back Brawlers into the corner can help your team kill them, or allow the ball carrier on your team to slide past on the other side and score a goal. Lastly, Colt is used to break the opponent’s walls with his Super so he can snipe people easier and allow your team to shoot easier.

Best Maps

Lots of open areas

○ Pinhole Punt

○ Backyard Brawl

Worst Maps

Walls everywhere 

○ Triple Dribble

○ Super Stadium

Best Team Comp

Colt, Mortis, Tara

In this comp, Colt is key to winning the game. His role is to push the enemy Brawlers back into a corner. From there, the tara can peek shot them and get her Super. While this is happening, the Mortis uses his dash to get to the goal on the other side and score while the Colt and Tara are busy killing the other team. For defense, Colt should stay back and pick off the other team, using his Super to break open walls on the opposing team’s side.

Solo/Duo Showdown – 4/5

Colt is good at showdown and duo showdown. As I previously mentioned, he is good on long ranged maps, and most showdown maps happen to be open and long ranged. Combined with his star power, his ability to run away quickly and his long-range helps him pick off other Brawlers easily. In addition, his fast reload speed and high dps allows you to farm boxes easily. This is very useful because it’s very frustrating to spend all your ammo on a box and have another high health Brawler steal it. When using Colt on this map, I advise staying away from walls and grass.

Colt isn’t very good at peek shooting and will get killed easily by most Brawlers around walls. If you do attempt to hide in the grass or go through it during the game, make sure to pre-fire into it just in case. In this meta, Shelly and tanks are usually hiding the grass.

Best Maps

○ Feast or Famine

○ Rockwall Brawl

○ Skull Creek

Worst Maps

○ Cavern Churn

○ Hot Maze

○ Island Invasion

Bounty – 3/5

Colt is decent at Bounty. His long range helps him snipe enemy Brawlers. Colt’s speed and Star Power also help him strafe side to side while shooting and helps him evade shots easier. His Super is also good for clearing out enemy walls so your team can peek snipe and hide behind walls, whereas your enemy won’t be able to. This makes tanks on the enemy team practically useless. With Colt, you should usually stay away from walls, since Brock and Piper will easily shoot you around the walls and 2-3 tap you. Colt is best played in the open, but sticking to the sides of the map. Even with his range, he is still at a disadvantage against the most used Brawlers in this game mode.

This is why he is only decent, and not really good. Brawlers like Ricochet, Piper, and Brock outrange him easily. Lastly, always make your movements unpredictable when dodging or shooting. This will confuse the enemy team, which will either: 1. Make them concentrate on you and forget about strafing so your teammate can easily kill them 2. Make it harder for them to kill you so you can keep chipping away at their health while they miss all their shots. 

Best Maps

○ Stone Fort

○ Crystal Clearing

○ Outlaw Camp

Worst Maps

○ Hideout

○ Canal Grande

○ Snake Prairie

Team Comp

Colt, Brock, Piper

This team comp is mostly used in the long ranged maps with some walls. Colt’s role is to break down walls so his teammates can snipe. Colt is used best when skirting around the side, picking off Brawlers with low help or using his Super on them. This comp is pretty simple, and the best way to win is to strafe correctly and effectively while hitting most of your shots.

Heist – 4/5

Colt is really good in Heist. His Super is very useful and his abilities to break down walls benefits his team. The other Brawlers will have easier access to the safe. Additionally, Colts excellent reload speed allows him to tear down the safe’s health and kill enemy Brawlers around him. Colts main role in Heist is to deal damage to high health Brawlers like Bull and El Primo and kill low health throwers and supports. Also, his job is to use his Super to break open walls near the safe for your team. At the same time though, like Colt, you need to stay relatively back and never enter into the enemies’ spawn. Your teammates should be the ones pushing up on the safe – you should be the one staying back and sniping from afar.

Best Maps

○ Kaboom Canyon

○ Bone Tunnel

○ Safe Zones

Worst Maps

○ Cactus Corridor

○ G.G. Corral

Note: Even though I listed the best and worst maps, he’s pretty good on all maps, but I believe he’s very good on those 3. 

Team Comp

Colt, Barley, Bull

In this comp, Colt and Barley act as the support Brawlers, while Bull is the aggro safe killer. Colt should usually make his way to the side of the map, and try to snipe the safe using his Super. Using this strategy, he can clear a path to the safe and get a full Super off, and hopefully 3 regular attacks, on the safe. Barley and Colt should be staying back and sniping the other team. Colt’s main job is to make sure the Bull stays alive and to keep away enemy tanks and not letting them charge their Super off you.

Robo Rumble – 5/5

Colt is excellent in this game mode. First off, his star power combined with his fast movement speed allows him to easily evade charging and enemy robots. Secondly, with his very high damage output and very fast reload speed, Colt melts enemy robots. In this game mode, Colt should be the robot sniper, usually sitting in the relative open near the safe, picking off robots as they come near. A neat little tip: Colt outranges the shooter robots, so if you skirt along the outside of their range, you can pick them off without taking any damage.

Colt is excellent on every Robo Rumble map.

Team Comp

Colt, Pam, Frank

In this comp, Pam places her turret on top of the safe. Throughout the game, Colt sticks near the turret, sniping the robots and dealing damage to basically everything. Another tip: try to save Colt’s Super for the boss robot.

Boss Fight – 5/5

Colt is extremely good in this game mode. His job is to kill the mini robots while dealing continuous damage to the boss robot. Once again, he is so good in this game mode because of his fast reload and very high damage output. All of this combined deals a ton of damage to the boss.

Colt is excellent on every Boss Fight map. 

To read about the Boss Fight exploit, click here

Team Comp

Colt, Pam, Bull

For this comp, each Brawler has an assigned role. Colt deals a ton of damage and kills other bots, Pam heals everyone and tanks damage, along with having a massive damage output. Lastly, Bull stays near pam (to get healed) and grabs all the power-ups so he can tank multiple shots and do a lot of damage whenever he shoots the robot.


Although Colt shines in some game modes and is very versatile, he really isn’t the best in any game mode and is mostly there for support, not to carry.

My overall ranking for him is 3 Stars

I hope you enjoyed my Colt Brawler guide, and we’ll see you next time! 🙂


Written by Mr. Mortis. Edited by Vrn. 

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