“Have you ever thought something passed in front of you, only to find out that something was stolen from your pockets? That might be Grim and its kleptomania…”

Rarity: Epic

Health: 2400 Base — 3360 Max

Movement Speed: 700

Main Attack: Clawgrip

Grim slashes one single enemy and charge on it with all it’s will… even if the enemy’s a wall.

Damage: 800 Base — 1120 Max

Range: 4 tiles

Reload Time: 2.6 seconds

Dash delay: 0.6 second

Basically, when something (enemy, prop or wall) get hits by a ‘slash’ (basically a big bullet with a claw for image), Grim dashes to that point almost instantly (0.6 sec delay isn’t much). It’s important to know that the dash doesn’t deal any damage, only the slash hurts.

Super: Sneak Charge

Grim enters in sneak mode. It becomes invisible and invincible until it attacks, inflicting high damage to everyone around him.

Needs: 5 main attack hits or 3 super attack hits to load.

Sneak mode maximum duration: 4 seconds

Sneak mode speed nerf: 50%

Damage: 1400 Base — 1960 Max

AoE Range: 2 tiles

This super is kinda hard to understand, but I’ll try to be concise. Basically, using the super makes you invisible and invulnerable. That state will stop naturally after 4 seconds, or it when you will try to attack. When doing this, instead of doing your regular medium-ranged gripping move, you will cause some kind of explosion around you, dealing 1400 AoE damage.

Some precisions about sneak mode. First, your speed is halved. Second, you can’t attack in it, since it will do the ‘explosion’ and end it. Finally, your reload stops (that means you can’t gain ammo.)

Star Power: Silent Kill

When a brawler is hit by Grim’s super, it will lose all of it’s ammo. Chilling!

Pretty straightforward.

Concept by Gravity Monkey and Artwork by FreeGP

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