Assassin Healer

A famous Doctor that healed the population from an ominous disease is here to infect her enemies!

Health: 3000 – 4200

Damage per Hit: 700 – 980

Attack Range: 8 Tiles (line-shaped)

Super’s Damage per Bomb: 1000 – 1400

Super’s Range: 8 tiles (arc + circle shaped, 4 tiles radius)

Speed: 650 (2.5 tiles per second)

Reload Time: 1.6 seconds

Hits to Reload Super: 10 main hits, 8 super hits (5000 damage total not maxed)

Rarity: Epic

Skins: Default, Nurse, —

  • Every upgrade increases Medic’s Health, Attack, and Super by 150, 35, and 50 respectively.

Main Attack: Injection

Vaccination day! Medic’s shots will hurt enemies, but allies will receive a refreshing surprise!

Medic throws a syringe, if it hits an ally it will heal them, however, if it hits an enemy it will damage them.

Super: Hallucinogen

Medic throws a bottle of a chemical with an overly long name that will leave ‘em tripping!

Medic throws a small bottle that leaves a somewhat big puddle of venom that can deal damage over time (kind of like Barley), the puddle will stay for about 6 seconds. Enemies hit by it will have its vision heavily distorted for 6 seconds.

Star Power: Necrosis

Medic now equips a special syringe for her patients! Side effects include a slow painful death!

Enemies hit by a special syringe (a normal syringe is replaced every 15 shots) will have their total health decreased by 10% until they respawn.

Concept created by DeathBoo

Artwork by Jana (u/Dreamin-8-Bit)

Edited by Natriks & Puzzles

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