Howdy Brawlers! In this post, we will share a new Brawler concept, Purple. Get ready to meet the artist extraordinaire!

Purple Portrait
Purple Portrait

Purple Hazel is a well-known painter who came in town to hide from her fame. She puts all of her emotions in her art, which doesn’t leave a lot for herself


Stats and Upgrades

Health: 3200 – 4480

Damage per hit: 680 – 952

Attack Range: 4.3 Tiles

Super’s damage per hit: 1800 – 2520

Super’s Range:

Speed: 720 (Basic Speed)

Reload Time: 1.8 Seconds

Hits to Reload Super: 6 Main Hits – 3 Super Hits

Rarity: Rare

Skins: Default, —, —


  • Each Upgrade increases the health by 160, damage per hit by 34 and Super’s damage per hit by 90


Main attack: Ink Splash


“Purple splashes her opponent with her paint bucket, dealing damage to enemies who take it in the face. This leaves a stain on the ground, for a maximum of 3 at a time.”

Purple's Brush

It’s like a thrower attack but closer to Purple and it can’t go through walls. The splash radius is of 2.3 Tiles, which is pretty big. Once you’ve used this attack, a purple stain lies on the ground (orange if it’s left by the enemy) where you’ve used this attack. If four stains are on the ground the oldest one will disappear after 3 seconds. 

Super: Artistic Expression

“Purple let go all of the emotions she gathered by making the stains of paint on the ground explode in a grandiose finale. This deals damage to every enemy that is walking on it.”

The ink on the ground you have left with Ink Splash explodes. This deals damage to any foe that is on it when you use the ability. After everything exploded no stains are left on the ground.

Star Power: Emotive Gauge

“Seeing people walk on her artworks enrage Purple, which recharges her super for each 0.5 seconds they pass on it.”

When an enemy walks on the ink your super recharges a little. It charges by 1/24 for each 0.5 seconds passed with an enemy on a stain. This stacks if multiple enemies are on the paint.


Written by Gravity Monkey

Edited by Natriks

Artwork by Garfield Pluton

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