A former chef with anger issues, Hal Empeno will whip up a spicy surprise you will never forget!

Tier: Mythic

Health: 3000

Speed: 2.5 tiles/second (average)

Attack: Caliente!

Hal unleashes all his built up power in one fireball, that goes from mild, to hot, to SPICY!

This attack deals 600 damage, and will consume however much ammo he has, to multiply its power!

One ammo: 600 damage.

Two ammo: 1200 damage + bigger

Three ammo: 1800 damage + EVEN BIGGER + Knockback

Larger fireballs will move slightly slower than lower charged ones.

Range: 6 tiles.

Reload: 1.0 seconds.

Super: Inferno in a bottle!

Hal drinks from a bottle of his own “special” salsa, putting him into a flaming frenzy!

Hal heals 1200 points, and bursts into flames for 5 seconds, during which time he reloads 50% faster!

Damage to charge: 4500

Star Power: Fuel to the Fire!

Every time Hal finishes off a brawler, he gets a full reload! Ha cha cha!

Personality: Hal has quite a temper, and often yells at his foes. His dialogue is also filled with cooking references of course.


Level 1 charge attack: “Need a light?” “Mild…” “Llama! (It means flames)”

Level 2 charge attack: “Heating up!” “Hot!” “Incinerate!”

Level 3 charge attack: “INFERNO!” SPIIIICY!”

Upon defeating a brawler:

“Don’t play with fire, kid!”


“Ashes to ashes! AHAHA!”

“Elbows off the table!”


Upon injury/defeat



“Why you little,”

“I’ll get you for this!”

“Sin Propina…”


Hal focuses on massive burst damage, and quick offensive rages when using his super. He may take some time to balance, but it’s hard to say. The main issue I have is the idea of knockback from a max level attack. It is hard to tell if that would be OP or not. I also have the same problem with the idea of double reload speed for his super, but again it will be hard to know for certain if that will be OP. So please, if you have any problems or improvement ideas, let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Brawl On!

Concept and stats by Striker, awesome art by Jana (IGN dual-mask)

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