Dancing Fighter

This masked beauty is said to be by far the best dancer in the world. ¡Olé!

Maria: Dancing Queen
Maria: Dancing Queen

Stats and Upgrades

Health: 3200 – 4480

Damage per hit: 200/400 – 280/560

Attack Range: 5 Tiles (line-shaped, 2 tiles wide)

Super’s damage per hit: 200 – 280

Super’s Range: 6.33 tiles (line-shaped, 2 tiles wide)

Speed:790 (2.5 tiles per second)

Reload Time: 1.5 seconds

Hits to Reload Super: 25.6/12.8 main hits, – super hits (5120 damage total unmaxed)

Rarity: Super Rare

Skins: Default, —, —


  • Each Upgrade increases her Health by 160, Damage per hit by 40 and Super’s damage per hit by 40


Main: Mata-Cucarachas

“With a footstep and another there, she stumbles the ground with its quick dance moves”

The aiming looks like a wide bar, like Bull’s Super. She stumbles to the ground with four powerful rhythmic steps, attacking every enemy around her within a 5 tile radius, with her being the center. It does double the damage in the aimed direction. Each footstep sends a shockwave that deals 200 or 400 damage depending on previously stated conditions. The attack lasts 0.8 seconds.

Super: Todos aplaudan!

“María loves dancing for her crowd, and the more people she is close to the more damage she’ll deal! Let’s dance, boys!”

Maria sends four shockwaves like her normal attack, but the more people within her area of effect, whether an ally or an enemy (not counting herself), the more damage her super will deal (Cannot deal damage to her own teammates). For each person within her range, her damage increases by itself (one person will have no impact. For, example if three people are within the radius, her damage will increase by +400).  Her super can break walls and deal knockback when directly in front of her.

Star Power: Fiesta Eterna

“Any teammates caught in her Super, as well as herself, will take 15% less damage.”

After using her Super, she and any teammate inside her super will receive 15% less damage for 10 seconds. If multiple supers are used, the duration of the star power resets (it doesn’t stack up). 

This was redux of one of my earliest brawler concept. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.


Almost everything by OctoCat

Star Power by ⭐Bryan⭐
Edited by Natriks and Gooose

Unbelievably amazing artwork by FreeFGP

Emotional support and inspiration by BSB team

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